Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stroking The Viper-a Randy Orton visual (FINISHED VERSION)

WARNING: Reading the following Randy Orton will have the reader (i.e. you) experience symptoms such as exploding ovaries, sweating, fainting, urges to have sexual fantasies of The Viper, urges to touch one's own body, etc. If you can, please have extra panties and an ice cold drink close by, because you'll need it after reading this story. Enjoy! I arrived at a five-star hotel with my oils and massage table in tow, being a masseuse and all. I took the elevator to the fifth floor, which led me to room 504. I knocked on the door and said, “I’m the masseuse and I’m gonna give you a massage.” I waited a few seconds before someone opened the door, then a tall, fit, half-naked man with a white towel wrapped around his waist opened the door. It was none other than WWE superstar and my pro wrestling crush Randy Orton. “I’m so glad you’re here. Please come in.” Randy said as I walked into the hotel room. I went into the living room, put the oils on the table, and set up my massage table. Once everything was set up, I let him know that I was ready. “So, what parts of your body are sore and aching today, Mr. Orton?” I asked as he came into the room. “I got soreness in my arms, back, shoulders, and neck. I’ve been sore a lot lately, being in the profession that I’m in.” He said as he laid on the massage table. I poured some of the scented massage oil into my hand, rubbed the oil with both hands, and began massaging his neck and shoulders. As I rubbed his body, I took notice of his muscular back and the tattoo-sleeves of his arms; I even got a brief look of his thighs and feet without losing focus on his aching muscles. Then, I took the bottle of massage oil and poured a few drops on his upper and lower back. “How does it feel? Does it feel good?” I asked him. Randy moaned in response to my touch, telling me nonverbally that he enjoyed my hands rubbing his body. With a few more drops of massage oil in my hands, I rubbed the palms together and began working onto his strong, tattoo-sleeved arms. My eyes scanned all the tattoos on both arms and even the one on his upper back, I swear whoever did his tattoos must have been an artiste with the permanent ink. “Do you feel relaxed?” I asked him. “Yeah, you’re very good with your hands.” Randy replied. “Why thank you very much. Would you like me to massage your front?” I asked him. “Yes, by all means, yes.” Randy replied as he got up and laid on his back. I took one look at his frontal body and I was amazed, I mean his frontal body was as fit as his back body. His chest was perfectly defined and his six-pack abs ripped in all the right places. I poured some of the oil onto his frontal body and spread it from his shoulders down to his abs, I shortly looked at his sexy face as I rubbed and massaged his upper body. I imagined how hot it would be to feel every square inch of his hot body up close and maybe even naked, to feel his smooth skin with my hands and even feel that velvet viper between his thighs. “Do you feel any better?” I asked Randy. “I feel really good right now. Thanks for the massage.” He said as he smiled at me. “You’re very welcome.” I said to him. “Can I ask you something?” Randy said to me. “Sure.” I replied. “Do you always hide your body in yoga clothes?” He asked me. “I wear my black yoga pants pretty much wherever I go, even yoga classes. Sometimes, I even sleep in them. I’m mostly at home when I’m not giving massages.” I replied honestly. “I bet you have a lovely figure underneath your clothes.” Randy said as he smiled at me. “Well, I am a curvy, full-figured girl, just not exactly Kardashian curvy.” I replied as I smiled back at him while rubbing his body some more. “Do you have any other plans for tonight?” Randy asked me. “After your massage, I’ll probably get my dinner at some fast food joint, go home, eat dinner, and stay up till fall asleep. Why do you ask?” I responded. “I was wondering if you would like to spend the night with me. I would love to give you a massage in return and possibly feel your body against mine.” Randy replied as he sat up from the massage table. After thinking for a few seconds, I happily responded, “I look forward to spending the night with you.” Randy then got up from the massage table, slowly walked up to me, placed his hands onto my hips, and kissed my lips. As we kissed, I felt his hands silently slip into my dark green tank top. I then placed my hands on his strong, fit back of his as his lips slid down to my neck; I sighed against his ear as Randy kissed and licked me there. Next thing you know, he scooped me up into his arms and carried me to the bedroom. Once we got there, we stood close to each other, body to body. We resumed our passionate kissing as Randy freed my dark hair from my ponytail and let it fall to my shoulders. He then sat on the king-sized bed and motioned me to join him. I accepted and sat next to him on the bed, I figured that something’s going to happen between body-confident Randy and body-shy me. I then noticed that Randy’s towel looked like it was