Friday, February 4, 2011

Preview: Valentine's Day for The Viperess (Randy Orton visual for Valentine's Day)

I had came from work, been very busy working overtime. Other than that, I enjoyed getting a bigger paycheck. I came home and I found an envelope taped to my front door. The envelope had my name on the front. I took it from the door, unlocked it, went inside, and opened the envelope. Once the envelope was opened, I looked inside and there was a Valentine card. The front of the card had a picture of rose petals forming into the shape of a heart.

Inside the card was a written message. The message said:

Jana, I’ve been thinking and dreaming about you. I can’t wait to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with you. Every thought of you makes me hard, I get turned on whenever I touch, kiss, and pleasure you. I’ll be at the Embassy Suites at Room 504. I hope to see you tonight. XOXO Randy.

I was touched at the Valentine card I got from Randy, it was really sweet. Even though he looks like a bad boy, he can be such a romantic. Then, I noticed the key card that taped to the other side of the card. After reading my card one more time, I went upstairs to my room and packed my overnight bag. I packed in some clothes and a few extra pieces of lingerie, in case I want to stay in for the weekend with Randy. I even threw in some bath and massage oils, a box of lubricated pleasure for her condoms (I bet he wants to use the whole box), some shoes (mostly high heels and boots), and I even put in a sexy dress or two (or four LOL).

After packing, I then took a shower, got myself cleaned up, put some on lotion, and of course sprayed on my favorite perfume, Hypnotic Poison. I even packed the bottle into my overnight bag along with my bottles of Midnight Poison, Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights, and Ralph Lauren Romance, all in a separate plastic storage bag. I picked out my outfit after the perfume had dried on my body. I put on my black V-bra and black panties before putting on my red hi-low halter dress with a plunging neckline. After getting dressed, I put on my faux snakeskin strappy sandals with ankle wraps. For jewelry, I wore a rhinestone snake necklace on my neck and a rhinestone stretch bracelet on my right wrist. I put on some lip balm along with my favorite red lipstick on my lips before heading out the door.

I gathered my things and my purse, put both cards into my purse, locked my house with my keys, and got into my car. I drove over to the Embassy Suites and got into the elevator. I looked forward to celebrating Valentine’s weekend with Randy. I pressed the ‘5’ button and it took me to the fifth floor. I walked down the hall to room 504.

By the door, I found a box of chocolates. I picked up, got the key card from my purse, and unlocked the door. I stepped into the beautifully furnished hotel suite to find a rose petal trail.

““Randy, your Viperess is here! I got your Valentine card and it was very sweet.” I gently shouted as I stepped inside the room.

I followed the trail which led to the bedroom, where the bed was covered with a lot of rose petals and surrounded with candles.

A voice behind me said, “I’m so glad you liked my card.”

I turned around, saw Randy, and greeted him with kisses. “Baby, you look stunning.” He said to me with a sexy smile on his face.

“Thanks, baby. You really cleaned up nicely.” I said as I took a good look at Randy, who cleaned up real nice in a black pinstripe suit with black shoes and a pink tie.

“Thanks. These are for you.” Randy said as he gave a big bouquet of red and white long-stemmed roses.

“I love my flowers.” I said to him happily.

“Ready for our date?” Randy asked me as he took my hand.

“I’m very ready.” I replied as we stepped out of the room and we went out on our romantic date.

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