Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Preview: Stephanie's Date for Dashing-Cody Rhodes visual for Valentine's Day

(Concept by me and Stephanie)

Cody had been looking forward to taking his girl Stephanie out for a very romantic Valentine’s Day date, but his nose had been broken because of a recent match. Plus, it was painful. Stephanie was a little disappointed at first, but then she had an idea. Instead of him bringing Valentine’s Day to her, she would bring Valentine’s Day to him.

She got herself a sexy nurse’s costume that she bought online three weeks ago. It was a white and red stretch knit underwire dress with removable padded cups, adjustable shoulder straps, and removable garters with bows. Her costume also came with a removable name badge that said, “Nurse May I. Kissit”. Stephanie even made her own version of a first-aid kit, which contained chocolate hearts, red roses, chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of personal water-based silicone lube, a box of condoms, and a bottle of warming massage oil.

She wore a red lace bra and panties underneath her costume. Her costume even had a hat, a belt to wear around her waist, and stockings. She was ready to cheer Cody up and make him feel a whole lot better. Stephanie arrived at Cody’s house with her first-aid kit in hand.

“Cody?” Stephanie called.

“I’m in the bedroom.” Cody shouted.

Stephanie went upstairs and into his room. She noticed Cody was in bed and his nose was broken and bruised.

“Oh baby, what happened? Are you okay?” Stephanie as she took a look at him.

“Oh Stephanie, I really wanted to take you out for Valentine’s Day, but my nose is broken and it hurts.” Cody said as he looked into her dark brown, almond-shaped eyes.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m bringing Valentine’s Day to you. I’m dressed as a nurse so I can make you all better. I’m Nurse May I. Kissit. I’ll start your treatment with some sweet kiss therapy.” Stephanie spoke to him.

She then placed her hand on Cody’s head and then his hand to feel his body heat. His well-built body felt warm to her touch. She softly planted kisses around his face, avoiding his injured nose so it wouldn’t hurt.

“Nurse, I just love your kisses.” Cody said as he smiled at her.

“Stephanie, you look so cute and so hot in your nurse’s costume.” He added.

Stephanie smiled at his compliment as she then kissed the palms of both of his hands. From the way Cody was enjoying it, he was well on his way to recovery. She then sat beside him on the bed, got out her first-aid, and first took out a bouquet of roses. She gave Cody the roses and Cody then said, “I love the flowers, Stephanie. Thank you.”

Stephanie replied, “Glad you do, baby because I am now going to give you a little rose therapy.”

She took out a rose from the bouquet and gently let the velvety petals softly touch his face. Cody loved the feel of the petals touching against his skin. Stephanie traced from his face down to his arms and shoulders. She then let the petals caress his bare chest all the down to his abs. She moved a little lower to tease his Dashing member with the soft, velvet-like petals.

“How does it feel, Cody?” Stephanie asked as she softly spoke into his ear.

“Feels so nice, nurse.” Cody said to her.

Stephanie planted kisses on Cody’s chest and stomach. While Stephanie was kissing his upper body, Cody ran his fingers through her black satin-like hair. Stephanie then kissed him deeply on the lips. She kissed down to his ripped abs and then heard his stomach rumbled against her ear.

“Ooh, somebody’s hungry.” Stephanie cooed as she looked at Cody.

“Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve eaten.” Cody replied to her.

“Lucky for you, I have a snack in my first-aid kit.” Stephanie replied as she took out a container of chocolate covered strawberries.

The large red berries were covered in milk, white, and dark chocolate, they were also covered in almonds, coconut, chocolate chips, and chocolate swizzles. She then took a strawberry and fed it to him. Cody bit into it and ate it.

“Mmmmm, yummy.” Cody said to her.

“Would you like another one?” Stephanie asked him.

“Yes, please nurse.” Cody happily replied.

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