Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cody's Gifts-Dashing Cody Rhodes visual

I was at home, getting ready to go my mom’s house for Christmas. It was really cold outside with the temperatures in the teens. I got myself all bundled up in layers. As I gathered my things, my home phone was ringing. I answered my phone and it was my mom. I told her I was on my way to her house and then have the nerve to bring up my ex-boyfriend Jamie, who had not only cheated on me but also broke up with me two weeks before the holidays. I told her I’m coming to her house alone. She said she’ll me where I get there. I hung up and then I looked outside the window. It was snowing outside, so I had turned on the TV to The Weather Channel.

There was heavy rain/snow in my area and also a freezing ice advisory for the area. It was way too cold to go outside, especially to visit my mother, sister, brother and other relatives. So I just stayed in and changed back into my warm cotton pajamas. I took a look at my much decorated living room with a brightly colored tree and dazzling lights. I got myself really warm and comfortable and then there was a knock on the door.

I said, “Who is it?”

A tall, dark haired, blue-eyed guy said, “It’s Cody.”

I opened the door and said, “Cody, how are you? Please come right in and get out of the cold.”

As soon as I let Cody in, I closed and locked the door quickly. I then helped him out of his blue jacket and hung it up on the coat rack by the door.

“I’m good, just trying to get out of the cold.” Cody said to me.

“I myself am trying to stay out of the cold. I was supposed to visit my family for Christmas dinner, but it’s WAY too cold out.” I said to him as we sat in the living room on the sofa.

“I love my family, but I really don’t feel like going out into this weather.” I added.

“I don’t blame you.” Cody said to me as he smiled.

“I especially don’t want to see them because I had just gone through a break-up two weeks before.” I said.

“Sorry to hear about that.” Cody said.

“That’s okay. I was gonna give my now ex-boyfriend a gift that I made myself, but I want to toss it out.” I replied.

“It’s his loss. But I would love to see the gift you made.” Cody said with an interest.

I looked into his blue eyes and said, “Okay.”

I went into my room and got the wrapped gift from under my bed. I came back to the living room and gave it to Cody. I watched as he unwrapped and open the box. He took out a long dark blue, black, and burgundy-striped scarf.

“It’s a scarf I made and knitted myself.” I said to him.

“It’s lovely. I hope you don’t mind if I model it for you.” He happily said to me.

“I wouldn’t mind that at all.” I replied to him.

I watched as Cody took off his sweater and wife beater tank top and wrapped the scarf around his neck. He looked so warm and so hot at the same time, especially when one end of the scarf laid against his ripped, frontal body.

“How do I look?” Cody asked me with a smile.

“You look very handsome, plus the scarf’s very Dashing I might add.” I replied to him.

“Can I keep it?” Cody asked me.

“Of course, it’s all yours.” I said as I got up to hug him.

“I love it, thanks.” Cody replied as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

I said to him, “I have one more gift that I want to give to you.”

“Is it wrapped up?” He asked happily.

“Why yes. I’ll be back. I have to get it ready.” I said to him as I went into my bedroom.

A few moments later, I came back to the living room, wearing a red velvet baby doll with a flyaway front, tie closure, and a matching g-string. My neck was adorned with a silver-plated diamond heart necklace. With my black satin-like hair down to my shoulders, Cody looked at me with such amazement.

“Wow, you look very pretty.” Cody said to me with a smile.

“Thanks. I wasn’t going to let this one go unused. Besides, my ex was naughty for cheating on and breakings up with me, but you’re nice for being here.” I said to Cody as I walked up to him and kissed his lips.

As I continued to kiss his lips, Cody then wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

I gently pulled back and said to him, “I know I’m kissing you and all, it’s a shame I don’t have any mistletoe around.”

Cody smiled back at me and said, “It’s alright because it’s already getting special.”

He then returned my kiss with a deeper, passionate one as he gathered me in his strong arms and carried me to the bedroom. Once we made it to the bedroom, Cody put me down on top of my bed. He kissed my lips deeply and then he looked into my eyes.

He said to me, “You look very beautiful tonight. Can I unwrap you?”

I smiled back at him and said, “Of course.”

He kissed my lips some more as he carefully untied the front of my baby doll with one hand. His other hand touched up and down my leg; I moaned as his lips kissed both sides of my neck. My hands lightly touched his frontal body. I gasped as he kissed and licked both of my breasts while his hands caressed up and down my body. I felt his gradually hardening Dashing member against my pussy lips. I nearly melted when Cody started kissing my inner thighs. He laid his body on top of mine and deeply kissed my lips.

While we kissed, I lifted my hips and slowly took off my panties. Cody then let his tongue deliver a slow, hot lick to my chocolate pussy. His lips felt so warm tasting the wetness from my pussy.

“Mmmmm. That feels so good, Cody.” I loudly moaned as I held his head in place down there.

I got wetter when he licked me some more. After a few minutes, he came back up to my lips and kissed me. I tasted some of my wetness from his mouth.

Cody then said to me, “I have something for you. Hope you like it.”

He sat up on the bed, then slowly unzipped his dark jeans, and took them off before tossing them onto the floor. My fingertips gently touch his Dashing member that was getting harder by the minute. He was naked, all but his scarf around his shoulders. I slowly pulled it out from his dark blue boxers and gave his member a few slow, long licks like it was a candy cane before taking it to my mouth. I heard him deep moans as I tasted him down there, I felt his hands on my head as he stroked my hair. His hands then moved from my hair to my shoulders, back, and my breasts.

I got up and said to Cody, “You’re sweeter than any candy cane!”

He smiled at me and responded by passionately kissed my lips. I took a condom from a box in my nightstand and gave it to Cody. Once he properly put it on, he held me close as he slid his member into my sweet, tight pussy. I gasped as I felt him enter me bit by bit. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck while he moved in and out of my womanhood. His cock moved in and out of my pussy slow and deep. Cody and I simultaneously moaned, groaned, and called out each other’s names as he thrusted into me a little harder. He felt so good in and out of my womanhood. His hands held on to my body while he kissed my lips. Together, we had reached climax together as I let out one last passionate gasp.

Cody gently collapsed on top of my body. He stayed inside me a little longer as we passionately kissed each other on the lips.

“Cody, you’re the best present a girl could ever have on Christmas.” I happily said to him as our naked body rested beside each other.

“I really loved my gifts. Merry Christmas.” Cody said to me with a smile.

“Merry Christmas to you too, Cody!” I said to him as I pulled him close by his scarf and kissed him on the lips. We laid beside each other as we watched the snow fall from outside my window.


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