Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Into The Heat-a Randy Orton visual

It had been a very cold, windy, and wet week for me. The week started with a lot of rain on Monday, then Tuesday came very blustery winds at 15 MPH, Wednesday the temperature was really low, as in the early 30s, and it was all three on Thursday. I had been going to and from work, all bundled up with a scarf, gloves, hats, and warm coats along with my work clothes.

On Friday, the weather outside was like a winter weather trifecta: cloudy, rainy, and cold with temperatures in the late 20s. I had to pay the mail clerk to take and deliver my lunch to me, because I didn’t want to go out in that cold weather. As I worked and ate my lunch, my cell phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey, baby. How’s my busy girl doing?” A deep, smooth male voice responded.

“Hey, Randy. I’m just eating my lunch indoors as a result of the crazy winter weather we’re having.” I replied.

“I was thinking about coming over to your place and we can get warm together.” He said to me.

“Oooh, I would love that!” I happily exclaimed.

“I can come over to your house. We could have a really good dinner and then I can fix you a very warm and relaxing bath, heat up some oil and give your body a nice massage, and then we can warm each other up between the sheets.” Randy added.

“Sounds great! I look forward to it!” I said to him.

“Great, I’ll be at your house when you get off work.” Randy said.

“Okay, I’ll see you then.” I replied before hanging up.

As I worked throughout the day, I constantly looked at clock, anticipating for the big hand to hit 12 and the little hand to be at 5. I also thought about my evening with Randy, I looked forward to getting out of the cold, cold weather.

5 o’clock came and I clocked out for the week. I got into my silver sedan and drove straight to my nice and cozy home. I unlocked the door, entered the house, and said, “I’m home!”

Randy then walked up to me, wrapped his arms around my waist, and greeted with a very sweet kiss on the lips.

“So glad you’re home and out of the cold.” Randy said as he slowly helped me out of my black fleece trench coat, removed the warm brown scarf from my neck, and took the black fedora off my head.

“Mmmm, me too, baby.” I said to him as I returned his kiss.

“I hope you don’t mind that I cooked dinner.” Randy said to me as we walked into the dining room.

“I don’t mind at all.” I said as I sat down by the table.

Randy came into the dining room with two full dinner plates in his hands. He made grilled rib eyes with shrimp scampi and a salad. As we ate dinner, we talked and he asked me about my day. I couldn’t help but look into those blue eyes as I conversed.

A few seconds later, he got up from his seat and said to me, “Why don’t you finish dinner and I’ll fix you your bath?”

“Okay, babe.” I replied as I kissed his cheek.

I enjoyed and savored the very delicious dinner Randy cooked. After I got good and full, I sat myself down on the cream-colored living room sofa. A couple of minutes later, Randy then came into the living room and said, “Your bath is ready.”

“I can’t wait! Would you like to help get me undressed?” I asked him with a smile on my face.

“I love to. Let’s go to your bedroom.” Randy replied as we went into my bedroom.

Before getting me undressed, Randy had me warmed up with a deep, passionate kiss on my lips. His hands caressed my body while he unbuttoned my dark blue wool pea coat. Once my coat was removed, I deeply sighed as he kissed my neck while he unbuttoned my white button down blouse. I kicked off my black work heels and placed them by my queen-sized bed. Randy then unzipped the back of my black stretch velvet pencil skirt as it fell from my hips to the floor, along with the rest of my work clothes. I moaned and groaned as he kissed my shoulders while gently taking off my black satin bra and panties. Once I was fully naked, I kissed his lips before I went to the bathroom.

“I’ll have the bedroom set up while you bathe.” Randy told me was slow-burning, lustful anticipation.

I went into my dark yet candlelit bathroom and stepped into my very warm bubble bath. There, I took my time bathing my body as Randy set the mood in my bedroom. After I was all clean from my bath, I wrapped a large white towel around my body and walked into my bedroom. A large, old white sheet covered my bed, along with sprinkled white rose petals and the bed was surrounded by a few vanilla-scented candles.

Randy walked up to me with a sexy smile on his face and he asked me, “How was your bath, baby?”

“It was very relaxing.” I replied as I smiled back at him.

I returned his kiss as he gently took my hand and led me to the bed. He deeply and passionately kissed my lips as he laid me down on the sheet-covered bed. He unwrapped my towel as he began kissing down my body.

“Mmmmm, ohhhhhhhh….” I moaned as he took his time kissing every spot on my body. I became even more turned on as he delivered each kiss to my frontal body. With each kiss, suck, and lick Randy delivered, I gradually felt my bare, hair-free pussy drip with arousal. It turned me on even more when he kissed both of my hands and gently kissed my fingers.

Randy then took out some bottles of warming lube and warming massage oil from my nightstand goody drawer. The first bottle he used was a bottle of vanilla warming massage oil, poured it into his hands, and rubbed it onto my neck and shoulders. His hands gently rubbed the oil around both sides of my neck and on both shoulders, the oil felt warm to the touch on my skin. The oil became hot when he gently blew on my neck and shoulders; his breath gave my body the shivers, causing me to sigh deeply. I shivered even more when Randy lightly kissed and licked my neck and did the same with my shoulders.

Next, Randy opened another bottle of hot flavored massage lotion and this time the flavor was hot chocolate. He poured some of the lotion onto my stomach. Again, it felt warm when he rubbed the lotion onto my stomach and felt hot when he gently blew on it, even hotter when he kissed and licked me there. I moaned with each lick and breath he delivered.

“Randy, you’re getting me really hot.” I said to him with a sexy smile on my face.

“Honey, I’m just getting you warmed up. I’m still gonna get you hot tonight.” Randy said as he smiled back at me and deeply kissing my lips.