about to slip off from his waist. But before I mentioned anything to him, Randy sat a little closer to me and I felt his lips softly kissed my shoulder. He then took my hand, placed his hand on top of mine, and slid down from his chest all the way down to his ripped abs. In a way, I think he persuaded me to feel his body. I had thought to myself, OMG! This man was a walking, talking orgasm on two legs with sex just dripping from every pore of his body. “Have you ever watched a man stroke himself?” Randy asked me. “Not that I can ever recall.” I replied. With that being said, Randy slowly unwrapped the towel from his waist and revealed his semi-hard cock. I briefly watched as he stroked himself before looking away. He then seductively persuaded me to touch him by placing my hand onto his slightly awakened velvet viper with his hand on top of mine. The vision of my pro wrestling crush naked beside me had made me blush. I became aroused from both touching his cock and listening to the sounds of his moans, I blushed again as I felt his fingers lightly touched my leg and arm. I never thought I would be turned on by this man; I caressed his body with my hands, kissed his lips, and now I was stroking his cock with his hand on top of mine, all of this made my pussy wet. For a brief moment, I looked away but Randy gently turned my face to his and softly kissed my lips while feeling his cock with my fingers. I moaned as his lips moved down to one side of my neck. As I stroked him while he kissed on my neck, I felt his fingers trace the waistband of my panties under my yoga pants. “I’m ready to make you very comfortable.” Randy said to me as he got up from the bed. He then kneeled in front of me and began taking off my Mary Jane-style sneakers. I watched as he rubbed, kissed, and licked the soles and tops of my feet, he even licked my toes. He carefully pulled off my yoga pants from my waist; I felt my body temperature rise when he started kissing my knees, legs, and thighs. My pussy was getting drenched by minute with each kiss, lick, and touch Randy delivered to my body. Things got even hotter when he smelled my emerald green satin with black lace trim panties before taking them off. I moaned loudly when he delivered the very first lick to my woman cave. I moaned, groaned, and held on to the sheets with one of my hands as he tasted my pussy; Randy even held my other hand as he orally pleasured me. Once he finished his oral assault on my pussy, Randy looked at me with his blue fuck-me eyes, licked my sweet wetness from his lips, and said to me, “Mmmmm, you taste so good, so sweet.” He planted a few more kisses on my inner thighs before getting up from the bedroom floor. I stood up on the bed and deeply kissed his lips, tasting my wetness from them. I then began making a trail of kisses and licks on that strong, ripped body of his as I sat down on my knees. I planted kisses and licks from his face down to his neck and shoulders, then I moved lower kissing and licking his chest and abs; I even kissed and licked his nipples. Judging from his sighs and groans, he enjoyed it. I slid my hand down to his vanilla velvet viper and felt a few drops of precum from the tip. His hands caressed my long, silky dark hair as I stroked his cock with my hand. “Let’s take this off; I wanna feel your body and your soft skin.” Randy said as he removed my dark green yoga tank top from my upper body in one smooth swoop and joined me on the bed. He then reached around the back and unhooked my matching emerald green satin push up bra with black lace; he smoothly lowered both straps of my bra till it was off of my body. Once my breasts were freed, I let out a sensuous moan as Randy cupped my womanly, full breasts with his large hands. I moaned some more as he pleasured them with his mouth; he even circled my nipples with his tongue. He took a pillow and placed it behind my head, making sure I was comfortable. I felt one of his fingers moving in and out of my warm, wet pussy, which made me moan real loud. “You feel so tight down there.” Randy said to me. “That’s because I’ve never ever been touched there.” I replied. Randy kissed my lips and he said to me, “I think we can change that, if you don’t mind me saying, I’d be honored to be your first. I would like to make this the best first time for you.” I smiled to him and replied, “I’m already looking forward to that. I’ve been holding on for so long.” I watched as Randy got up from the bed to get a condom from the nightstand drawer. Not only was I turned on by the sight of his naked, frontal body, I was also turned on by his naked backside. His fit ass, toned thighs, and muscular back turned me on just like his chest, abs, arms, shoulders, and face. As soon as he found a lubricated condom, I watched in intense anticipation as he opened the wrapper and put the condom onto his still hardened cock. Once he was properly protected, I got up on the bed and Randy wrapped his arms around my waist. We held on to each other till my back was gently pressed against the bedroom wall and he stood on top of the bed. Randy looked at me with those lustful, fuck-me blue eyes and