Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Viperess of The Nile-a Randy Orton visual for Halloween (FINISHED VERSION)

It was three weeks before Halloween and I looked forward to the holiday, I even bought a costume to wear. I bought a sexy Cleopatra costume which I would use to surprise Randy for a night sexy Halloween fun. Five days later, my costume came in the mail and I immediately tried it on. The costume fitted my voluptuous body perfectly; it was a holographic golden microfiber prism dress with a belt with hieroglyphic details and a beaded head piece with asp detail. I took a look in the full-length mirror in my bedroom and I looked regal. After trying on my costume, I went online and got a few extra items to make my Halloween especially sexy. I bought five bottles of massage & bath oils: one in Egyptian Musk, one in Desert Sand, one in Sexed, one in Sinful, and one in Egyptian Sunset. I also bought some Egyptian Musk-scented candles, some of them that even melt into massage oil, online as well. I also went into and bought two dozen bouquets of red roses, a lot of fun-size Halloween candy (mostly chocolate treats such as Snickers, Milky Way, etc.), two gallons of milk (I’m using one for my Cleopatra-like bath), and a few cosmetics so I can complete my Egyptian queen look. I even practiced on my Egyptian queen makeup look, by way of a makeup tutorial on YouTube, a few times before I got it just right. I then took a picture of my costume with my cell phone and even sent it to Randy; I sent it with a caption saying: “This is my Halloween costume. Would you like to see me in it on Halloween night?” On Halloween day, I got a chance to wear my Cleopatra costume to my office’s costume party; I got plenty of compliments from my co-workers on both my costume and makeup. After the party, I came home and fixed my milk & rose petal bath. I ran some very warm water, poured a mixture of one cup of whole milk and one cup of honey into the bath water, and added rose petals from one dozen long-stemmed rose bouquet. I also added a couple drops of Egyptian Musk bath and massage oil into the bath. I then took a few of the Egyptian Musk-scented candles into the bathroom, placed them around the bathtub, and lit them. I lit the other candles, placed them on the dresser, and set them on the nightstand by my queen-sized bed. A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and there was Randy with a bag full of treats. “Happy Halloween night. What a gorgeous costume you have on tonight, you look like a very sexy Queen of The Nile.” Randy said as I let him in. “Why thank you. I got a bath ready and I’m just about to go the bathroom. Care to join me?” I said to him “I would love to, my queen.” Randy said as he kissed my lips. We then went into the candlelit bathroom, where Randy gladly helped me out of my costume. I sat on the edge of the bathtub and watched as he took off my gold heels that went with my costume. I stood up as he took off my costume piece by piece and I took off his t-shirt afterwards. Randy deeply kissed my lips as he removed his shoes, socks, and dark jeans. I secretly slid my hands into his Calvin Klein boxer shorts and felt his fit, toned ass before taking the shorts off of his body. I stepped into the bathtub and sat down. Randy joined me in the bath and we bathed each other’s naked bodies with the milk and rose petals. I moaned at the feel of Randy’s large hands rubbing up and down my body in the bath. “So do you have any other surprises for this Halloween night?” Randy asked me as he planted soft kisses down one side of my face and neck. “I have some massage oils in the bedroom and we can give each other full body massages before we make love.” I replied. “Where I can find the towels?” Randy asked me. “They’re in the linen closet down the hall. Why do you ask?” I asked him. “I want to get the bedroom ready for the massages. I’ll be back.” Randy replied as he got out of the tub and dried himself off. “Okay.” I replied. While Randy got the bedroom set up, I continued on with my milk and rose petal bath. My bath felt so relaxing; I even imagined how soft my skin would feel afterwards. A few minutes later, Randy came back into the bathroom as I got out of the bathtub. “I got the bedroom all set up and everything.” Randy said to me. “That’s great.” I happily replied. “Would you like for me to get you warmed up, my queen?” Randy asked as he sexily smiled at me. “I would love that very much.” I replied as Randy walked up to me and passionately kissed my lips. His hands ran up and down my milk-drenched body, he even kissed and licked a few milk drops from my breasts, belly, and my neck before rinsing me with warm water and drying me off with a towel. Once I was done with my bath, we went into the candlelit bedroom and shared a deep, passionate kiss on the lips. Randy gently laid me down on the bed while he kissed me. He took his time kissing and licking every inch of my body, his hands caressed every inch of my now very smooth skin. I watched as Randy poured a few drops of the Desert Sand-scented bath and massage oil onto my stomach and rubbed it in, he lowered his lips onto mine, passionately kissing me. He then moved his mouth lower to my womanly breasts; kissing them, and sucking them, all while his hands rubbed my thighs. While I was getting my body massaged by Randy, my hand found his velvet viper slightly awakened. I softly and slowly stroked it with my hand till it was awakened fully. I then felt his hand down between my thighs; it made my woman cave go from warm to hot from his touch. “Does it feel good?” Randy asked me. “Oh yes, it does.” I moaned happily. I then got up, took a bottle of Egyptian Sunset-scented bath & massage oil, pour some into my hand, rubbed my hands together, and rubbed the oil from my hands onto his ripped frontal body. I rubbed Randy from his shoulders all the way down to his muscular thighs. After rubbing the oil on his frontal body, I slowly licked his velvet viper with my tongue. I felt Randy’s hands as they went up and down my back while I tasted him down there. I heard his pleasure-filled moans as I took my time pleasuring him orally. “As much as I enjoy being pleasured, my queen, I want to pleasure and serve you.” Randy moaned as he ran his hands up and down my spine. I took his cock out of my mouth, looked into his blue fuck-me eyes, and deeply kissed his lips. Randy laid me down with my back resting against the pillow and began kissing his way up from the soles and tops of my feet all the way up to my inner thighs. When he began tasting my woman cave, I moaned in sheer delight. My hands held onto his shoulders as he licked up my wetness, my thighs quivered with each lick and suck he delivered to my woman cave. My moans and groans got intense when I rubbed my clit in circles. After that, I went into the nightstand drawer and took out a few lubricated condoms. I gave one to Randy and watched in anticipation as he put it onto his awakened velvet viper. He held on to my hips as he slowly slid his cock into my warm, wet pussy, I moaned and groaned with each stroke while his hands explored my body. My hands gently clinged on to the soft sheets as Randy went a little faster and deeper with his strokes, hitting my g-spot so good. I got turned on from watching Randy pleasure me, especially with lit candles surrounding us. Our moans and groans synchronized into sexual harmony as we had reached climax. “Oh, oh I’m about to come…” Randy moaned. When he reached his sex peak, he pulled out, took off his condom, and his hot male love venom splattered onto my stomach; some of it landed on my breasts. He passionately and deeply kissed my lips as he pulled me close to his hot, sweaty, lust-perspired body. “I’m ready to make you come, my queen.” Randy said to me as he kissed me again. He then lowered his mouth to my pussy lips and tasted me again. I moaned and groaned as loud as I can, I held on to my pillow with one hand while my other hand held on to the sheets. After I had my orgasm, Randy planted soft kisses all over my face before kissing my lips once more. I looked into Randy’s blue eyes and said to him, “You have pleasured me extremely well tonight.” “I’m glad you approve, my sexy queen. You’re much sexier than Cleopatra.” Randy replied as he took my hand, held it, and then kissed it. “I should wear a sexy costume for Halloween more often.” I said to him. “I do enjoy you in your Egyptian queen costume and all, but I much rather desire you just as you are, my viperess.” Randy said as he smiled at me. He got from the bed and then went into the living room. A few seconds later, he came back with the bag of treats with he had with him. He rejoined me on the bed and took out a fun size Snickers bar from the treat bag. “Thanks for making this the best Halloween ever.” Randy said as he unwrapped the Snickers bar and fed it to me. I in return took a fun size Milky Way bar from my own treat bag, removed the wrapper, and fed it to Randy. “Happy Halloween, Randy.” I said to him as I then kissed him on the lips. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! THE END

