Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spa Date-Alex Riley visual (FINISHED VERSION)

It was a busy, yet productive day over at the Sweet Peach boutique on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. The fashion & beauty boutique's run by two sisters, Erica and Emma Milton. Erica, the oldest, is a fashion designer with her on fashion line. Emma, the youngest, has her own bath & body line called Bath Temptations. Erica's clothing line, Eveningwear by Erica Milton, has sexy, gorgeous evening gowns and nighttime party dresses. While both sisters have successful lines in the store, Erica and Emma both try to expand business-wise; Emma's starting up a fragrance while Erica tries to start up a lingerie line for plus-size women.

"Emma, I'm going to lunch with my friends. Can you watch the store for me?" Erica said to her.

"Sure thing, sis. Can you also bring me back a steak-and-Swiss panini and two cookies, one triple chocolate and one chocolate chip with nuts?" Emma said.

"Sure, Emma." Erica said.

"Thanks." Emma replied.

As soon as Erica left for lunch with her friends, Emma began setting up a
display for her newest bath collection called Summer Vacation, which featured scents inspired by she and Erica's favorite vacation spots. Emma had been creating new scents for the line since January; she was even inspired by warm places because it had been really cold that month.

A couple of minutes later, a tall, fit guy wearing a white t-shirt and dark
jeans came into the shop. Emma walked up to him and said, "Welcome to Sweet Peach. May I help you look for something?"

"I'm just looking, thanks." They guy said.

"Well, if you need me, I'm right here." Emma said.

"While he looked around the boutique and its merchandise, Emma straightened up the place, made some business calls, and handled some deliveries. She even did some restocking for the shelves and racks.

"Excuse me, miss. I was just noticing some of these bath products. you have." He said.

"Why yes, it's my bath and body line called Bath Temptations." Emma told him.

"Wow! That's your line? Impressive." He said to her.

"Thanks, my line also has oils, which I call my 3-in-1 oils. You can put them in a bath; pour it on your body after a shower, or use as massage oil. The good thing about the 3-in-1 oil is that it does all three things." Emma explained to him.

"That's so neat. I could use a massage, my muscles get really sore. I believe I'll take a few bottles of the oil." He said to her.

"Fantastic! Follow me to the register and I'll ring you up." Emma said with

"You got some amazing names for the scents like Mojito Mamacita, Sandalwood Sensuality, Citrus Stimulation, etc." The guy said.

Emma smiled and said, "Next to creating the products and scents, the fun part for me is naming them."

"In addition to these oils, I also like to buy a few of these sugar and salt
scrubs and I also like to buy two of those body washes." The guy said to her.

"Great!" Emma said as she smiled at him.

The guy gave Emma his credit card. Once she ran the card through the register and it got approved, Emma put all the purchases into a peach-and-pink-striped shopping bag.

"Thanks so much, Miss…" The guy said as he tried to get her name.

"Emma, Emma Milton." Emma said as she put her business/contact card into the bag along with the receipt.

"Very nice to meet you. My name's Alex." He said as he introduced himself to Emma and took his bag.

"Thanks for shopping at Sweet Peach. Please come again soon." Emma greeted as Alex left the shop.

After meeting, Erica came back with her and Emma's lunches. While eating lunch, Emma talked to her sister about Alex. Erica was happy that her younger sister met and talked with a guy.

Emma then received a text message on her cell phone. It was from Alex and he wanted to invite to his place for a date tonight. Emma replied to his message, saying she'll see him tonight.

That night she and Erica closed up shop for the night, Emma got into her fire red convertible and went over to Alex's place. She arrived at door, wearing the same clothes as she had on that day; a white zipper blouse,
pink-and-black-striped underbust corset, dark blue skinny jeans, and pink
stilettos with 6-inch heels.

"Emma, I'm so glad that you could make it. Please come in." Alex said as he let Emma into his apartment.

Emma took a good look at his place and said, "What a nice apartment you have there, Alex."

"Thanks, Emma. After meeting you at the boutique, I had an idea for out date." Alex said to her.

"Oh, and what is that idea?" Emma asked him.

Alex smiled at Emma and said, "I was thinking we should have a spa date. The two of us getting pampered in private and using the products I bought from the boutique."

"Ooh, sounds relaxing and hot." Emma replied.

"Let's get our date started." Alex said as he and Emma went into his bedroom. He then went into the bathroom and slowly ran the bath water in the bathtub.

He came back into the bedroom and they slowly took off each other's clothes, piece by piece. Emma looked at Alex's ripped, strong body as she spoke, "Your body's really tight, Alex."

"Thanks, I go good for a pro wrestler. Yours is pretty sexy too, Emma." Alex replied.

"Why thank you, Alex." Emma said as she blushed at his compliment about her curvaceous, hourglass figure.

The blush on her cheeks matched her lacy bra and panties. Alex and Emma were both in their underwear until they took their time taking it off of each other's bodies.

Once they were both naked, they went into the bathroom, where lit candles surrounded the porcelain bathtub and the sink. Alex hooked up the retractable shower head to the tub. Emma sighed as Alex sprayed her body with the every warm water. She in return sprayed Alex's body with a shower.