Indeed, I was warmed up and the night got even hotter. I watched as Randy got up, stood beside my bed, and took off his gray Affliction shirt. That body of his has always turned me on; his smooth skin, those tattoo-sleeved strong arms, that defined chest, those ripped abs, those muscular thighs, and that long and strong back. He leaned down and passionately kissed my lips again while still massaging my body. As Randy and I kissed, I felt his awakening viper between his legs growing against my fingertips. I watched as he poured a few drops of 4-in-1 lotion onto his fingertips. It was a 4-in-1 lotion because it does four things in one: flavored, warming, massage, and lubricant. I took a sniff of the lotion and it smelled like tropical fruit. I felt his fingers rubbing the lotion onto both of my inner thighs. After that, I felt his warm breath as he blew on my inner thighs, which made me hot. It made me even hotter when he kissed and licked them. He then poured some of the 4-in-1 lotion onto my hot, gradually wet, hair-free womanhood. With his fingers, he slowly rubbed the lotion onto my pussy lips. He gently blew on the spot where the lotion was applied which made me moan in delight. My pussy became warmer when he blew on the spot and then it became hot when he started licking it. I loudly moaned as my hands held his head in place as he tasted me, making me wet and hot at the same time. While he tasted me, I felt his hands gently squeezing both of my naturally-endowed breasts.

I then laid on my side as I slowly unzipped his dark jeans and gently pulled out his cock from his boxer shorts. “It looks like someone’s wide awake.” I said as I smiled at him.

I slowly licked and sucked his cock while my hands caressed his hot, fit, firm ass. Randy leaned his head backwards as he moaned, “Mmmmm, this feels so good.”

As I took my time orally assaulting him with my lips and tongue, Randy continued sensually rubbing the left side of my body with his hands. His hands rubbed up and down my shoulder, back, arm, and hip without losing focus on my pleasure. I even got turned on when he softly massaged my breasts with both of his hands before massaging both breasts. His large hands always feel so good on my body. While I was being massaged, I slid my hand down to my pussy and gently rubbed it, getting myself wet. I then felt one of Randy’s hand slid beneath my hand as I touched my pussy. I took his cock out of my mouth to let out a few moans and groans. I slowly rubbed my clit while Randy slid his fingers into my pussy. He sat beside me on my bed and fingered my pussy again and again, making my moans louder and more intense. As Randy pleasured my pussy with his fingers, his other hand stroked his cock while his mouth kissed my lips and neck.

After that, I then took two pillows from my bed and placed them under my stomach. I said to Randy, “I’m ready for you to massage my back.”

Randy smiled as he replied, “As you wish, my honey.”

He sat behind me on the bed, took a bottle of pina colada scented warming massage lotion, and poured some down my back. With his hands, he gently and slowly rubbed the lotion up and down my back. He also rubbed the lotion on my bottom and the backs of both of my thighs. I let out sigh letting him know how good I was feeling.

“Does it feel good, baby?” Randy asked me.

“Mmmmm, yes. Oh, you have the magic touch.” I moaned.

His large hands kneaded and massaged all my back muscles, making me feel so relaxed, same thing with my thighs and my shapely bottom. After my full-body massage, Randy got up and put a condom onto his still-hard cock before joining me on the bed again. With that being done, his cock entered my pussy nice and slow from behind. His hands gently held onto to my hips as he slowly thrusted in and out of my pussy, causing me to let out a loud sigh. I felt his hips rubbing my backside with each deep thrust. Our moans and groans synced with each other. As Randy moved in and out of me, his hands rubbed, caressed, and massaged every square inch of my body. He continued thrusting as he planted soft kisses on the back of my neck and shoulders. He placed his arms on top of mine and held both of my hands, making us feel really close on a romantically intimate level.

Randy then took himself out of my pussy with the condom still intact on his cock as we were about to switch positions. With my knees on the bed, I sat up as Randy kissed my lips and his hands stroked my medium-length black hair. I moaned as he softly kissed my neck and his hands cupped both of my breasts as he kissed them. I laid myself down on the bed on my back. We looked deep into each other’s eyes before I returned his kiss on the lips. His blue fuck-me eyes looked into my dark brown bedroom eyes. With my legs resting on both of his hips, Randy deeply slid his cock into my pussy once more. His still hard cock continued stroking my pussy lips as he moved a little faster, making my moans and groans intense with pleasure. I felt his hands gently massaging my breasts and caressing my stomach. I was turned on even more when he softly licked and sucked both of my nipples.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhh….Baby, I’m coming…” I loudly moaned.

“Come for me, baby girl. Come for me.” He said as he moaned with me.

I felt myself coming close nearing climax. I held onto the sheet as I cried in pure ecstasy feeling Randy’s cock touching my g-spot. Finally, Randy took his cock out from my pussy, removed the still intact condom, and spilled his hot male venom onto my body, making a trail from my breasts down to my navel. He gently pulled me close as he looked into my chocolate brown eyes and deeply kissed my lips. As we kissed, Randy wrapped his ink-sleeved arms around my waist and laid me back down on the bed. Our lust-covered, passion-perspired bodies molded into each other as our heartbeats loudly echoed in the room.

“Do you enjoy your massage?” Randy asked me.

“I did more than enjoy it! I’ve never been so relaxed like this. I went from cold to warm to blazing hot all in one day. And the warming lube and massage lotions were a very nice touch.” I replied as I touched his hot, naked body in my hands.

“I wouldn’t mind massaging your lovely body with those warming lotions again.” Randy said smiling at me.

“I wouldn’t mind that at all and maybe I can give your body a massage in return.” I replied.

A full-body massage from Randy was really great, plus those warming massage lotions, oils, and lubricants made my massage exciting; especially when he’s licking, kissing, and blowing his breath all over making me hot in the process. A hot massage and even hotter sex had made me forget all about the bitterly cold weather outside.