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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Housesitter's Secret-Randy Orton visual

Two months ago…

I had been house sitting for Mrs. Orton for two weeks while she and their daughter Alanna had been out of town, visiting relatives. The Orton’s house was nicely decorated and everything. I took up the house sitting job while finishing up tech school for the first quarter of the year; I’m in school studying for a degree in medical billing and coding. As a house sitter, I leave notes and reminders for things like grocery lists, phone messages, and whatnot. Sometimes, Mrs. Orton would call just to see how things are going at the house.

One day, I was in the living room, studying with my textbooks and notes because I have a test for both medical terminology and career development classes. Gradewise, I’ve been getting A’s and B’s in both classes, even passed tests. I go to school four days a week, career development on Mondays and Wednesdays, and medical terminology on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m off on weekends, mostly Fridays. I still work at a movie theatre at box office, normally I would work full weekends, but because business had been slow my hours have been cut and I work on Saturdays and Sundays. All that matters is that I’m still employed and working.

I’ve been at the house since early in the afternoon and I had studied till it was about 9 o’clock at night. While I dozed off near the sofa, I heard the car door close and the keys dangling. I slightly woke up as Randy entered the house.

“How was your day, Mr. Orton?” I asked him nicely.

“Busy but good, Jana. Thanks.” He said to me.

“Tell me about your day.” He added.

“Same as yours. Your wife called, she and Alanna are okay, visiting the families.” I replied.

Randy then walked over and sat next to me on the sofa. He then said to me, “You’re looking a little tense.”

“Yeah, been studying all day before I doze off, which was as you were coming in.” I said to him as I felt my neck.

“Can I give you massage?” Randy asked me.

“Okay.” I said as I pushed my long black hair to the side.

I deeply sighed at the feel of large hands massaging my shoulders and neck. His touch nearly made me melt. I’ve never had a man give me a massage before, especially a hot, ripped guy like Randy. Secretly, I wondered and/or imagined what it would feel like having those hands all over my body.

As I enjoyed the massage, Randy then asked me, “So what are you majoring in?”

“I’m majoring in medical billing and coding. I’ve been studying a lot lately.” I said to him.

“That’s good. Can I ask you something, Jana?” Randy said to me.

“Sure.” I said to him as he smelled my scent, consisting of pheromones and Midnight Poison.

“I was wondering if you can keep me company tonight because I’m feeling kinda lonely.” He said to me.

“Since I’m off tomorrow, I can keep you company tonight.” I replied.

“Great.” Randy said as he smiled at me.

It was already ten o’clock at night when I decided to keep Randy company. As I got up from the sofa, Randy also got up. He then moved a little closer to me as he kissed my lips. That kiss was so sweet yet so passionate; it sent shock waves through my nerves to my entire body. As he kissed me, I felt his hands slip under my pink long-sleeved shirt.

I gently broke the kiss and said to him, “I take it you’re not just lonely.”

My heart melted when he sexily smirked at me as I felt his bulge gradually growing against my exposed upper thighs. He then scooped me up into his ink-covered arms as he carried me to the bedroom upstairs. He then said, “Let’s relax in my room.”

Once we had arrived, Randy gently sat me down on the bed. I shivered as I felt his hands resting on my hips. He lowered his lips to mine as I felt his body pressed against my body. I then watched as he took his time taking off my black sneakers and my black socks. I softly moaned as his hands caressed my legs, going up to my knee-length denim skirt. I moaned some more while he caressed up and down my curvaceous body. When I saw him take his shirt off, I became both aroused and amazed, looking at his hot body glowing in the moonlight.

“Please, don’t be afraid of me, Jana. Touch me.” Randy said to me.

I slowly caressed his ripped body with both of my hands. His abs rippled against my fingertips as I then returned his kiss with a deep, passionate one.