Thursday, October 10, 2013

First preview: Stroking The Viper-a Randy Orton visual/fan fic

I arrived at a five-star hotel with my oils and massage table in tow, being a masseuse and all. I took the elevator to the fifth floor, which led me to room 504. I knocked on the door and said, “I’m the masseuse and I’m gonna give you a massage.” I waited a few seconds before someone opened the door, then a tall, fit, half-naked man with a white towel wrapped around his waist opened the door. It was none other than WWE superstar and my pro wrestling crush Randy Orton. “I’m so glad you’re here. Please come in.” Randy said as I walked into the hotel room. I went into the living room, put the oils on the table, and set up my massage table. Once everything was set up, I let him know that I was ready. “So, what parts of your body are sore and aching today, Mr. Orton?” I asked as he came into the room. “I got soreness in my arms, back, shoulders, and neck. I’ve been sore a lot lately, being in the profession that I’m in.” He said as he laid on the massage table. I poured some of the scented massage oil into my hand, rubbed the oil with both hands, and began massaging his neck and shoulders. As I rubbed his body, I took notice of his muscular back and the tattoo-sleeves of his arms; I even got a brief look of his thighs and feet without losing focus on his aching muscles. Then, I took the bottle of massage oil and poured a few drops on his upper and lower back. “How does it feel? Does it feel good?” I asked him. Randy moaned in response to my touch, telling me nonverbally that he enjoyed my hands rubbing his body. With a few more drops of massage oil in my hands, I rubbed the palms together and began working onto his strong, tattoo-sleeved arms. My eyes scanned all the tattoos on both arms and even the one on his upper back, I swear whoever did his tattoos must have been an artiste with the permanent ink. “Do you feel relaxed?” I asked him. “Yeah, you’re very good with your hands.” Randy replied. “Why thank you very much. Would you like me to massage your front?” I asked him. “Yes, by all means, yes.” Randy replied as he got up and laid on his back. I took one look at his frontal body and I was amazed, I mean his frontal body was as fit as his back body. His chest was perfectly defined and his six-pack abs ripped in all the right places. I poured some of the oil onto his frontal body and spread it from his shoulders down to his abs, I shortly looked at his sexy face as I rubbed and massaged his upper body. I imagined how hot it would be to feel every square inch of his hot body up close and maybe even naked, to feel his smooth skin with my hands and even feel that velvet viper between his thighs. “Do you feel any better?” I asked Randy. “I feel really good right now. Thanks for the massage.” He said as he smiled at me. “You’re very welcome.” I said to him. “Can I ask you something?” Randy said to me. “Sure.” I replied. “Do you always hide your body in yoga clothes?” He asked me. “I wear my black yoga pants pretty much wherever I go, even yoga classes. Sometimes, I even sleep in them. I’m mostly at home when I’m not giving massages.” I replied honestly. “I bet you have a lovely figure underneath your clothes.” Randy said as he smiled at me. “Well, I am a curvy, full-figured girl, just not exactly Kardashian curvy.” I replied as I smiled back at him while rubbing his body some more. “Do you have any other plans for tonight?” Randy asked me. “After your massage, I’ll probably get my dinner at some fast food joint, go home, eat dinner, and stay up till fall asleep. Why do you ask?” I responded. “I was wondering if you would like to spend the night with me. I would love to give you a massage in return and possibly feel your body against mine.” Randy replied as he sat up from the massage table. After thinking for a few seconds, I happily responded, “I look forward to spending the night with you.”