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On The Hotline-Randy Orton visual/song fic

I was sleeping peacefully in my queen-sized bed. I’ve been asleep since midnight and I was so relaxed. I had been busy throughout the day and I was even more relaxed at the nighttime. Suddenly, I awakened by the sound of my telephone ringing. I looked at the clock, got up from my bed, and picked up the cordless phone from the kitchen.

“Hello?” I said as I answered the phone.

“Hi, Jana.” A male voice answered.

“Hi, Randy. I’m really glad to hear from you and all, but it’s five in the morning.” I said to him with a quiet yawn, waking from my sleep.

“It’s only one in the morning where I am. Baby, I’ve been thinking about you and I’m also really horny.” Randy said to me.

It's Five In The Morning And I'm Up Havin' Phone Sex With You, You(so horny)
And Now I'm On The Hotline Over Here Lustin For You, You(so horny)
Let's Talk About Sex Baby
Let's Talk About You And Me
Let's Talk About Bubbles In The Tub
Let's Talk About Makin Love
Let's Talk About Cherries on Top
Or it's Going Down
I want to talk dirty to you Baby On The Hotline

[Baby Blue:]
On The Hotline the sun ain't up But I Had To Call Ya Cause I'm Home Alone Lustin For Ya
I'm In My Room Nuthin But A Towel On
Take Them Granny Panties Off put A Thong On
I Love It When I Hear Ya moan Got A Sexy Tone That Makes The Dick Long
You In A Complete Other City On The Fan Like when ever with Nothing But A Baby Tee On
You The Kind Of Girl That's Sexy In The Boxer Shorts
I'm The Kind Of Nigga That Makes You Ride It Like A Porsche
Yeah I Met You On MySpace Now I'm About To Fly You Out To My Place In The Morning

“It’s so good to hear your voice, Randy.” I said to him.

“It’s good hearing yours too.” Randy replied.

Randy’s been traveling and doing his own thing. I was in the city doing my thing as well, but I do think of him everyday. Sometimes my thoughts of him are mostly hot and sexy. When I’m home alone, I often touch myself as I take my clothes off while thinking of Randy. Talking and chatting to Randy is great and all, but it’s even better when he’s in person. Just to feel, see, taste, hear, and smell him just makes me want him more and more each day.

“Where are you?” I asked him.

“I’m in Fresno, had a great match and everything.” He said.

“That’s great.” I said to him.

With the cordless phone in my hand, I walked from the kitchen to my bedroom and laid myself down on the bed.

“Jana, I get horny just thinking of you. Every time I do, it makes me want to touch every part of my body. Randy said.

“Sometimes, I get myself turned on thinking of you too. “ I replied as I softly stroked my hair.

“I get hot wanting you. Wanting to feel your body against mine, kissing you all over, hearing your voice, and caressing your skin.” Randy said.

I deeply sighed over the phone at the thought of his words. Then, I said to him, “Oh Randy, I get turned when I think of you. Your voice gives me the shivers, your hot body makes me wanna touch you all over, and your blue eyes make my heart melt.”

“I usually don’t ask you this, but what are you wearing tonight?” Randy asked me.

“I’m wearing my favorite black knit chiffon striped nightshirt with a matching thong and a black underwire bra. What about you?” I replied.

“Other than a pair blue and green striped pajama bottoms, nothing else much.” He said.

I grinned and l lightly giggled at the thought of Randy in pajama bottoms, yet I got a little aroused.

It's Five In The Morning And I'm Up Havin' Phone Sex With You, You (So horny)
And Now I'm On The Hotline Over Here Lustin For You, You(so horny)
Let's Talk About Sex Baby
Let's Talk About You And Me
Let's Talk About Bubbles In The Tub
Let's Talk About Makin Love
Let's Talk About Cherries on Top
Or it's Going Down
I want to talk dirty to you Baby On The Hotline

“Since we’re both horny, we can tell our fantasies to each other.” I said to him.

“Sounds like a hot idea. Can you tell me yours? I would love to hear it.” Randy said.

I unbuttoned the first two buttons of my nightshirt as I got started on my fantasy.

I said to him, “In my fantasy, I imagined myself in your hotel room. I was wearing your Viper shirt, a black leather miniskirt, and a pair of black leather over-the-knee boots and I was on your bed.”

“Mmmmm, tell me more.” Randy sighed over the phone.

“As I laid back on your bed, you came into the bedroom with nothing but a towel on because you had just taken a shower and your body was dripping wet. I came across the bed, wrapped my arms around your neck, and deeply, passionately kissed your lips. “I told him.

“I love kissing your lips.” Randy softly moaned.

“While we kissed, your large hands ran up and down my curvy body. Then, you gently lifted my shirt and planted kisses around my stomach.” I said to him as I softly stroked my nightshirt and softly traced my collarbone.

I heard softly moan over the phone as he touched his body. His moans turned me on by the second.

“Your body feels so good against mine.” Randy moaned.

“You then joined me on the bed as you gently lay me down while kissing my lips. You laid your body on top of me as I feel your hands caress up and down my body. I quivered as I felt your lips kissing my inner thighs while your hands caress my legs.” I spoke.

