Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day for The Viperess-Randy Orton visual for Valentine's Day

I had came from work, been very busy working overtime. Other than that, I enjoyed getting a bigger paycheck. I came home and I found an envelope taped to my front door. The envelope had my name on the front. I took it from the door, unlocked it, went inside, and opened the envelope. Once the envelope was opened, I looked inside and there was a Valentine card. The front of the card had a picture of rose petals forming into the shape of a heart.

Inside the card was a written message. The message said:

Jana, I’ve been thinking and dreaming about you. I can’t wait to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with you. Every thought of you makes me hard, I get turned on whenever I touch, kiss, and pleasure you. I’ll be at the Embassy Suites at Room 504. I hope to see you tonight. XOXO Randy.

I was touched at the Valentine card I got from Randy, it was really sweet. Even though he looks like a bad boy, he can be such a romantic. Then, I noticed the key card that taped to the other side of the card. After reading my card one more time, I went upstairs to my room and packed my overnight bag. I packed in some clothes and a few extra pieces of lingerie, in case I want to stay in for the weekend with Randy. I even threw in some bath and massage oils, a box of lubricated pleasure for her condoms (I bet he wants to use the whole box), some shoes (mostly high heels and boots), and I even put in a sexy dress or two (or four LOL).

After packing, I then took a shower, got myself cleaned up, put some on lotion, and of course sprayed on my favorite perfume, Hypnotic Poison. I even packed the bottle into my overnight bag along with my bottles of Midnight Poison, Pure Poison, Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights, and Ralph Lauren Romance, all in a separate plastic storage bag. I picked out my outfit after the perfume had dried on my body. I put on my black V-bra and black panties before putting on my red hi-low halter dress with a plunging neckline. After getting dressed, I put on my faux snakeskin strappy sandals with ankle wraps. For jewelry, I wore a rhinestone snake necklace on my neck and a rhinestone stretch bracelet on my right wrist. I put on some lip balm along with my favorite red lipstick on my lips before heading out the door.

I gathered my things and my purse, put both cards into my purse, locked my house with my keys, and got into my car. I drove over to the Embassy Suites and got into the elevator. I looked forward to celebrating Valentine’s weekend with Randy. I pressed the ‘5’ button and it took me to the fifth floor. I walked down the hall to room 504.

By the door, I found a box of chocolates. I picked up, got the key card from my purse, and unlocked the door. I stepped into the beautifully furnished hotel suite to find a rose petal trail.

“Randy, your Viperess is here! I got your Valentine card and it was very sweet.” I gently shouted as I stepped inside the room.

I followed the trail which led to the bedroom, where the bed was covered with a lot of rose petals and surrounded with candles.

A voice behind me said, “I’m so glad you liked my card.”

I turned around, saw Randy, and greeted him with kisses. “Baby, you look stunning.” He said to me with a sexy smile on his face.

“Thanks, baby. You really cleaned up nicely.” I said as I took a good look at Randy, who cleaned up real nice in a black pinstripe suit with black shoes and a pink tie.

“Thanks. These are for you.” Randy said as he gave a big bouquet of red and white long-stemmed roses.

“I love my flowers.” I said to him happily.

“Ready for our date?” Randy asked me as he took my hand.

“I’m very ready.” I replied as we stepped out of the room and we went out on our romantic date.

We first went out to this club where there was a Valentine dance going on. Various love songs were played by the DJ and a lot of couples were on the dance floor.

Then, the DJ played Michael Buble’s “Fever”. Randy looked into my eyes and asked me, “Care to dance?”

“Love to.” I said as I gave him my hand and we started dancing on the floor.

He wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck. As we danced, I felt his hands stroking my body, feeling the satin of my red dress.

“This song kind of makes me think of you.” Randy whispered into my ear.

“Oh, why is that?” I asked him with a smile on my face.

“Every time I see and think of you, I get myself hot. My fever goes through my entire body just seeing, touching, and thinking of you. And also kissing you and pleasuring you in bed.” Randy replied.

After dancing for more than several minutes, Randy and I then went to dinner. We sat close, looked into each other’s eyes, fed each other, and even stroked each other’s legs under the table, thinking of later tonight. Once we had a delicious dinner, Randy ordered a delectable chocolate dessert and then fed it to me. He then noticed some chocolate on my lips and he kissed it off with his lips. That was like a sweet kiss to another level. Things got a little hot when he started kissing my neck. Then, I returned his kiss on his lips, a more passionate one to be exact. We both enjoyed the kisses and the chocolate dessert.

Several minutes later, Randy and I returned to the hotel. We got into the elevator and began passionately making out on our way to our suite. We went into the suite as Randy kissed my lips again. I ran my hands up and down his frontal body while his hands were on my hips.

I gently broke the kiss and said, “I’m gonna slip into something a little more comfortable.”

Randy smiled at me and replied, “I’ll do the same.”

A couple of minutes later, I came into the bedroom. I wore a red satin corset with a red charmeuse and mesh thong with a ruffle trim and a big bow in the back; I even kept the jewelry on my neck and wrist. Randy came in the room, wearing nothing but a pair of black silk pajama drawstring pants. He took my hand and made a kiss trail from my hand to my arm to my shoulder to my neck before getting to my lips.

“You look very gorgeous tonight; then again you look gorgeous everyday.” Randy said to me.