His tanned skin felt so smooth as I heard him moan. I touched and kissed his body till I reached his lips. He slowly took off my shirt as he deeply kissed my lips. His hands were on my back, unhooking my dark brown satin and lace bra. I laid back as Randy gently lifted my legs; he first unbuttoned the waistband of my skirt before unzipping it. With his hands, he slid the skirt off from my body. He then took off my sneakers and socks before kissing my toes.

After that, he slowly kissed up to my thighs before coming back up to my lips. His kiss was deep, warm, wet, and passionate. I sighed and moaned at the feel of his lips kissing my neck while his hands carefully removed my bra. I loudly gasped as I felt his mouth sucking on my naturally endowed breasts. Every kiss and caress he delivered to my body made me burn in ecstatic desire. As he orally pleasured my breasts, I felt one of his hands slip into my panties. I moaned and groaned as his fingers felt my tight, wet womanhood. I, in return, unbuttoned the fly of his jeans and slowly slid my hand into his boxer shorts. Randy moaned as my fingers stroked his viper while I moaned feeling his fingers in my womanhood, which was getting hotter and wetter with each touch he made. As we mutually touched each other down there, Randy then tasted my hot nectar from his fingers. I was turned on, even more turned on when he tells me how beautiful and sexy I am.

I carefully took off his jeans and underwear as he laid back on the bed. His velvet viper was gradually awake as I licked him slowly. As I tasted him, his large hands caressed and played with my hair. After that, I slowly kissed my way up his ribbed body, all the way up to his kissable lips.

“I wanna taste you. Right now.” He said to me as he returned my kiss.

“I’m already wet with hot anticipation.” I said to him.

I gasped as I watched him deliver the first lick to my wet pussy. The more he tasted me, the hotter and wetter I became. Having to watch him taste my woman cave made me overheat with pleasure, that and him holding my hands while going down on me. I moaned and groaned as loud as I can while my body quivered like I was having this sexual equivalent of a seizure. In the midst of the desire haze, I heard Randy telling me how hot and sweet I tasted downstairs. He came up and deeply kissed my lips. As we passionately kissed each other’s lips, I started stroking Randy’s large cock with my hand before taking it into my mouth. His moaned with such passion as I slowly lick and tasted him down there while I was on top of him. He was ready for me like I was ready for him to get inside me. He then took out a condom from the nightstand and properly put it on his cock.

He pulled me close in his arms and kissed my lips as his hardened and awakened viper slowly slid into my hot, wet womanhood. My moans and groans became passionate screams as Randy’s cock stroked my sugar walls in and out. His hands caressed my body and his lips kissed my neck and lips while making slow, deep thrusts into my my pussy. Our bodies rubbed against each other as we kissed. I loudly moaned as one of my hands held on the to the bedsheets. I felt my woman lips creaming with every stroke, kiss, and caress that Randy delivered.

“Oh my God, this feels so damn good!” I loudly moaned.

He deeply kissed lips while we changed positions. Randy and I laid on our sides as he wrapped his arms around my body and entered pussy once more. I felt his lips kissing my neck and shoulder as he moved in and out of me deep, slow, and a little harder. Our bodies were covered in lust-induced sweat as we were near climax.

“Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhh, I’m coming!” I moaned as my hand held on to the sheets.

“Cum for me! Let it all out!” Randy moaned.

As I came, Randy took himself out, took the condom off, and sprayed his love venom onto my stomach. He then held me close to his body as he passionately kissed my lips. Our rapid heartbeats match in sound as our naked, lust-perspired bodies rested close to each other. I nearly lost my breath as if I were to need oxygen or an inhaler. Other than that, I took it all in, even the smell of sex and heat in the bedroom.

“I’m so glad you’re here to keep me company and all.” Randy said as he smiled at me.

“It’s the least I can do even though I’m housesitting.” I said as I kissed him back.

“Sure thing, Jana. Can I see you if I get really lonely?” He said.

“Of course. I can either be here or at my house if you need me.” I replied.

“Can we keep this between the two of us?” Randy asked.

“I won’t tell if you won’t. Cross my heart.” I said as I kissed his lips while he held me tight.