“Your hands stroked up and down my thighs as you took off my boots. As soon as the boots came off, you kissed and caressed my legs and thighs.” I added.

Randy moaned some more as he slowly stroked his velvet viper with one hand while his other hand held on to the phone.

“I get up and returned your kiss. As I kissed your lips, you then took off my skirt. Then, I started kissing you all over your chest and abs.” I said to him.

Randy moaned over the phone, enjoying my fantasy of him. I enjoyed it too as I softly cupped one of my breasts with my free hand.

“Keep going, I’m getting hot, hard, happy, and horny all at the same time.” Randy said to me.

“While I kissed your body, I then slowly slid the towel off of your body. The sight of your wet, naked body made me hotter by the minute. Then, I got on top of you and kissed you some more while your hands caressed my curvy body.” I said as I touched my own body.

“Next, I feel your hands on my body as I take my shirt off. You looked at me with those blue “fuck me” eyes as I was in my black lace underwear.” I added.

I listened to Randy moan as he stroked his velvet viper while talking to me. “I moaned as I feel your hands and lips on my body. I reached around and unhooked my black lace bra, freeing my womanly soft breasts.” I continued.

“Mmmmm, your curves turn me on every time I’m around you.” Randy as he stroked his vanilla viper some more.

I sighed softly as I said, “I moaned at the feel of your lips and tongue on my breasts. You kissed up to my neck before lowering to the waistband of my panties. Your lips and your hands feel so good on my body.”

Randy’s moans became louder as he stroked a little harder. “Ohhhhh.” He moaned.

“I laid back onto the bed while I slowly took off my panties. Your hands caress my thighs as I felt your fingers trace my woman lips. I became wet with anticipation as you kissed my inner thighs. I moaned loudly as you delivered the first lick to my pussy.”

“Mmmmm, so sweet.” Randy moaned.

“I loudly moaned and groaned at the feel of your mouth on my womanhood, letting juices leak onto your mouth. As I came into your mouth, you got yourself on top of me and deeply kissed me on the lips.” I said to him.

Randy enjoyed it every minute he listened. “As we kissed, my hands felt your viper hardening between us. I then give you a condom and after you put it on, you slowly and deeply entered me. Your viper feels so good going in and out of my pussy.” I moaned as he moaned with me over the phone.

I had moaned and groaned as I listened to Randy cum over the phone. After he had his orgasm, I asked him, “How is it, baby?”

“It was really hot! I enjoyed the fantasy you gave me. Are you ready for yours?” Randy replied.

“Yes, I am, baby. I’m ready for you to turn me on with your words.” I said back to him.

[Slick Em:]
It's 5:30 In The Mornin Ya Moanin
I'm Horney (horny)
I'm Lonely(I'm Lonely)
I'm Touching And Rubbing Call Me (Call Me)
Call Me (Call Me)
You Cumming (You Cumming)
Called You 7 Times Baby Girl Don't Stall Me
I Wanna Kiss You From Yo Temple To Yo Feet
To The Dimples In Yo Cheek To The Middle Of Ya G-String
Conversation Underneath The Sheets
You Know Me Red Bull Like A Energy I'm A Freak

Babygirl Said She Loves Phone Sex
Say The Sound Of My Deep Voice Make Her Wet
You Call Me 5 A.M. On The Dot
Now I'm thinking 'bout You With Panties No Top
Picture This You Say You Coming Over
Thirty Minutes Later You Was Parking Rover
Jumped Out The Car And I Met You At The Door
Three Seconds In The House And Your Panties On The Floor
Kiss You In The Mouth Lay To Hands On My Cheeks
Straight Action On The Carpet Rug Burns On My Knees
Now You On The Phone Like 'Damn I Made A Mess'
Got My Hands In My Pants
Man I Love Phone Sex

“I imagined myself coming into your house. I look downstairs to find your white blouse at the bottom of the stairs. I picked it up and smelled your scent, mixed of Pure Poison with your body and pheromones.” He began.

“Oooh.” I happily gushed as I softly touched my skin.

“As I moved up the stairs, I followed your clothing trail which led me to your bedroom. I quietly opened your bedroom as I secretly watched you touch and play with yourself.” Randy continued.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmm.” I moaned as I caressed my nightshirt while I lay on my bed.

“You were in your sexy bra and panties with your high heels still on your feet. I got turned on from watching you touch your sexy, curvy body.” He said.

I slowly unbuttoned my nightshirt as I spoke, “Mmmm, that does sound a bit like me. A bad girl trapped in a good girl’s body, a professional in the boardroom and a sexy goddess in the bedroom.”

“I just love both sides of you; they turn me on both ways. As you touch your body, you saw me standing at your bedroom door and you motioned me to come over to your bed. I walked up to you on the bed as you slowly sat up and I deeply kissed your soft lips.” He said to me.

“Ohhhhh, mmmmm.” I moaned breathily.

“I placed my hands on top of yours as you caress your body. I lowered myself to your bed and passionately kissed your lips.” Randy said.

“Mmmm, I just love kissing those lips of yours.” I moaned as I slowly unbuttoned my nightshirt.

