Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preview of Ready for Dessert (John Cena visual)

Rosy and Jana just had dinner at this upscale seafood restaurant about two hours ago. The dinner was great and all, but after the small portions, they were still hungry. So after dinner, they made a run to the bakery down the street from the restaurant. They bought two dozen cupcakes, an apple pie, and a couple of chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Then, the girls went to the nearest 24-hour grocery store. They got two cans of whipped cream, strawberries, raspberries, a bottle of chocolate syrup, a bear-shaped bottle of honey, two half gallons of vanilla ice cream, a gallon of milk, and caramel ice cream topping.

After the grocery run, the women came back to the hotel with their hands full and their tummies rumbling.

“Girl, I’m so looking forward to a dessert binge.” Jana said to her friend.

“Me too, Jana. Dinner was delicious, but the portions were small. Hell, the plate was bigger than the food.” Rosy said in agreement as they stepped into the elevator.

“Thank goodness our hotel room has a fridge and a freezer. With all this dessert, we’ll be set the next time we go out to dinner.” Jana added.

The women were in the elevator, which started going up from the first floor to the second floor where it stopped. Entering the elevator from the second floor was this big, muscular guy who was over six feet tall and his muscles were peeking through his t-shirt.

“Hi ladies.” He said to them.

“Hi.” Rosy and Jana said in unison as they looked at him.

“How are you two doing tonight?” He asked.

“Fine. We’re just really hungry.” Rosy said to him.

“Yeah, we had dinner two hours ago; the portions were small and we needed to make a dessert run.” Jana added.

“Oh ok. Mind if I join you two for dessert?” John asked as he smiled at the ladies.

Rosy and Jana briefly looked at each other and then Rosy said, “Sure. Why not? Our room is on the 4th floor.”

A few minutes later, the three of them arrived at Rosy and Jana’s hotel room, which was room 402 on the 4th floor. A major sugar rush was on and happening in their room.

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