Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seduction on Camera-Randy Orton visual (FINISHED VERSION)

Rosy and Jana had been club hopping all night, looking hot, dancing, and having
such a good time. It was 11:30 when the two women stepped into this club called
Indigo Underground. The place was packed people on the dance floor, drinks were
pouring at the bar, the DJ was spinning hits, and the lights were flashing all

The women began dancing out on the dance floor, moving with the music. Then,
they were approached by this tall, fit man with a long sleeved black shirt and
dark blue jeans.

"Excuse me ladies, mind if I join you?" He asked them.

"Sure, you can dance with us." Rosy said to him.

"I'm Rosy and this is my friend Jana." Rosy then said to him.

"My name's Randy. Nice to meet you two lovely ladies." He said to them.

The three of them were dancing on the dance floor as their bodies get closer to
each other. Rosy and Jana's hands were running up and down his fit chest and abs
under his long sleeved black t-shirt. Randy was suddenly getting turned on by
these two ladies that were dancing with him.

"We've been dancing all night. I'm ready to get out of these heels." Jana said
to Rosy.

"Good idea, let's get out of here." Rosy said to her as the women gathered their

"Mind if I join you two?" Randy asked them.

"Sure." Jana said to him as they left the loud club.

After dancing all night, the three of them took a taxi to the hotel the women
were staying. They went inside the hotel and got into the elevator. Rosy was
wearing a leopard printed mini slip dress with leopard-printed stiletto heel
pointed toe calf boots; Jana was wearing a turquoise blue snakeskin corset,
black ruffle panties, turquoise snake print chaps and black satin
three-and-a-half heels.

While on the elevator, Rosy and Jana took turns kissing Randy's lips. Rosy
kissed his lips first while Jana kissed and licked his neck. Randy had his hands
on both ladies' backs as he enjoyed the double seduction. Then, Randy kissed
Jana's lips while both ladies had their hands under his shirt to get a feel of
his body. Both ladies lifted Randy's shirt caressed his body with their hands.

A few minutes later, they arrived at Rosy and Jana's room on the 5th floor. They
went inside and entered the living room. Both women took off their heels and
then Jana said to Randy, "You can make yourself comfortable in our double

"Sure, thanks." Randy said as he went into the bedroom.

Little does he know, the women were about to get a little show of him getting
comfortable on the bed. That and there was a video camera standing on a tripod
and hidden in the closet

Rosy and Jana were in the kitchen getting some cold drinks to get themselves
rehydrated after a night of dancing.

"Did you see how hot he was at the club?" Jana asked Rosy.

"I know right! He's strong and his body's so well built." Rosy happily replied
as she took a sip of ice water.

Then, the women heard moans coming from the bedroom. They quietly walked by the
bedroom and silently watched as Randy stroked his viper, which was thick and
large. The women were suddenly turned on by him. Slowly, they went into the
room, but quickly left.

"Sorry, we didn't mean to walk in on you Randy." Jana said as she slightly
covered her eyes.

"It's okay. I'm only in your room, ladies." Randy said as he smiled at them.

The women then joined Randy on the bed as they picked up on the foreplay where
they had left off in the elevator. Jana deeply kissed Randy's lips while she and Rosy softly stroked his large cock with their hands. Both women even helped Randy take his shirt off. Then, they got up and did very slow and teasing double striptease as Twista and Chris Brown’s “Let’s Make a Movie” played in the background. Randy was getting turned on by the second. Both women were in their underwear as they joined Randy on the bed; Rosy wore a purple lace bra and panties while Jana was still wearing her turquoise snakeskin corset and black ruffle panties. Randy first kissed Rosy on the lips while stroking her body. Jana sat behind Randy, caressing up and down his back. She even kissed both sides of his neck. He carefully unhooked Rosy’s purple lace bra while he was still kissing her lips. He kissed her neck while he held her in his tattoo-sleeved arms. Jana sat herself beside Rosy, playing with her hair and touching her body. Rosy gasped as Randy sucked on one of her breasts. Jana then sucked on Rosy’s other breast while her hands caressed her body.

