Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preview: Glow in The Dark-a Heath Slater visual

Rosy and Heath were at her place, having some very good dinner and wine which was mostly Chinese take-out. They also enjoyed each other’s company and also the sound of rain falling outside. As the rain fell hard, a howling wind started blowing outside.

“It sure is pouring outside.” Heath said to her.

“Yeah, but I’m glad you’re here with me tonight. Eating dinner and listening to the rain.” Rosy replied.

As they were eating dinner, they sat close. Very close to each other. They’ve been friends for a while, but lately Heath had been drawn to Rosy. Heath liked Rosy’s sweet smile and her friendly personality while Rosy liked Heath’s red hair and strong body.

They finished up dinner when all of a sudden the lights and power in Rosy’s house went off.

“Looks out the lights just went out.” Rosy said as she looked around the now dark house.

“I’ll look for some candles.” Heath said as he went into the bathroom, looking into the closet.

“I got the flashlight.” Rosy said as she flicked it the flashlight on.

She pointed the flashlight in Heath’s direction as they looked for some candles. In the bathroom closet, Heath found a couple of scented votive candles.

“Do you have any matches? Because I want to light these scented candles. By the way, what scent are these candles?” Heath said to her.

“There are some matches in the kitchen counter. The scent of the candles is French vanilla.” Rosy said as she went into her bedroom.

As Heath went into the kitchen to get the matches, Rosy was in her room. She was about to change clothes when a thunderstorm outside startled her.

Rosy screamed “Yikes!”

With the candles and matches in his hands, Heath ran up to Rosy in her room.

“Rosy, are you okay?” Heath asked her.

Nervously, Rosy said, “I’m fine, it just that thunderstorms scare me and I don’t like them.”

Heath then wrapped his strong arms around her in a hug, comforting her nerves and gradually stopping the trembling in her body.

“Don’t worry, Rosy. I’m right here. I’m right here.” Heath said with comfort.

Then, Rosy looked up into Heath’s baby blue eyes as he softly kissed her lips. The warmth of his lips on hers put Rosy at ease, knowing that he’s with her, especially on a very stormy night.

Rosy gently broke the kiss as she spoke, “Why don’t I change into something a little more comfortable while you light the candles.”

“Sure. Take your time.” Heath said to her as Rosy went into the bathroom and changed clothes.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Extended preview: Maid Service-Randy Orton visual

I’m a busy housekeeper at a four star hotel, I clean the rooms, restock the bathrooms, and make the beds. It’s a tedious job, but I don’t mind cleaning up rooms for the pay and the good tips. One night, I went into room 518 on the 5th floor. I went and remade the king size bed. As I remade the bed, I noticed a dark gray t-shirt on the chair. I went over to the chair and picked up the t-shirt. I slowly put it up to my nose and smelled it. The dark gray shirt was designed by Affliction, but it had a heady, musky scent to it.

The shirt smelled of mainly sweat and cologne, mainly Obsession For Men. The combination of the two gave me a bit of a scentgasm. I even noticed a bottle of that cologne over on the dresser. As I straightened up the room, I then heard the sound of running water from the bathroom. I placed fresh, clean white towels and washcloths on the shelves above the toilet.

After that, I looked at the semi-fogged mirror and I noticed the guy taking a shower behind me. He was tall and very fit. He had tattoos sleeved on both of his muscular arms and one on his upper back. I watched as he rubbed body wash on his chest, his six-pack abs, his inked arms, and the rest of his fit body. I got a little more aroused when I saw one his hands washing his long, thick cock. Then, I realized that’s no ordinary fit, hot man, it was The Viper better known as Randy Orton.

I’ve never told any of my co-workers that I’m a wrestling fan, especially a fan of The Viper. That man’s a walking, talking, breathing turn-on! Everything he does just turns me on, especially when he’s in the ring. When I see photos of him online or in magazines or watch him on TV, I often fantasize about him, sometimes even touch myself while looking at a picture of him. Every now and then, I fantasize about him while rubbing my bedroom pillow between my thighs. While he’s still in the shower, I closed my eyes and quietly begin to touch my body. I started squeezing my naturally endowed breasts with my hands, then I slid my hand into my panties and started rubbing.

As I touched myself, I delved myself into a little fantasy.

I imagined myself sitting on the counter next to the bathroom with my back against the mirror and my deep brown eyes closed, touching myself. With my one hand squeezing my breasts, my other hand was in my black satin panties, getting myself wet between my thighs. Randy then noticed me, I quickly opened my eyes and there he was standing in front of me. His naked-yet-towel-covered-body was soapy and dripping wet because he was in the shower.

He looked at me and said with his deep voice, “Let me get you wet.”

His words along with his wet, naked body made me cream in my panties. With one arm wrapped around my waist, he carried me to the shower. There, he took off the black satin bra and panties under my uniform, kissed my lips, and caressed my body all underneath the very warm spray of water. He also kissed and licked my breasts while while he slipped three of his fingers inside of my warm and wet pussy. While fucking me with his fingers, my hands were feeling his firm ass. His large hands caressed me up and down while his lips kissed and licked my neck. I then turned to face him and kissed his lips in return while my hands explored his naked body. Then, he kneeled in front of me and started licking my honeypot. I gasped at the first lick he delivered. I was not only wet from the shower, but I was already wet between my thighs from the seduction he delivered to me. I held his head in place as he tasted my pussy some more. I watched as he kissed up my stomach and returned to my lips. I kissed and licked his lips as my hands gently squeezed his firm ass.

Then, he said to me, “Wait right here.”

I nodded my head as I stood in the shower. A few minutes later, Randy came back with a bottle of water-based lubricant in his hand. Being sure not to spill, he carefully poured some of the lubricant on his fingers and spread it onto my pussy lips. My hand then softly touched his wet, velvety cock as I licked his neck and shoulders; my other hand caressed and squeezed his firm, fit ass. Once Randy’s vanilla cock was nice and hard, I pressed my back against the cool tile wall as Randy wrapped his arms around my waist and slipped his large vanilla velvet viper inside my pussy with one smooth thrust. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he thrusted deeper inside me. The still very warm shower of water sprayed our bodies as Randy went in and out of me. His thrusts were deep and a little hard and my legs were wrapped around his waist. After we both climaxed, Randy slowly took his cock out of me and his love venom slowly dripped from my pussy.

My legs felt like jelly and I was about to fall, but then Randy caught me in his arms and deeply kissed my lips as he turned off the shower and carried me to the bedroom.

========================END OF DREAM================================

I quietly went back to work as I went into the bedroom. As I started to make the bed, I then noticed a pair of underwear by the bed. It was a pair of gray cotton boxer briefs, preferably Calvin Klein. I picked up the briefs and for a brief moment I took a sniff; the briefs were scented with sweat, musk, and pheromones. I put the boxers on the nearby chair, which was also occupied by his dark jeans.

As I put the pillows on top of the neatly made king sized bed, I suddenly felt a pair of large hands gently squeezing my round ass before moving to naturally endowed breasts. I stopped and turned around, there was a towel-clad Randy behind me.

I wanted to be mad, but I calmly said to him, “Forgive me for I didn’t see or feel you behind me while I was working.”

Then, he said,”I couldn’t help but notice the good work you’re doing. And also how lovely you look.”

“Thanks, I do my best.” I replied.