said, “Hold on tight, hold on to me. Just think of how good I’ll sex you tonight.” I then wrapped my legs around his waist and wrapped my arms around his neck. I held on to his body as he made one deep, smooth thrust into my tight pussy, I loudly gasped against his ear and my body trembled as feelings with pleasure and release. My very first orgasm was the most erotic sound I ever made and I was ready for more orgasms. I moaned and groaned some more as Randy continued with his deep, slow thrusts before speeding up. My hands ran up and down from his fit, muscular back to his fit ass while he kissed my neck, his condom-covered cock felt really so damn good inside my pussy. Without losing his hold on me, Randy then lowered his body down on the bed. He then said, “I want you on top of me; I want to see and feel your sexy body as you ride me.” “Okay.” I replied as I kissed his lips. “I hope you don’t mind if we leave the lights on because I want to see you glow.” Randy added. Everything he said and did to me made my pussy wet all over again. I moaned once more as I slowly rode his velvet viper up and down, my sugar walls squeezed his cock tight as I moved my hips against his body. My hands gently caressed his thighs and hips while his hands explored every square inch of my curvy body. Things got more intense as I rode him a little faster and I rubbed my clit with my fingers; I was turned on by Randy’s moans and his caresses on my body. I stroked his body with one hand while my other hand held on to the soft 400-thread count bed sheets. “Do you like it when I’m on top of you, Randy?” I asked him. “Oh yeah, you look so damn sexy in the light.” Randy moaned in response. Our moans and groans synced together in sexual ecstasy as we were near climax. Randy held on to my hips as he thrusted his cock into my pussy with hard and fast strokes. We then switched positions to where I laid on my back and both of my legs rested against his hips. Both of my hands clinged on to the sheets as Randy licked and tasted my pussy again. He then kissed my knees and legs before he thrusted his still-hard cock into my pussy with deep strokes. My thighs quivered like fluttering butterfly wings with each stroke he delivered to my woman cave. While in the throes of pleasure, I got aroused by the sight of Randy’s slightly sweaty body as he sexed me. “Oh, Randy, you feel so good inside me right now…” I loudly moaned as Randy slightly increased his speed. “I’m getting so close…” Randy moaned. “I want you to come all over my breasts.” I replied. Once we had reached climax together and Randy had an orgasm, he pulled out, took off the condom, and I watched as he extracted his male love venom on my breasts. I reached out my hand and caressed his body from his chest all the way down to his cock. Randy then passionately kissed my lips. “I’m going to make you come again. Are you ready for another orgasm?” Randy said to me as he planted soft kisses down from my belly to my inner thighs. “I’m so ready.” I replied. He then licked my pussy lips with his warm, wet tongue while he rubbed my clit with his thumb. My moans and groans gradually increased as he tasted my sweet wetness down there, he even held both of my hands while I was near climax. Once I had my orgasm, Randy held my lust-perspired body close to his as he kissed my lips again. Our hearts beat close to each other as the bedroom was filled with the strong scent of pheromones. “Why don’t you take yourself a very warm shower while I get the bedroom ready for your massage? We can even go another round afterwards.” Randy said as he planted soft kisses along my neck. “Okay, good thing I got my overnight bag with me.” I said as I got up from the bed and went into the living room. As soon as I got my toiletries from my overnight bag, I went into the bathroom. I then briefly took a look in the mirror and noticed that post-orgasmic blush in my cheeks. I was indeed glowing all over. I got into the shower, turned on the warm water, and rubbed an exfoliating body wash all over my body; even a very warm shower felt orgasmic to me. I finished my shower a few minutes later and stepped out of the bathroom. Randy, who was still naked looking like walking sex, wrapped a towel around my body. “I got the room ready for your massage.” Randy said to me. “I’m ready for it.” I replied as I smiled back at him. Randy took my hand and led me to the bedroom, where my massage table was placed by the bed. He also bought the bottles of massage oils along with the massage table. “I hope you mind if I use your massage table for you massage.” Randy said to me. “I don’t mind that at all. By the way, it was the hottest, steamiest, most orgasmic first time sex I ever had. I absolutely enjoyed it!” I happily replied as I hopped on and laid my body down on the massage table. I really enjoyed my massage from Randy, his large hands made my body feel all relaxed. Pure bliss aside, I enjoyed my night with my pro wrestling crush. I got over my body shyness and had sex that was beyond good, all in one night. I already looked forward to massaging his body again, maybe even have it at my place. THE END