“Thanks. You look very sexy yourself as you do everyday.” I replied as I walked up him, wrapped my arms around his neck, and passionately kissed his lips.

He passionately kissed her lips as he ran his hands up and down my back. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he laid me down on the bed. I softly moaned as he made a long caress trail down my body as he looked into my deep brown eyes.

“Even in red, you look very sexy.” Randy said to me as I ran my hands down his back.

I smiled back at him and said, “Oh Randy, you know just how to turn me on, especially right now.”

I passionately and deeply kissed his lips while his hands ran through my satin-like black hair. I just love the feel of his ripped body against my curvy, womanly body. I deeply sighed as he kissed both sides of my neck. His hands gently took off my necklace and put it on the nightstand while he was still kissing my lips. My hands caressed his frontal as he carefully unhooked my corset.

I loudly moaned as he kissed and licked my freed breasts. I held his head in place as he pleasured my twins. I moaned as I felt mouth making a trail of kisses down to my belly. As he kissed my belly, his hands softly massaged my breasts as his lips reached to the waistband of my matching red panties. I watched as Randy pushed aside my thong and felt the wetness of my womanhood with his fingers. He gently opened my woman lips and I gasped as he delivered a long lick to my womanhood. Randy then looked into my deep brown eyes with his piercing blue bedroom eyes as he licked me some more. My body quivered as he licked me again, he even held my hands as he orally pleasured my womanhood with his lips and tongue.

“Baby, you taste sweeter than honey.” Randy said to me as he tasted my female honey some more.

I quivered as I felt my nectar leak onto his mouth, I felt as though as I gushed like a volcano overflowing with lava. I loudly gasped as he delivered one last lick to my wet pussy. Randy got up as I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling myself up, and he passionately kissed my lips. My hands went up and down his back fit backside, also feeling the silkiness of his pajama bottoms before slowly pulling them down. Randy laid back as I laid across from him and licked the viper between his legs. I heard Randy moan as orally pleasured him, I felt one of his hands gently play with and stroke my hair, which felt like silk through his large fingers. I briefly looked at him as he leaned his head back while I still tasted him.

After my oral assault on his velvet viper, I kissed and licked up his body; while I kissed him I gently stroked his viper with my hand. His hands were still stroking and playing with my hair as I kissed my way up to his lips before slowly taking off my thong panty. I kissed his lips, passionately and deeply while my hands stroked his body up and down. I then got out a box of condoms from my overnight bag. I got out a condom, opened it from the wrapper, and properly put it onto his hardened viper. I guided my wet womanhood on to his hard viper as I laid my body down on top of his. I gasped and moaned as Randy filled me inch by inch. As I rode him deep and slow, Randy rested his hands onto my shoulders, holding onto me. My passionate moans vibrated against his ear as my hands rested on to his tattoo-sleeved arms, holding on to him. He moaned at the feel of my sugar walls squeezing his cock with each thrust.

I just love the feel of our bodies erotically rubbing against each other. Then, he held on to me as he rolled me on to my back. Randy laid on his side as he entered my pussy once more. I wrapped one of my legs around his hips as he went in and out of me.

“Oh, you feel so good inside me.” I loudly moaned as he thrusted in and out of my wet womanhood.

Randy still had that hot, hungry look in his blue eyes as he looked at me before deeply kissing my lips. He held on to me as I rocked my hips, meeting his thrusts. I felt my nectar gradually leak on to condom-protected viper. Our moans and groans because a sensual sonata as thrusted into me deeper and a little faster, our bodies made body-to-body contact. We moaned and groaned louder and more passionate as we were getting close to a climax.

I then sat up as Randy was placed his hands on my hips. He then sat on his knees and entered my pussy from behind. I placed my hands on top of his as caressed and rubbed my body up and down. His lips kissed my lips, neck, and shoulders as he thrusted in and out of my hot, wet womanhood. I licked my fingertips and rubbed my love button.

“Ohhhh….Randy, I’m going to come…Come with me.” I loudly moaned.

We moaned and groaned as Randy held on to me. We then had a collective, passionate orgasm as Randy deeply kissed my lips. The whole room was filled the heady combination of sex, roses, fragrance, and pheromones. If I had all of this in a bottle and market it as a perfume, I’d be a very wealthy woman.

Randy gently pulled himself out of my womanhood, took off the condom, and threw it into the trash basket. He gathered the petals and gently sprinkled them on my body.

I looked at Randy and said, “This is the most romantic Valentine’s date I’ve ever been on. I look forward to this weekend.”

Randy smiled at me and said, “Me too, baby. I especially look forward to see what other outfits and lingerie you would be wearing for the weekend.”

I smiled back at him and replied, “I also have some lubricants, massage oils, and other things, so after our dates we can enjoy each other more.”

Randy got the box of chocolate and one of the roses from my bouquet. As we lay close to each other, he softly traced the petals of the rose and caressed my skin with it. He took out of a chocolate from the heart-shaped box and fed me a piece.

As I ate the piece of chocolate, Randy gently kissed my lips and said, “Here’s to Valentine weekend.”

I kissed him back as I fed him a piece of chocolate and replied, “To a sexy, romantic Valentine weekend.”

I had a great feeling that this was gonna be the most sexiest, steamiest, romantic Valentine’s weekend ever!


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