Friday, February 11, 2011

Viper's Valentine (Randy's Lady in Red)-Randy Orton visual for Valentine's Day (FINISHED VERSION)

Jana came home from a long day at work. Her office had a fun Valentine’s Day party, cards and chocolates were passed out back and fourth. She enjoyed the Valentine’s Day festivities and all, but she really looked forward to was Valentine’s night with her boyfriend Randy. She came home and got herself ready for her date. She took a shower, shaved her legs, and picked out her outfit. She sprayed on some Hypnotic Poison, one of her many favorite perfumes, all over her womanly body. She even sprayed some of the perfume in her black hair.

Once the perfume dried on her chocolate skin, she put on her black convertible bra and black panties before putting on her red satin belted asymmetrical one shoulder dress. Her neck-length black hair had tight and loose curls at the ends. She then put on a pair of red satin high heels. She hears the doorbell, came down the stairs, and let Randy into the house.

“Randy, I’m so glad to see you tonight.” She said to him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. These are for you.” Randy said to her as he gave her a bouquet of long-stemmed red and white roses.

“Oh, thank you, these roses are so lovely.” Jana replied.

“Not quite as lovely as you. I can’t wait to romance you.” Randy said as he softly kissed her lips.

Randy looked at Jana from head to toe and said, “You look so sexy in that dress.”

“Thanks, glad you love it!” Jana said to him.

She then looked at Randy with his outfit, a dark gray long-sleeved sweater, black jeans, and black shoes, and then said, “You cleaned up nice yourself, Randy.”

“Thanks.” Randy said as they left her house and went out on their romantic, sexy date.

They first went out to dinner at an upscale restaurant, dined on surf and turf. As they ate, they often looked into each other’s eyes. After dinner, they went to the nightclub where there was a DJ playing sexy, romantic love songs and couples were on the dance floor. Then, the DJ started playing Chris De Burgh’s “Lady in Red”, the song made Randy think of Jana and her sexy red dress.

“May I have this dance, my sexy lady?” Randy asked Jana.

“Why yes.” Jana said, accepting Randy’s dance invitation.

Randy and Jana slow danced to the song. He wrapped an arm around Jana’s waist and inhaled the scent of her perfume. He couldn’t believe how beautiful and sexy she looked in her dress and everything. She was always beautiful to him, curves and all. Randy would love to his hands all over her legs because her dress was short. Jana thought the same of Randy, only she thinks of him as her hot and sexy, tattoo-sleeved, bad boy looking lover who knows how to treat her right, in and out of bed. She wouldn’t mind him getting closer to her. She inhaled the pheromones and Obsession for Men on Randy’s skin as Randy smelled the Hypnotic Poison on Jana’s skin.

“I can’t help but think of how gorgeous you look tonight. You’ve always been so beautiful. I look forward to making hot, passionate love to you.” Randy said as he looked into Jana’s deep brown eyes.

“I can’t wait.” Jana replied as she and Randy continued to slow dance.

Several minutes later, they came back to Jana’s place. They went into the living room and there Jana kissed Randy on the lips. Her kiss was deep and very passionate. As she kissed his lips, Randy placed both hands on the small of her back. Jana gently broke the kiss as she went to turn on the stereo. Rihanna’s “Skin” started playing and Jana sat Randy down on the sofa. She first took off her shoes and touched up her legs before slowly taking off her dress, slowly moving her body to the music. Randy thought of having his hands all over her legs, along with the rest of her womanly body. Jana then carefully took off her red dress.

She slowly walked up to Randy, kissed his lips, and said, “I’m going to slip into something a little more comfortable.”

A few minutes, she came back into the living room. She had on a red satin nightshirt with a surprise underneath it.

“Even in red lingerie, you look very irresistible.” Randy said to her as she straddled onto his lap.

Jana unbuttoned her nightshirt slowly, one by one, to reveal a red lace halter teddy that hugged her very curvy body. She then took off Randy’s shirt, letting her hands stroke up and down his hot, ripped body. Jana continued to turn Randy by taking one of the roses from her bouquet and have petals trace the exposed areas of her body. Randy then imagined his hands touching her body the way the rose touched hers. Jana took the rose and then stroked his abs and chest with the petals. She even traced his arms and shoulders with the petals as well.

“You got a sexy body, Jana.” Randy said as he smiled at her.

“So do you, Randy.” She replied as she kissed Randy on the lips.

Randy rested his hands on the back of her nightshirt as they kissed each other’s lips. Jana slowly let the nightshirt fall to the floor. Randy’s hands caressed every inch of Jana’s lovely chocolate frame. He slowly untied the back of Jana’s teddy and softly cupped her breasts with his hands.

“Your body feels really good.” Randy said as he moaned against her ear.

Jana looked at him and his body and said to him, “Your body feels hot against me, Randy.”

Randy joined Jana on the living room floor as they passionately kissed each other’s lips. His body rested on top of hers as Jana rested her hands on his back; he gently removed the top of half of Jana’s teddy and softly sucked on her womanly breasts. Jana softly moaned as Randy orally pleasured her twins. His lips then moved lower to her stomach as he carefully removed the teddy from her body. Jana sighed feeling the kisses down to her stomach. Randy’s fingers felt her womanhood dampening between her thighs, Jana felt wet down there. Jana gasped as Randy inserted two fingers into her wet womanhood. She was tight and wet; Randy made her over the edge by licking her love button as his fingers went in and out of her womanhood. Jana moaned in anticipation wanting Randy to get inside her.

“Ohhhh….ohhhh Randy….” Jana moaned again and again.

As he tasted her downstairs, Randy single-handedly unbuttoned and unzipped his dark jeans as he stroked his sleeping viper between his legs. Jana became really wet after being licked as Randy got up, pulled her close to his body, and passionately kissed her lips. While they kissed, Jana sneakily slipped one of her hands into his black boxer shorts to feel his viper. She stroked him while Randy kissed her lips and neck. She then planted kisses down his hot frontal body before taking off his boxer shorts and jeans. She found his viper awakened; Randy moaned as Jana delivered a long, slow lick to his viper before taking it into her mouth.

Randy moaned in enjoyment as he ran his fingers through her black satin-smooth, wavy hair. After a few minutes, Jana looked into eyes as she kissed his lips.

“Condoms are in my purse if you’re looking for them.” Jana said to him.

Randy then got up and took a few lubricated condoms from her purse. He took one, opened it from its wrapper, and properly put onto his hardened member. He held Jana close as his hard cock slowly entered her pussy. He kissed her lips as he moved in and out of her. Their skins lustfully rubbed upon each other as Randy thrust a little deeper and harder.

“Randy, please come with me. I’m getting closer….” Jana loudly moaned.

Jana and Randy loudly moaned each other’s names as they were reaching climax. They kissed each other’s lips as they came together, causing their passion-perspired bodies to gently collapsed onto one another.

Randy then wrapped his arms around Jana’s waist as he passionately kissed her lips. Jana looked into Randy’s eyes and said, “This has been the most amazing Valentine’s Day date night. I’m so glad I’m here with you.”

“I really enjoyed our date tonight, especially when you wore red. You looked so damn sexy in that dress, I especially enjoyed the lingerie you wore and the striptease.” Randy replied as he smiled and looked into her deep brown eyes.

“With you, Randy, everyday feels like Valentine’s Day.” Jana said as she laid her head against his chest.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.” Randy said as he softly kissed her face while they lay close to each other’s bodies.


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