Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pleasure Heals All-a Randy Orton visual (FINISHED VERSION)

(A fictional story inspired by a real life event) I was in heartbreak mode, but this heartbreak was bigger. I had just lost my mom last month and I had been grieving ever since. I know it wasn’t my fault that my mom was sick with flu-like symptoms, I just didn’t know how seriously sick she was when I found her on the bed of her bedroom in our house. I called 911 when I couldn’t wake her up one night. I had talked to paramedics as they took her to hospital, one of them even suggested that I stay somewhere like a close relative’s house. I stayed at my grandma’s house that night and then I found out that my mom had died at the hospital. While I was at my grandma’s house, I didn’t want to eat or talk to anyone coming up to see me, but I had to since I was sick with a sore throat. I had to eat, rest, take medicine, and talk to friends and relatives; all while funeral arrangements were being made. I had cried my eyes out to the point they were very red. I was not only physically sick but also homesick. I even talked to my friends because I didn’t want to shut anyone out during my time of grief. I didn’t even want to go to the viewing or even the funeral; because it was bad enough I had to find her unconscious in her bedroom while at home. I read books and write stories just to get away from all the sadness and grief. Shoot, I even imagined getting away and block out a lot of things. Everyone came back from the funeral and my grandma even gave me my mother’s flag, being that she served in the military. The day after my mother’s funeral, I placed the house back together and even made sure to leave the TV and light on in my mother’s bedroom. I have gotten used to living in the house by myself, aside from family members checking up on me especially my grandma who lives in a house behind ours. I even returned to work the following weekend, my bosses and co-workers consoled me, telling me to be strong and everything. My boss even told me if I ever needed time off, all I have to do is ask. One day I stopped by the nearby pharmacy, I had a moment where I wanted to get a lot of chocolate since Valentine’s Day was coming up. I had to pace myself after all that I’ve been through and just gotten a few pieces. After that weekend, I took my mind off missing my mother by cooking, baking, writing stories, reading books, watching movies (even some porn), and talking to relatives. One day, my cell phone rang. I answered it and Randy was on the other line. “I’m so sorry for your loss. How are you feeling now?” He asked me. “Emotionally, I’m a little better. A hundred percent physically better since my sore throat is gone.” I replied. “So what are doing this Valentine’s Day?” Randy asked. “I’m just gonna read some romance novels, eat chocolate, watch some romantic movies, etc.” I said to him. “Would you like to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with me? I just don’t want you to be all alone on that day. Plus, it’s been a while since me and you got together.” Randy said to me. “I could use a little romantic getaway. Since Valentine’s Day is coming, I could bring some massage oils, bath products, perfume, romantic music, sexy lingerie, condoms, and lubricants.” I replied to him. “Great, I’ll book us a romantic hotel suite and I’ll come by your house Wednesday night to pick you up.” Randy said to me. “I can’t wait! See you on Wednesday.” I said as I hang up my cell phone. A romantic Valentine’s Day getaway was just what I needed to take my mind off everything. So on the Monday before Valentine’s Day, I took out my red duffle bag and gathered my things. I packed three boxes of condoms, a pack of intimate wipes (for before and after intimate encounters), my sexiest lingerie, jewelry, jeans, sexy tops and dresses, shoes, and my bath stuff. I even put my bottles of massage oil, lubricants, and bath oil in a plastic zip-up bag, so nothing would spill on to my clothes. I then stopped by the pharmacy and grocery store brought plenty of chocolate (both premium and affordable). I wanted to make sure I have at the house and some for the road. I even packed some sexy romantic music and candles (both massage and scented) to set the mood right. I also bought a few sexy swimsuits online and had them rush delivered in case the place Randy takes me has a jacuzzi/hot tub, which I hope is clean. I then emailed my employers to ask for time off and got it. I packed up everything including hair and beauty products, toiletries, etc. in my suitcase. I also packed my passport in my purse, in case the place is somewhere outside the country. Wednesday morning, Randy arrived, picked me up in his car, and we drove off to our destination. “Where are we going for our Valentine’s Day weekend getaway?” I asked him. “It’s a surprise.” Randy said as he kissed my cheek. We drove for what seems like a long time, as in 8 or 9 hours. I then looked outside the car window to see where we’re going and then we finally arrived at this hotel. We got out of the car and looked at this gorgeous beach. “This is so beautiful!” I happily exclaimed. “Welcome to Miami Beach, baby.” Randy said as he smiled at me. “OMG! This is so amazing!” I replied. We then went to the hotel we’re staying, the Alexander All-Suite Ocean Front Resort. As soon as we checked in and Randy