Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Her Personal Recovery-John Cena/Cody Rhodes visual

Stephanie was getting ready to be released from the hospital. She had been staying there for 3 weeks because she was involved in a car accident. The left side of her car was totaled when another car had hit her side and it hit a fire hydrant. Her boyfriend Cody came in, got the keys from the ignition, checked her pulse, and called 911. He watched as the EMTs got Stephanie got of her car and put her onto the stretcher. He even followed the ambulance to the hospital.

He stayed with Stephanie in the hospital and even held her hand all night just to let her know he was there. Stephanie had suffered from a broken arm and a few minor cuts on the side of her head. He was glad she was okay and all. Even while getting ready for a match, he called to make sure she’s alright and even sent her flowers and some chocolates. He also talked to John just ease his nerves and all. Stephanie got her arm wrapped in a cast and the doctor told her she had to rest in bed for four months. Cody even helped her on to a wheelchair. Stephanie out of the hospital and was glad to be going home. John even came to help them out with everything.

“Home sweet home, baby.” Cody happily said to Stephanie.

“I’m so glad to be home.” Stephanie replied.

She slowly got up from her wheelchair and Cody helped her up. He was her crutch as he helped her to the bedroom.

“I’m kinda bummed that I have to stay in bed for four months to recover.” Stephanie said to Cody as she laid down on her bed.

“I know, baby girl. The accident was a pretty scary thing. I’ll be right here to help you recover.” Cody said as he fluffed up her bed pillows.

He then sat beside her bed and softly kissed her lips. Stephanie wrapped her free arm around his neck as they kissed. John then came into the room with Stephanie’s belongings in his hand.

“Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to come in.” John said.

“It’s okay, John. I’m keeping Stephanie company.” Cody said to him.

“You wouldn’t mind if I visit you, Stephanie?” John asked her.

“I don’t mind that at all.” Stephanie replied.

Stephanie felt a little tension in her neck. John sat on the other side of the bed and gently massaged her neck and shoulders.

Stephanie moaned softly as she spoke, “Mmmm that feels good, John.” She then looked at Cody as she spoke, Cody, could you rub my feet?”

“Sure, babe. Anything for you.” Cody said as he gently rubbed his feet with his hands.

Stephanie moaned softly as the feel of both of their touches. She was feeling relaxed by the minute. This was better than any pain medication ever made.

“Feeling better, Stephanie?” John asked her.

She moaned as she closed her eyes and spoke, “Feels like heaven…”

John then leaned in close and softly kissed the back of her neck while still massaging her neck and shoulders. Stephanie moaned softly as she spoke, “mmmm that’s nice…”

She then felt a shiver from Cody tracing his kisses on his legs. Cody kissed up on her legs while his hands held on to her hips. Stephanie moaned softly as she felt John taking off her top. She giggled as she said, “Mmm boys, boys…as much I enjoy this, I supposed to be recovering.”

Cody smiled at her and said, “I know, but think of this as a starting point.”

Stephanie smiled as she spoke, “Hmmm, what do you mean by that?”

“It’s like therapy without all the medication.” Cody replied.

“Hmmm interesting…” Stephanie said as she felt John slipping her bra off.

Once her bra was unhooked, John kissed down her spine while Cody caressed her stomach. Stephanie moaned as she spoke, “mmm this is good treatment.”

“Better than painkillers?” John asked.

“Mmm so much better…” Stephanie replied.

Cody came up to her and deeply kissed her lips. Stephanie then kissed Cody back deeply, returning his kiss. She gasped a bit as she went and turned to John, kissing his lips deeply too. Both guys gave her natural breasts a soft massage while she kissed both guys. Stephanie kissed Cody then kissed John, then Cody, then back to John, and then to Cody again.

John then lowered his hand to her panties, where she felt wet between her thighs, while Cody kissed her breasts. Stephanie then moaned softly as she kissed Cody as she felt John going downstairs on her. As soon as John delivered the first lick, she gasped. Cody then started kissing up and down her stomach. She gasped as she went and kissed John while Cody took a turn at her womanhood. John then took off his purple and yellow shirt and resumed kissing her lips.

Stephanie kissed him back as she moaned and gasped, “Oh you two are gooooood….”

She then gasped as Cody licked her womanhood. To Cody, her nectar tasted so sweet like honey. Stephanie gasped as she felt his mouth against her nectar as she continued to kiss John; she went as she pulled down his jeans as she sees his growing cenation member. She brushed her fingers against John’s member which was getting harder by the minute. She went and put his member into her mouth as she sucked it really good. She then gasped as she felt Cody’s fingers on her clit. Cody then replaced his fingers with his mouth on her clit. John stroked her hair as she went downstairs on him.