After that, Randy turned to Jana and deeply kissed her lips. His hands were exploring every inch of her body. Rosy then leaned in close and kissed Jana’s neck. Jana slowly took off her snakeskin print corset, freeing her naturally endowed breasts. Randy kissed both sides of Jana’s neck. She ran her hands up and down his back while Rosy ran her tongue down Randy’s back. While she licked his back, Rosy slipped one of her hands into her panties and gently touched herself downstairs. Randy gently laid Jana down on the bed while his hands gave her breasts a soft massage. Jana moaned at the feel of Randy’s kisses down her body. Jana slowly took off her panties in anticipation; she moaned as Randy delivered the first lick to her pussy. Rosy felt really wet between her thighs.

While Randy licked Jana downstairs, Rosy then laid her body on top of her and softly kissed Jana’s lips. Jana felt her nectar leak from her womanhood as Randy tasted her some more. He took his time licking both women’s love caves till they were nice and wet. Both Jana and Rosy couldn’t wait to feel Randy’s velvet viper inside both of their woman caves. Both women touched each other’s bodies as Randy kissed and licked rosy on her back. The combined heat of their bodies made the experience even hotter than imagined.

“Do you girls have any…?” Randy asked them.

“Condoms are in the nightstand drawer, but we also have some in our purses.” Rosy said to Randy.

Randy excused himself as he properly put the condom on to his hardened viper. He was really turned by these two women whom he met at the club.

He came back in to the bedroom and was ready for them. He got onto the bed, sat on his knees, and placed his hands held on to Rosy’s hips as he slowly entered Jana’s warm, wet womanhood. Jana gasped as she felt Randy slid his viper into her inch by inch. She and Rosy held on to the pillow Jana laid her head down on as Randy thrusted deep and hard into Jana’s wet love cave. Rosy and Jana touched each other’s bodies as Randy moved in and out of her pussy. He then slid into his condom-covered viper into Rosy’s wet womanhood and she gasped at the feel of him inside her. Jana held on to Rosy’s hips as she guided her pussy to Randy’s cock and softly kissed her on her face and neck. Rosy then kissed Randy on the lips while his hands ran up and down her body. All three of them moaned and groaned loudly as Randy came close to climaxing.

Finally, Rosy let out a loud, passion-filled gasp as Randy pulled out of her, took off his condom, and extracted his venom onto Rosy’s lower back. The venom dripped from Rosy’s lower back onto Jana’s woman lips. Randy then returned Rosy’s kiss on her lips, with a deep one. Rosy moved aside and watched as Randy kissed Jana’s lips.

“I believe this was the hottest threesome ever!” Jana said to both of them.

“You two girls are really amazing. Maybe one day, I can you pleasure you both separately. I had a great time with you two.” Randy said to Rosy and Jana as he gathered his clothes, kissed both women, and excused himself as he got dressed.

“Wow that was really hot!” Rosy said as she rested beside Jana on the bed.

Once Randy had left their hotel room, Jana took the camera out of the closet and ejected the DVD from it.

“Rosy, I have an idea. We watch this one time only and destroy it. That way, it won’t fall into the wrong hands.” Jana said to her.

“Sounds like a great idea. Hell, the sex was so good I don’t even care if it was on tape.” Rosy replied.

The girls watched the DVD in the living room and as soon as it was over they destroyed the DVD by breaking it into several pieces and threw it into the trash basket. Rosy then got into her pajamas and tossed the trash into the dumpster.

“That threesome’s got me drained; I’m ready for a snack.” Rosy said.

“Me too, I got some ice cream in the freezer and an apple pie on the kitchen counter. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to seeing and sexing Randy again.” Jana replied.

“Same here.” Rosy said as they went into kitchen and fixed themselves some apple pie a la mode.


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