paid, we went into our suite that had an amazing view of the beach and the ocean. “The beach view is very lovely.” I said as I looked out the window. “I agree.” Randy said as he looked at me. I turned around and Randy softly kissed me on the lips. “Would you like to play around on the beach with me while it’s still daylight?” “Oooh, I’d love that! I even bought a swimsuit or two just for such an occasion.” I replied with a smile. “I can’t wait to see you in a swimsuit.” Randy said to me as I got out a swimsuit from my bag, went into the bathroom, and changed into my swimsuit. A few minutes later, I came out of the bathroom wearing one of my new swimsuits. The swimsuit I wore was a shimmering teal snakeprint monokini with a scrunched bottom. I gathered my sunblock, beach towel, after-sun lotion, and sunscreen in my beach bag. “You look so gorgeous.” Randy said as he looked at every inch of my body with his eyes. “You look pretty hot yourself.” I said as I looked at him with his dark green board shorts and dark blue baseball cap, which made him even hotter with ripped, fit body of his. “I’m ready for the beach!” I happily exclaimed. Randy and I went downstairs and headed for the beach. We found a spot and laid the beach towel down on the sand; Randy even rubbed sunscreen on my back, arms, neck, shoulders, thighs, feet, and my legs. I even covered my lips with SPF 15 lip balm. Then, I rubbed sunscreen on his strong, tattoo-sleeved arms, his ripped eight-pack abs, up and down his back muscles, and those fit thighs of his. We then played with each other in the water, splashed around, and made out as the waves crashed against our bodies. I also collected sea shells as I walked along the shore. I got myself aroused as I looked at Randy with his body dripping with sweat and ocean water like a sexy, half-naked Poseidon. I blushed when Randy said that I looked like a beach goddess in my swimsuit. We made out some more as the ocean breeze and water waves caressed our bodies; we were all over each other like that Chris Isaak video “Wicked Game” where he made out with and touched the gorgeous female model on the beach. With our bodies and swimwear covered in sand, sweat, water, and sun, Randy and I were ready for a shower, even though it was the middle of the day. We went back to our hotel suite and I washed my swimsuit with a swimsuit cleaner. I then took a hot, soapy shower and wrapped a plush white towel around my curvy body. I took out my underwear and clothes as Randy went into the bathroom to take his shower. Once I got dressed, I watched him as he took a shower, rubbing Obsession For Men body wash all over that fit, ripped body and letting the warm water drip down his body. I left the bathroom so he would shower in private. I went into the living room, relaxed on the sofa, and watched TV. Once Randy got out of the shower and the bathroom, he went into the bedroom and got dressed in his t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. “I’m going to work out for a while, why don’t go out and check out Miami for a few hours? Later tonight, we can meet up for dinner.” Randy said to me. “Sounds great, I might even get myself some spa time and get myself ready our dinner date tonight.” I replied as I got up from the sofa and got my purse. As soon as Randy went to the hotel’s fitness center, I went out, took a taxi, and went on a shopping spree in Mary Brickwell Village (Downtown Miami), CocoWalk (Coconut Grove), Village of Merrick Park (Coral Gables), Bayside Marketplace, Dadeland Mall, Dolphin Mall, and Aventura Mall. Thank goodness for AMEX traveler’s checks and cash. Miami has all kinds of therapy that I so desperately needed: retail therapy, spa therapy, food therapy, beach therapy, sun therapy, aqua therapy, club therapy, and later tonight sex therapy with Randy at our hotel suite. I even treated myself to lunch at the Hard Rock CafĂ© at Bayside Marketplace. After a day of shopping, I went back to the hotel and treated myself to a day at the spa and salon. At the spa, I had a Miami Mojito Massage (an exclusive spa treatment inspired the cocktail) and an Organic Fusion Facial. Then at five o’clock, I went to the salon and got myself a mani/pedi, a shampoo, deep conditioning mask, scalp massage and a blow dry. As I paid and left the salon, I got a text message from Randy, telling that he made reservations at Gotham Steakhouse at the Fontainebleau here in Miami Beach and he’ll pick me up at the front of the hotel at eight o’clock. Since I got some time before my dinner date, I sprayed some perfume on my body, let it dry, and got myself dressed. I wore a black matte jersey dress with a plunging neckline, an Austrian crystal center, a vertical ruffle front down trim and a sexy slit in the center. With my black satin stilettos on my feet and purse in hand, I was ready for my date and with thirty minutes to spare. I went down to the hotel lobby, stepped outside, and Randy arrived at the front of the hotel. We drove down to the Gotham Steakhouse and he couldn’t take his blue eyes off of me in my black dress. “You look very ravishing in that dress tonight.” Randy said as he pulled out a chair for me like a gentleman. “Why thank you, it’s been a while since I looked or felt beautiful, let alone sexy.” I said honestly as we sat down. “You’ve always been sexy to me.” He said to me as I blushed at his compliment. “You’re making