Stephanie moaned loudly with passion as she gasped, “OMG! oh yes…yes…Cody…John…!”

John slowly pulled her close as he kissed her lips while Cody still tasted her female nectar. Stephanie kissed John deeply as she gasped with pleasure as she went and bought Cody up to her lips as she kissed, tasting his sexy lips. John then got out a condom from the nightstand and put it on his hardened cenation member. Once the condom was on his member, he slowly entered her Asian express. Stephanie continued kissing Cody while John’s member went inside of her. She gasped as she felt his hard and thick member. John held on to her hips as he moved in and out of her while Cody continued to kiss her lips.

Stephanie constantly moaned the feel of John’s member as she kissed Cody. She loudly gasped with pleasure as John slid himself out of her and then said to Cody, “Cody, it’s your turn.”

Cody smiled at her as he took off his clothes. His hands stroked up ad down her back while she slowly licked his Dashing member. Stephanie moaned as she played with his Dashing member. Then, he put on a condom and inserted his Dashing member into Stephanie’s Asian express. She gasped as she pulled John close to her as she kissed him deeply on the lips. The very idea of two men pleasuring her while one of her arms was in a cast seemed hot and yet very therapeutic to her.

Stephanie gasped as she spoke, “Mmmm Cody…Mmmm John!”

“You feel so good, Stephanie.” Cody spoke to her.

Stephanie moaned as she spoke, “mmmm Dashing, this is exactly what I want.”

“This is way better medicine.” John said to her.

“You said it, John.” Stephanie moaned as she spoke.

Cody and Stephanie came together in a collective orgasm that followed with a very passionate kiss. Stephanie moaned as she kissed Cody deeply and pulled back.

“Can I…you know with John?” Stephanie asked Cody.

“Sure, baby. I have somewhere to go. I’ll be back later.” Cody said as he took off the condom, kissed her on the cheek, took a shower, got himself dressed, and left.

As soon as Cody left, Stephanie looked and smiled at John and said to him, “I’m all yours, Johnny.”

John smiled at her as he deeply kissed her lips and caressed her body. Her skin felt very soft to the touch, especially to his hands. Stephanie kissed him deeply as she felt him on top of her. She looked at him and said, “I…want…you.”

“I want you too! I just don’t want to break up you and Cody up.” John replied.

“Cody and I have an open relationship, John…I can have you too!” Stephanie said with a sexual tone in her voice.

“I wouldn’t mind that at all. I would love for you to have me.” John said as he kissed her neck.

Stephanie moaned softly as she put her hands on his member as she took off the used condom. She grinned as she went and put his member inside her mouth, sucking and deep throating it. John let out a loud, deep moan from his mouth.

“Ohhhh Steph.” John moaned as he ran his fingers through Stephanie’s black hair.

Stephanie moaned as she spoke, “You like that, Cena?”

“Mmmm yeah. I don’t mind if you take your time.” John said to her. “Your hair feels like silk through my fingers.” He added.

Stephanie smiled as she continued up a bit as she went and kissed John’s lips deeply. “Mmmm taste so good…now.” Stephanie spoke.

She then pulled John on top of her and said, “Gimme more, Cena.”

“Oh Steph.” John moaned as he slipped his fingers into her hot, wet honey pot. Stephanie moaned as he slipped his fingers in and out of her.

“Don’t stop, Cena.” Stephanie gasped for a bit. “I…don’t…want…you…to…stop!” She continued.

“You feel so wet.” John said to her as he slid his fingers in and out a little faster.

Stephanie said, “Lick me.”

John then replaced his fingers with his tongue on her Asian express. Stephanie let out a loud gasp as he delivered a long lick to her womanhood. John licked and sucked her Asian express at the same time, making the sensation really intense. Stephanie’s moans were loud and strong as John tasted her some more. His one hand rested on her hip while his other hand rested in the valley between her breasts. Once Stephanie’s juices coated his mouth, John came up to her and deeply kissed her on the lips. They were ready for each other.

Stephanie got out a fresh condom from the nightstand, opened it, and properly slipped it on to his hard cenation member. After that, Stephanie got on top of John and started riding his member. John looked at Stephanie and touched her body as she rode his cock deep and slow. They moaned in sexual harmony as John caressed every inch of her body with his big hands. He then wrapped his arms around her waist as they reached climax.

“Come with me, John.” Stephanie loudly moaned.

After several minutes, John and Stephanie had finally climaxed and came as they held each other tight. They rested on each other’s passion-perspired bodies, embracing the afterglow.

“John, what you and Cody did for me today was best thing ever. It’s going to make these four months of bed rest look like a vacation.” Stephanie said to John as she laid beside him.

“Recovery is a great thing; plus Cody and I look forward to healing you well.” John replied as he held Stephanie in his big, strong arms in her bed.


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