Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beachside Seduction-John Morrison visual

For Gwen

Gwen was relaxing at the beach for some fun in the sun. She was wearing a rainbow foil monokini and some baby pink flip flops. She sat down on her colorful beach towel to protect her body from the hot sand. She took out a bottle of sunscreen from her beach bag and put some on her legs and her arms. After that, she started looking at the ocean waves crashing at the seashore.

Then, a male voice spoke to her.

“Excuse me, is there any room on your beach blanket for me to sit on?” The guy said.

Gwen looked up at him. He was tall with shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes; he was also wearing black and silver board shorts and his body was ripped in all the right places.

“Why sure, you can sit by me. I forgot to ask, what is your name?” Gwen said to him.

“I’m John. What’s yours?” He said.

“My name’s Gwen.” Gwen replied.

“Very nice to meet you, Gwen.” John said to her.

John then noticed the bottle of sunscreen in her beach bag. He asked, “Gwen, would like for me to rub some sunscreen on your back?”

“I would like that very much, John. Thanks.” Gwen said as she moved her hair to one side.

Gwen got the chills when she felt John’s hands as he rubbed the sunscreen all over her back, especially on her upper back. He then took her hand as they walked up to the seashore and started playing with each other. As they played with and splashed ocean water on each other, they were turning each other on as well.

“You look so hot in your swimsuit, Gwen.” John said to her while checking her out with his eyes.

“Thanks, John. You look hot too, especially in board shorts.” Gwen replied to him.

John then moved a little closer to Gwen as the ocean waves crashed by the seashore. Gwen touched his handsome face as he kissed Gwen on the lips. His kiss was sweet, warm, and sensual. Gwen then wrapped her arms around John’s neck, so she could hold on to him. They continued kissing as he carried her back to the spot where her beach towel and things were still there. John’s hands were stroking up and down her legs as they kissed.

Gwen gently broke the kiss so she could take a breather. She took a moment and look into John’s eyes. John softly touched her face as he lowered his mouth to kiss hers. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist, pulling her up as they kissed. With one hand, he stroked her hair, which was in one long, black, braided ponytail. His other hand rested on the small of her back. He gently laid her down on the beach towel while kissing her lips. He slowly took off her baby pink flip flops from her feet. The sun was warm and glowing against their bodies.

Gwen sighed as she felt John’s hand stroking down her leg. John’s other hand reached around the back of her neck slowly untied the neck, freeing the top half of her swimsuit and exposing her breasts. Gwen sighed as John softly touched her breasts with his hands.

“Your body is very beautiful.” John said to her.

Gwen blushed and said, “Why thank you. Yours is hot, too!”

John then smiled at her as he lowered his mouth down to one of her breasts. Gwen gasped and moaned at the sensation. As he kissed her breasts, she ran her fingers through his long, dark hair. He slowly untied the back of Gwen’s swimsuit while his lips then planted soft kisses onto her stomach. Gwen moaned as his tongue lightly circled her belly button. When John kissed back up to her lips, Gwen felt his slightly hardening cock brush up against her thigh. She then slipped her hand into his board shorts and started stroking his cock in them. John continued kissing Gwen’s lips as he softly touched her pussy lips, which were damp with desire.

They were mutually pleasuring each other while getting closer. After that, John slowly took off Gwen’s swimsuit. Gwen gasped as John gave her Asian express a long, slow lick as if it were an ice cream cone in the hot sun. Her juices tasted really sweet on his lips. Gwen arched her back, giving his mouth a little more access. Her body quivered massively as John tasted her again and again.

She felt hot and wet between her thighs as John’s lips on her neck. She wanted John as much as he wanted her. Gwen then laid John on his back, kissed down his frontal body, and slowly took off board shorts. She delivered a long lick to his cock as he moaned. As she pleasured him downstairs, John softly played with and touched her hair. He briefly looked into Gwen’s dark almond shaped eyes as she licked and sucked him down there. John gently pulled her body up to his and passionately kissed Gwen’s lips. They were ready for each other.

Gwen took out a condom from her beach bag and properly put it on John’s cock. She slowly guided her pussy onto his cock. She gasped at the feel of his cock filling her pussy. He held on to her hips as she rode him up and down. While riding him, John wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the lips and her neck. Her juices coated his condom-covered cock while she was on top of him.

She moaned and groaned as she continued to riding him deep and slow. John joined her as she was about to come. His hands ran up and down her back, Gwen’s breathing was hard and rapid. After several minutes, John and Gwen came together as they laid back on the beach towel. John deeply and passionately kissed Gwen on the lips as they held each other’s bodies while resting.

“That was amazing beyond words.” Gwen said as she looked into John’s eyes.

“You’re amazing, Gwen.” John said to her as he touched her face.

After the euphoric encounter on the beach, they helped each other get dressed and then John asked her out on a date and Gwen was excited. Gwen not enjoyed John, she also enjoyed the blissful beach encounter they had.


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