me blush.” I said to him. He then softly touched my face as I looked into his blue eyes; I softly smiled at him as he continued touching my face. “I’m really glad you bought me out here to Miami Beach. I needed a getaway after all that I’ve been though the last couple of days.” I added. “I bet it was hard for you, especially when you and your mom weren’t feeling well.” Randy said sympathetically. “Yeah, I didn’t even know she was seriously sick. It was hard enough having to find her in her bedroom not waking up.” I said sadly as I felt tears filling up my eyes. Randy offered a napkin and I wiped the tears from my eyes. He said to me, “It’s going to be alright; you just try to stay strong.” “Okay.” I said as I wiped the tears away. “Let’s not let my personal tragedy get in the way of our romantic getaway. I’ll be okay.” I said as I got my menu in my hands and Randy did the same. As I looked into the menu trying to decide on what to have for my dinner, Randy got up and then said to me, “Baby, I have to step out for a minute. You order what you like and I’ll meet you back at the suite later tonight.” “Okay, Randy.” I said as he kissed my cheek and left the restaurant. I looked at the menu again, took out a Post-It note and pencil from my purse, and wrote down my order. The waiter asked me if I would like something to drink. I looked at the drinks section which is mostly coffee, teas, and dessert wines. I ordered a cup of “Up All Night” tea to have after dinner. A couple of minutes later, the waiter came back and asked me if I would like to start with an appetizer. I said to the waiter as I read from my written Post-It note, “For my appetizer, I would like the daily oyster selection. I would like the boneless rib eye for my main course, topped with a grilled lobster, and the mac-n-cheese and creamed spinach for my side dishes. And also, I like some Gotham steak sauce on the side.” As I waited on my food, I did some people watching; saw plenty of couples sitting at tables and at booths and even saw one couple sitting together at the bar. Minutes later, my oysters had arrived. I took my time eating the delicious raw oysters, especially since they’re considered an aphrodisiac. I ate them with cocktail sauce, salt, pepper, hot sauce, and lemon juice. Once I finished the oyster plate, my main course and sides were served to my table. I savored each bite of my steak, creamed spinach, and macaroni and cheese with applewood smoked bacon. After dinner, I then heard my phone vibrate in my purse. I got a text message from Randy, it said: “Save room for dessert! I got it ready at our suite. XO Randy.” I happily replied: “Can’t wait!” After I responded to Randy’s text message, I slowly sipped my cup of “Up All Night” tea. Once I paid for my dinner and tipped the waiter, I went into the ladies’ room and freshened up as I brushed and flossed my teeth, rinsed with mouthwash, and glossed up my lips. With my purse in tow, I took a taxi to the hotel and took the elevator to me and Randy’s suite on the 6th floor. I opened up the door and I noticed a trail of red and pink rose petals on the floor; I followed the trail which led me to the bedroom. There were rose petals scattered on the bed, I had then noticed an ice-filled silver champagne bucket with a bottle of the bubbly champagne chilling in it, two champagne flutes filled with the bubbly and two strawberries in each of the glasses, and a bowl filled with heart-shaped chocolates and foil-wrapped chocolate Hugs and Kisses. Romantic, slow music played in the stereo, completing the mood. “You really got me speechless.” I said as Randy entered the room, wearing nothing but a pair of black silk pajama bottoms and showing off that toned, ripped body of his. Randy smiled at me as he handed a glass of champagne and strawberries. He said, “I wanted to make your Valentine’s Day very special, despite all things you’ve been going through.” I looked into his blue fuck me eyes as I sipped my champagne and said, “With you, every day feels like Valentine’s Day.” I then took a strawberry from my champagne glass and slowly bit into it. The chilled bubbly taste of the champagne combined with juiciness of the strawberry tempted my taste buds. I put down my glass and passionately kissed Randy’s lips. I then said to him, “I’m going to slip into something a little sexy. Be right back, baby.” A few minutes later, I came back into the bedroom, wearing a red balconette shelf bra with a matching stretch lace thong. Randy took one good look at me and became mesmerized, he then pulled my body close to his as we deeply kissed each other’s lips. “You look so damn sexy tonight.” Randy whispered to me. “So do you.” I whispered back to him as I looked into his blue fuck-me eyes. We continued kissing each other’s lips as Randy gently moved over to the bed, where he gently sat and laid me down. I rested my head on the pillow while he unwrapped a heart-shaped piece of chocolate and fed it to me. As I ate the chocolate, Randy took an ice cube from the champagne bucket and rubbed it on the tops of my breasts before licking the drops of ice water off of them. I shivered and moaned in delight as he rubbed the same ice cube on my stomach and down my thighs; I moaned some more as he kissed and licked the same spots where he rubbed the ice. Randy reached around and unhooked my shelf bra. Once my breasts were freed, I moaned as