Thursday, February 24, 2011

Preview: On The Hotline-Randy Orton visual/song fic

I was sleeping peacefully in my queen-sized bed. I’ve been asleep since midnight and I was so relaxed. I had been busy throughout the day and I was even more relaxed at the nighttime. Suddenly, I awakened by the sound of my telephone ringing. I looked at the clock, got up from my bed, and picked up the cordless phone from the kitchen.

“Hello?” I said as I answered the phone.

“Hi, Jana.” A male voice answered.

“Hi, Randy. I’m really glad to hear from you and all, but it’s five in the morning.” I said to him with a quiet yawn, waking from my sleep.

“Baby, I’ve been thinking about you and I’m also really horny.” Randy said to me.

It's Five In The Morning And I'm Up Havin' Phone Sex With You, You(so horny)
And Now I'm On The Hotline Over Here Lustin For You, You(so horny)
Let's Talk About Sex Baby
Let's Talk About You And Me
Let's Talk About Bubbles In The Tub
Let's Talk About Makin Love
Let's Talk About Cherries on Top
Or it's Going Down
I want to talk dirty to you Baby On The Hotline

[Baby Blue:]
On The Hotline the sun ain't up But I Had To Call Ya Cause I'm Home Alone Lustin For Ya
I'm In My Room Nuthin But A Towel On
Take Them Granny Panties Off put A Thong On
I Love It When I Hear Ya moan Got A Sexy Tone That Makes The Dick Long
You In A Complete Other City On The Fan Like when ever with Nothing But A Baby Tee On
You The Kind Of Girl That's Sexy In The Boxer Shorts
I'm The Kind Of Nigga That Makes You Ride It Like A Porsche
Yeah I Met You On MySpace Now I'm About To Fly You Out To My Place In The Morning

“It’s so good to hear your voice, Randy.” I said to him.

“It’s good hearing yours too.” Randy replied.

Randy’s been traveling and doing his own thing. I was in the city doing my thing as well, but I do think of him everyday. Sometimes my thoughts of him are mostly hot and sexy. When I’m home alone, I often touch myself as I take my clothes off while thinking of Randy. Talking and chatting to Randy is great and all, but it’s even better when he’s in person. Just to feel, see, taste, hear, and smell him just makes me want him more and more each day.

“Where are you?” I asked him.

“I’m in Fresno, had a great match and everything.” He said.

“That’s great.” I said to him.

With the cordless phone in my hand, I walked from the kitchen to my bedroom and laid myself down on the bed.

“Jana, I get horny just thinking of you. Every time I do, it makes me want to touch every part of my body. Randy said.

“Sometimes, I get myself turned on thinking of you too. “ I replied as I softly stroked my hair.

“I get hot wanting you. Wanting to feel your body against mine, kissing you all over, hearing your voice, and caressing your skin.” Randy said.

I deeply sighed over the phone at the thought of his words. Then, I said to him, “Oh Randy, I get turned when I think of you. Your voice gives me the shivers, your hot body makes me wanna touch you all over, and your blue eyes make my heart melt.”

“I usually don’t ask you this, but what are you wearing tonight.” Randy asked me.

“I’m wearing my favorite black knit chiffon striped nightshirt with a matching thong and a black underwire bra. What about you?” I replied.

“Other than a pair blue and green striped pajama bottoms, nothing else much.” He said.

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