Emma then opened a jar of her Coconut Loco Lime (coconut and lime-scented) body salt scrub and spread it on Alex's chest with her hands.

"That smells so tropical." Alex said as looked into Emma's chocolate brown eyes.

"It is, it's part of my Summer Escape line." Emma said.

"Nice." Alex said.

Emma rubbed some more of scrub onto Alex's arms and abs. After that, Alex took another jar of body scrub from the bag. He took a jar of sugar body scrub Cara-Nilla Cream (caramel and vanilla scented scrub), took a handful, spread it on Emma's breasts and belly.

"Oh my God! This Cara-Nilla Cream smells so sweet and heavenly." Alex happily exclaimed.

"Yes, it does! The idea for the scent came to me when I having dessert one day. I fixed myself some ice cream , I had one scoop of vanilla and one scoop of dulce de leche; both are my favorite flavors. Then, I took a little spoonful of each and the combination was insatiable. When I first made that scrub, I had originally named it Dulce de Vanilla." Emma said.

"Either way, I love the scent." Alex replied.

"Me too." Emma agreed as he looked into Alex's blue eyes.

Then, Alex spread some of the scrub onto Emma's arms, shoulders, and upper back. As he rubbed her shoulders, Alex gently kissed Emma on the lips.

As they kissed, Alex put some more of the scrub onto Emma's lower back. Emma felt so relaxed and yet so aroused feeling Alex's hands rubbing the scrubs all over her body. Emma then took a jar of Mojito Mamacita sugar body scrub (rum extract, mint, and lime-scented scrub) and spread it all over Alex's backside. Their bodies glowed in the candlelight as they continued kissing each other's lips.

Alex then moved his lips down to Emma's neck, Emma sighed at the feel of Alex's lips there. Emma then slowly turned around as Alex rubbed the Cocoa Addict (chocolate scented) sugar scrub up anad down Emma's backside. She then turned to face him and returned his kiss. Alex turned on the showerhead and rinsed the exfoliating scrubs off their naked bodies with the very warm water.

Once they got of the tub, Alex took out a bottle of Sandalwood Sensuality 3-in-1 scented oil and said, "Ready for a massage?"

Emma replied, "I'm so ready."

Alex deeply kissed Emma's lips as they went into the bedroom. He gently broke the kiss so he could put an old sheet on top of the bed. Emma returned his kiss as she joined him on the bed. They took their time kissing and caressing each other's bodies.

Then, Alex poured some of the scented 3-in-1 oil on Emma's body and massaged it onto her frontal body from her shoulders down to her ankles. Alex's large hands felt so goo on her body. Emma then laid on her stomach as Alex applied the oil on her back, her curvy ass, and the backs of her thighs.

After rubbing the oil of his fingers, he lightly licked them before slipping
them into her womanhood. Emma was wet with arousal and anticipation.

"Could you turn around for me?" Alex asked her.

"Sure." Emma responded as she laid on her back once more.

Alex scanned Emma's body with his blue eyes and said, "You're gorgeous."

Emma then touched Alex's ripped body in return and said, "You're not so bad yourself."

Alex smiled at her as he got on top and moved lower to her womanhood. Emma gasped as he slowly licked her woman cave. As Alex tasted Emma's nectar, he carefully slipped a finger into her woman cave, giving an intense sensation. Emma was warm and wet, but with Alex's touch she was getting hotter by the minute.

"So sweet." Alex whispered as he kissed her inner thighs.

He came back up and kissed Emma's lips. As they kissed, Emma softly and slowly stroked his cock with her fingers.

Next, Alex laid on his back while still kissing Emma's lips. His hands stroked up and down her back. Their bodies rubbed against each other as Emma kissed down Alex's chest and abs. Alex let out a moan as Emma delivered a slow, soft lick to his cock before slowly taking it into her mouth. As she tasted him down there, Alex gently played with her silky, black, medium-length hair.

"Emma..." Alex softly moaned.

Emma slowly took his member out of her mouth , got on top of him, and deeply kissed his lips. She then went into the nightstand and took out a box of condoms and a bottle of water-based lubricant from the drawer.She put a few drops of lubricant in her hands smoothed it on his cock. Alex then put the condom onto his already hardened cock. Emma took the bottle of 3-in-1 oil, poured it into her hand, warmed it with both hands, and rubbed it on his frontal body as Alex gently guided his cock into her pussy.

He held Emma's body close to his as he went in and out of her. Emma ran her oil-covered hands up and down his fit back and firm ass. Their moans and groans joined in a sensual symphony as his member stroked in and out of her honeypot.

After several minutes, they held each other close as they came together in unison. Alex passionately kissed Emma's lips as their passion-soaked bodies rested close to each other.

"This was the most sexiest, relaxing date I've ever been on, Alex. I enjoyed your company." Emma said to him.

"I really enjoy your company too, Emma." Alex replied as he smiled at her.

"If I ever decide to do a bath & body line for men, I would definitely have you as a male spokes model." Emma said.

"Sounds like a great idea! You should do it!" Alex happily said.

"Maybe I should." Emma replied.