Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rosy's Valentine Invitation-John Cena visual (FINISHED VERSION)

Rosy came home from a long, productive day at the office; Also, it was Valentine’s Day weekend. She got inside her loft apartment and was ready to just relax. While she changed into her comfortable sweats and t-shirt, she then thought about her boyfriend John. The thought of being with him made her smile, blush, and at sometimes made her hot. She loved and enjoyed being with him.

A few minutes later, her smart phone ringed. Rosy got her smart phone and saw that she got a new text message. She opened the inbox and read the message. It said:

Meet me @ The Downtown Doubletree @ 8 o’clock, my Valentine. John

Rosy became very excited by John’s text message. She took a shower, sprayed on some perfume, put on some lotion, and picked out an outfit. She went with a sexy black and purple one shoulder satin dress with purple satin high heels. She took her keys, purse, and smart phone as she stepped out of the house at around 7:30. Rosy drove downtown to the hotel a few minutes later. She got out of the car, stepped into the lobby, and texted John from her smart phone. She texted him:

I’m at the hotel lobby. What room r u in? Rosy

She then went into the elevator and got another text message from John.

I’m at room 408. Red rose at the door. John

She pressed the four button in the elevator and it went up. It wasn’t long before Rosy arrived at the 4th floor. She walked down the hallway till she got to room 408. There, she saw a single red rose taped to the door like the one John had mentioned. She took the rose from the door and texted John.

I got the rose. Rosy

John opened the door for her and said, “I’m so glad you can make it. Please come right in.”

John let her in and kissed her hand. Rosy looked around as she followed John to the bedroom. She said, “Wow, John, you really went all out, especially for Valentine’s Day weekend.”

“I just love to treat you really special.” John said as he handed her a bouquet of long-stemmed red and lavender roses and some irises. Red roses mean love and the lavender roses mean love at first sight.

“The roses are lovely. Thanks, baby.” Rosy said as she smiled and smelled at the rose bouquet.

“You look really gorgeous tonight, Rosy.” John said as he looked at her from top to bottom.

“You clean up nice yourself, John.” Rosy replied.

John then took Rosy into his muscular arms and passionately kissed her lips. They kissed as they went into the bedroom, where the bed was surrounded by French vanilla-scented and lavender-scented candles and the king-sized bed had rose petals scattered all over it. John stood behind Rosy as he kissed both sides of her neck. As he kissed her, John took one of the roses from Rosy’s bouquet and brushed the petals against her soft skin. Rosy softly moaned as she felt the velvety petals touch her soft, silky skin. John traced the rose from the back of her head all the way down her spine. Her back is Rosy’s main weak spot, which is her erogenous zone.

Rosy shivered at the feel of the rose against her back; she shivered some more when John kissed the back of her neck. John’s large, gentle hands softly caressed the satin of her dress. Rosy couldn’t wait to have those same hands touch her body. John then took her hand as he led her to the bedroom. The large sized bed was covered with red and lavender rose petals. John got Rosy the lavender roses and irises mixed in with the red roses mostly because purple is favorite color. John deeply kissed her lips while his hands were tangled in her black silk-like hair. He gently laid her down on top of the bed and looked into her eyes.

His hands and eyes admired Rosy’s loveliness as he said, “Rosy, I look forward to making love to you all night long.”

“John, I’ve been looking forward to it all week.” Rosy said as she kissed his lips.

Rosy then sat back and rested her back against the pillow. She watched as John gently took off her gorgeous purple satin high heels. She shivered as John softly kissed the tops of her feet up to her knees while his hands caressed up and down her thighs. Rosy then moved a little closer to John and returned his kiss with a very passionate one. As she kissed him on the lips, she unbuttoned his white button down shirt and removed it from his very well-built upper body. He then kissed one side of her neck while he carefully took off Rosy’s purple dress. Rosy sighed as John kissed the tops of her breasts as slowly unhooked he black strapless bra from the back. Rosy sighed deeply as John caressed every inch of her body with his hands. After that, he then took off his jeans to make himself more comfortable. He slid his hand down to her panties; there he felt a wet spot dampening her panties.

John slowly took off Rosy’s matching black panties from her body as he kissed lower to her knees and legs. Rosy watched as John made a trail of kisses from legs to her thighs. He then started kissing her inner thighs, while he kissed her there; Rosy felt his gradually hardening Cenation member brush up against her left leg. He slowly inserted a finger into her dampening womanhood.

“Oh, John…” Rosy loudly gasped as John slid his finger in and out of her.

While he fingered her, John slipped one hand into his blue boxer shorts and started to stroke himself with one hand. Rosy moaned on and on at feel of her juices coating his finger. John then replaced his finger with his tongue as he delivered one long lick to her womanhood. He orally pleasured her downstairs as Rosy tasted her own nectar from his wet finger. John licked her like a cat lapping up milk with his tongue; she tasted really sweet. Rosy’s thighs quivered along with the rest of her body as John continued to pleasure her downstairs. She couldn’t wait to feel his member inside her.

John got up and deeply kissed her lips. As they kissed, his tongue softly played with hers inside her mouth. Rosy then laid John down on the bed and returned his kiss. She planted kisses down to his chest and abs while she pulled the boxer shorts from his body. Rosy started delivering cat like licks to his Cenation member. John deeply moaned, telling her that he was enjoying it. His hands stroked with her hair and stroked her shoulder as Rosy went downstairs on his member.

Rosy took his member out of her mouth and passionately kissed him on the lips. She was on top of his body, kissing his lips while John’s hands stroked up and down her back. Rosy’s wet pussy brushed up against John’s hard erection as Rosy kissed his lips some more. Rosy looked into her purse, got out a condom, opened it from its wrapper, and properly put it on John’s already hardened erection.

Rosy gasped as she slowly guided her womanhood on to John’s member. His member filled her inch by inch; John wrapped his muscular arms around waist as she started riding John. Rosy rocked her hips against his body as John sat up and kissed every inch of her face and neck. Rosy rested her hands on his chest as he thrusted in and out of her womanhood, deeper and a little faster. She loved the feel of his body rubbing against hers while John loved the sound Rosy moaning and groaning at the feel of him in and out of her. John stayed inside her as he laid on his side, he thrusted in and out deeper and a little faster as they moan and groan in sexual harmony. While they were moaning, they called out each other’s names. Their moans and groans became intense as they headed for a climactic eruption.

Finally, they had a collective orgasm as Rosy let out one last passion-filled gasp. John then lay beside her as he scooped a handful of rose petals that were on the bed and sprinkled them on Rosy’s naked, passion-perspired body. Rosy then deeply kissed John on the lips.

Rosy let out a soft moan as John caressed her petal-covered body, the velvety petals felt soft on her skin.

“I enjoyed my Valentine’s Day with you, John.” Rosy said as she rested her head on his chest.

“Being with you makes everyday like Valentine’s Day.” John said as he wrapped his arms around her and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.


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