Monday, February 14, 2011

Preview: From Hate to Lust-a John Cena visual

Stephanie was in her locker room backstage, getting herself ready. She wore a black and blue one shoulder sleeve top, a black skirt, and a pair of black knee high heel boots. She admired herself in the full-length mirror. She then heard a knock on the door. She walked over to it and opened it. In came John with his thug gear and sneakers.

She glanced at him and said, “Hello, can I help you…or can I get you a new wardrobe?”

She couldn’t stand let alone tolerate John and his thuggish mannerisms like John couldn’t take her coldness Every time he tried to say anything to her, she shoots him down.

John simply laughed as he smiled and said, “I couldn’t help but notice how hot you really are.”

“Hot…um excuse me…but you’re in the presence of a lady.” Stephanie coldly replied to him.

John then broke into one of his freestyles, “You’re a hot girl I must confess, I wouldn’t mind being alone with you, so I can help you undress.”

“Excuse me?” Stephanie spoke to him.

“You’re hot.” John said to her.

“Excuse me, sir…but women are not hot….” Stephanie responded.

“What? I can holla at you. What’s with the icebox in your heart and liquid nitrogen on your shoulder?” John spoke to her.

Stephanie gasped as she angrily spoke, “What the…excuse me sir but that’s NOT how you talk to a lady.”

“I gotta go. I’ll holla at ya later.” John said.

Stephanie scoffed as she spoke, “Not likely, sir.”

She then slammed the door at his face as she leaned her back against the door, avoiding him at any given moment. She had a strong hate for John, but something about him made her wonder.

“He might be a rude person, but damn he was hot.” Stephanie thought to herself.

John left the room, thinking “She’s so uptight! But she’s so damn cute, especially in that outfit on with those boots.”

Stephanie closed her eyes for a bit. She then thought, “No no no….me with him…whoever he was….but damn he’s so hot.”

Meanwhile, John thought, “Damn! She may not even know it, but I really, really want her.”

An hour later, Stephanie was still in her locker room after she had just finished a segment in the ring with one of the superstars. She then thought to herself, “He wasn’t as hot as…..that damn thug…why am I letting him get to me.”

“Why is she so cold? I’m already having the hots for her.” John thought to himself.

Stephanie was trying to fight the urge to not want him, but she couldn’t help but picture him without his thug clothes. The image of John half-naked was making her hot, as hard as she tried not to want him, she couldn’t resist.

John wondered what it would be like to feel every inch of her up close, to feel her skin against his, to feel her body, to kiss her soft lips. Even though there was strong friction between the two of them, he wanted to get a little closer to her. Everything about her became a turn on for him; he too couldn’t help but think about her.

Stephanie started to feel really hot as she took off her one shoulder top. Underneath her top, she wore a sexy black and blue lace bra. In his room, a shirtless John was already feeling hot as he thought of Stephanie. Meanwhile, Stephanie closed her eyes a bit as she pictured his hot body against hers.

She then shook her head and thought to herself, “Oh my god…I’m having sexual thoughts about him.”

In his locker room, a shirtless John rubbed his hands up and down his chest and abs while having sexy thoughts of Stephanie in his head. In her room, Stephanie thought, “Damn….I can’t help but think of him…”

Then, she spoke, “I wonder where he is.”

It wouldn’t be long before all their sexiest thoughts of each other become a reality, turning disdain into desire.

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