he licked them with his tongue and sucked them with his mouth. My moans became intense when Randy slipped one of his hands into my panties and rubbed my pussy lips. He then kissed his way up to my neck while his hands explored my body. My hands traveled from his strong, muscular back muscles down to his firm, supple man ass. He planted his large hands onto my hips as he maneuvered to a position where I was on top of his body. As Randy laid on his muscular back, he gently and slowly caressed my body with his hands while I slid my hand into my panties. I sensually moaned from both the feel of his hands on my body and from my hand rubbing my woman bits in slow circles inside my panties. I felt really wet between my thighs and I was ready to be pleasured down there. I became more aroused as I watched Randy lick his lips; I then carefully took off my panties and then dropped down to the floor. Randy looked at me with his blue fuck-me eyes and said, “I’m ready to taste you.” I lay back on the other end of the bed as Randy placed his hands onto my hips; I let out an audible moan as I felt his tongue licking my pussy lips. The sensations and my moans became intense as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. He did both while he used his other hand to slowly stroke his velvet viper, getting it ready for my pussy. After his tasting, Randy passionately kissed my lips, and then it was my turn to orally pleasure him. I delivered soft, cat-like licks to his cock before taking him into my mouth. His hands gently played with my hair as I went down on him. Once he was nice and hard, I wasn’t quite done pleasing him yet. I then planted soft kisses and licks to his strong thighs before moving up to his abs and chest. I softly licked his ripped abs with my tongue; I even delivered kisses and licks to his chest and nipples. His audible moans responded to my touches, giving me verbal clues that he was enjoying it. I then got up from the bed and took the condoms out from my overnight bag. I returned to the bedroom and offered a condom to Randy. I watched in eager anticipation as he properly put the condom onto his already hardened cock. I got on top of him and let out a moan as Randy guided his cock into my warm, wet pussy. His thrusts were deep and slow while his hands ran up and down my curvy body; I moaned and groaned as he planted soft kisses on my earlobe and the side of my neck. My hands gently held on to the sheets as he sat up on his knees and wrapped his tattoo sleeved arms around my waist. As his thrusts gradually increased in tempo, Randy slid a hand down to my pussy and rubbed my clit with his fingers. We then switched positions where I sat up on my knees as Randy pressed his body against my back. He thrusted his still-hard cock into my pussy once more as he licked his fingers and rubbed my clit; his deep thrusts altered from slow to fast and back again. He had one arm encircled around my waist and kissed my lips while his cock moved in and out of my pussy. Our moans and groans combined into a sexual unison; my hands even held onto his muscular thighs and also his hips. I slightly leaned my body forward as Randy planted kisses down my back. I loudly moaned as Randy tasted my pussy where his cock had occupied. His hands held onto mine as he laid on top of my body and kissed both sides of my neck. After that, Randy got up and walked to one side of the bed, I turned to face him and deeply kissed his lips. Randy took one of the four pillows from the bed and laid the pillow behind so I could be comfortable. As I laid my head on the pillow, Randy moved a little closer to the end of the bed; his hands held on to my hips, he gently pulled me close as I wrapped my legs around his waist, and slid his cock into my pussy once more. Both of my hands held onto the pillow as I moaned in response to his deep thrusts, alternating between fast and slow strokes. Minutes later, I loudly moaned, “I’m about to come.” “Come with me, baby.” Randy urged. As we came together, Randy took his cock out of my pussy, removed the condom, and sprayed his love venom onto my stomach, some of it landed between my womanly breasts. He then planted soft kisses around my inner thighs and my knees before passionately, deeply kissing my lips. “Let me make you come again.” He said as he sexily smiled at me. I smiled back at him as he knelt down in front of me and tasted my pussy again. I loudly moaned and groaned as went down on me; I even slid one down to my pussy and rubbed my clit, taking my orgasm over the edge. After my massive orgasm, Randy joined me on the bed and laid his lust perspired, naked body close to my naked, womanly body. “Feeling better?” Randy asked as we shared a deep kiss on the lips. “I feel a whole lot better than I was the last couple of days.” I replied to him with a smile. I had once felt sad with grief and loss for a while, but then felt one hundred percent better once Randy had took me away for a romantic Valentine’s weekend and sexed the sadness out of me. “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.” Randy said to me as he gently took my hand and kissed it. “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Randy. I’m glad you made me feel all better.” I replied to him. “I’m already looking forward to making you happy all weekend long.” He said as he planted light, soft kisses along the side of my neck. THE END