“As you returned my kiss, I felt your hands slip under my shirt while my hands caress every inch of your body. I feel your lips kissing my neck as your hands were on my back.” Randy moaned.

I caressed my chocolate skin as I moaned, “I love feeling that muscular back of yours.”

“I joined you on the bed and kissed your lips some more. As I kissed you some more, I slowly unhooked the back of your bra.” He said.

“Mmmm, baby, you’re getting my nipples hard. Ohhhhh.” I moaned as I caressed and squeezed my breasts with my free hand.

“I kiss, lick, and suck on your soft breasts before moving down to your stomach. I then sensually kiss down your stomach and softly circled your belly button with my tongue.” Randy said.

I moaned again as I traced my hand down to my belly, imagining my hand as his mouth. I felt my womanhood creaming between my thighs as he talked some more.

“I just love it when your hands and mouth are all over my body.” I moaned some more.

“I took off your panties so slowly. You were wet between your thighs as I was ready to feel how wet you were.” Randy said to me as he continued to touch his body.

It's Five In The Morning And I'm Up Havin' Phone Sex With You, You (so horny)
And Now I'm On The Hotline Over Here Lustin For You, You(so horny)
Let's Talk About Sex Baby
Let's Talk About You And Me
Let's Talk About Bubbles In The Tub
Let's Talk About Makin Love
Let's Talk About Cherry On Top
Or it's Going Down
I want to talk dirty to you baby On The Hotline

“I taste your sweet nectar between your thighs and I briefly watched as you moaned while holding on to the pillow and the sheets. Mmmmm, baby, you taste so sweet. I love it when you’re wet down there.” Randy moaned to me.

I myself moaned as I softly traced the waistband of my panties before I started touching my hot, wet womanhood. His words turned me on, making me even hotter by the minute. The more he spoke, the hotter and wetter I become. I didn’t want him to stop with verbal pleasure that he was giving me both mindgasms and eargasms all at once.

“Oooh, Randy, taste me some more! I love it when you make me wet!” I loudly moaned and exclaimed as my fingers traced my wet woman lips as I slipped them inside.

“After feeling your nectar leak into my mouth, I come back up to your lips and kissed them, offering you a taste. I feel your hands touching my hardening cock through my jeans.” Randy said as he moaned.

“Oooh, I love it when your viper is awakened. I want your viper!” I moaned as I fingered my pussy again and again.

“While I kissed you, you unzipped my jeans before taking them off. Suddenly, you rolled me onto my back as you took off my jeans and boxer shorts in one smooth motion. It felt so good when you planted kisses all over my body. I also feel your hands all over my chest, abs, stomach, arms, and thighs.” Randy moaned as he stroked his viper constantly while I moaned with him over the phone.

“I feel you kissing my body as you moved lower to my cock. I moaned and played with your hair as you delivered a long lick to me down there. Then, you take me into your mouth. Mmmmm, your mouth feels so warm on me. Ohhhhhhh……” Randy moaned as he made me moan. I became wetter by the second as I got turned on again and again.

“Randy, don’t stop making me wet!!!” I loudly moaned.

“After that, you rubbed my cock between your breasts. You have such sexy breasts.” He said to me.

“Baby, you got me sounding so naughty, yet I don’t mind being a little naughty with you.” I moaned.

“I love both your inner good and bad girl sides! They’re both such turn-ons for me!” Randy said to me.

“After rubbing me some more with your breasts, you got on top of me and put a condom onto my cock. Once I’m properly protected, I feel your wet pussy slid onto my cock.” He continued.

“Mmmm, I love when I’m top of you; your viper feels so good inside me.” I moaned.

“Me too, baby. As you ride me deep, I caress your sexy, curvy body up and down with my hands. I look into your eyes while you ride me. I wrap my arms around your waist as I thrust into you a little faster and deeper.” He said

My moans and groans were loud and intense as I moaned, “Randy, baby, I’m cumming. I wish you hear the juices leaking from between my thighs!”

“Mmmm, come for me.” Randy moaned with me as my body quivered and convulsed on the bed as though I was having a sexual seizure.

As I made one last passion-filled gasp, Randy and I came in unison over the phone as I gently collapsed on top of my bed.

“My seed leaked onto my fingers. How was the fantasy?” Randy asked as my heart was beating rapidly and the juices from thighs dripped on to my fingers.

“The most amazing fantasy I ever had. I can’t wait for you to come back so I can fulfill it.” I said as I caught my breath.

“Me too, baby. I also look forward to fulfilling your fantasy as well. What time is it over here?” Randy said.

I looked at the clock and said, “It’s 9 in the morning. I’m glad I’m off today so I can catch myself some sleep and maybe fix myself some breakfast. I really enjoyed the phone sex, baby. I can’t wait to see you in person.”

“I’ll be thinking you, baby. Good night.” Randy said.

“Good morning, Randy.” I said as we both hung up at the same time.

I was a little sweaty and hot from the phone sex I had with Randy; plus it was worth the wet panties. I bet it was so hot that it would make all the chat line operators blush and telephone poles overheat. This encounter alone made me look forward to seeing Randy in person when he comes back.

On The Hotline-Pretty Ricky


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