Saturday, December 11, 2010

Heavenly Passion (Angel of Desire)-John Cena visual

Stephanie was in her bedroom as she was getting ready for bed. She was in her purple satin chemise with a matching robe as she left it opened a bit. She sat on her bed as she grabbed her hair brush. She then started brushing her silky black hair as she looked herself in the mirror.

As she brushed her hair, a hunky, muscular male with angel wings was standing right behind her bed. Stephanie continued to brush her hair as she looked in the mirror. She stopped as she saw what looked like an angel. She turned around as she jumped a bit.

“Oh my goodness.” She said as she was stunned by the sight of the angel.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” He said.

“What…um…who…” Stephanie spoke.

“I’m an angel.” The male angel said.

“An angel?” Stephanie asked.

The angel moved a little closer and softly touched her face. His hand then moved from her face and into her hair. Stephanie closed her eyes a bit as she felt his angelic touch.

“Wow.” Stephanie softly said.

She then reached out to touch his body. His strong, muscular was ripped and smooth to the touch under her palms. She gasped as she felt the touch as she spoke, “Wow…your body is like a god…so muscular and strong…your abs.”

He smiled at her as he moved a little closer. He then slowly slid the robe from of her body. Next, he softly brushed her lips with his before kissing them. Stephanie looked up at him considering how short she is as her eyes locked on his piercing soft blue ones as she felt his lips touch hers.

He then stroked her hair with both hands before moving down to her shoulders. “Your skin and your hair feel so soft. Your face is so beautiful.” He said to her.

Stephanie smiled sweetly as she said, “Thank you…and what is your name?”

“My name is John. What’s your name?” The angel said to her.

“My name is Stephanie…” Stephanie spoke.

“What a lovely name.” John said to her, looking into her dark, almond-shaped eyes.

Stephanie smiled as she blushed a bit and spoke, “Um thank you.”

John smiled at her as he wrapped his strong arms around her waist. Stephanie smiled as she felt a really tingly feeling. “Wow” She softly whispered.

He passionately and deeply kissed Stephanie’s soft lips. Stephanie responded as she kissed him back softly and gently. John ran one hand down her black hair while his other hand softly lowered one of the straps of her chemise. Stephanie watched him as she bit her bottom lip nervously. John ran both hands up to her back as he softly kissed her neck.

Stephanie closed her eyes as she moaned a bit, “Mmmm.”

John kissed both sides of her neck. His one hand rested on her hip while his other hand was in her hair. Stephanie tilted her head a bit as she looked into his eyes and softly said, “Wow an angel...”

John then lowered the other strap of her chemise. Stephanie could feel his member gradually hardening against her. She gasped as she felt his angelic member close to her.

“Oh my.” Stephanie thought to herself.

He slowly pulled down the top half of her chemise, which rested at her hips. Stephanie gasped as he lowered his mouth to one of her breasts. Stephanie closed her eyes as she moaned, “mmmm oh my God.”

“Does it feel good, Stephanie?” John asked as he looked up at her.

“Yes like heaven.” Stephanie gasped as she nodded.

John smiled at her as he proceeded to her other breast. His hands held on to both of her hips. Stephanie gasped as she let him continue, “Oh my goodness.”

John then softly licked both of her nipples with his tongue. “Oh my goodness, gracious.” Stephanie gasped.

As he slowly pulled down her chemise, he started kissing her stomach. Stephanie closed her eyes as she smiled, “mmmm oh yeah.”

John circled her belly button with his tongue before licking her there. Stephanie gasped, “Oh.” He felt her stomach contract as he kissed and licked her there. Stephanie gasped again as she spoke, “Don’t stop, John.”

His hands traveled up and down her thighs as he kissed up to the valley between her breasts. Stephanie closed her eyes as she felt his magic and angelic touch. The way John was worshipping Stephanie’s body with his hands and mouth was like worshipping a goddess. John kissed her lips again. While he kissed Stephanie’s lips, John’s fingers found her Asian express. She gasped a bit as she moaned, “Mmmm.”

She was damp between her thighs. John gently rubbed her woman lips to get it wet. Stephanie moaned as she spoke, “I want you to kiss it.”

“I would be glad to.” John said as he delivered a long, slow lick to her woman lips.

Stephanie gasped, “Oh my.”

John started kissing and licking her downstairs. His tongue rubbed her love button as he continued. Stephanie moaned with pleasure as she spoke, “Oh yes.”

Her nectar was super sweet like honey as he tasted her again and again. In the heat of pleasure, Stephanie felt her juices leak onto John’s lips. She then reached down to John’s blue jeans and felt his angelic member, which was now hard as a rock through his jeans. She carefully took his angelic member out from his jeans and softly stroked him with one of her hands.

“Stephanie, touch me just like that.” John moaned as his hands went up and down her back and his lips were kissing her neck. Her strokes to his member were soft and slow to the touch.

“Can I taste you, John?” Stephanie asked as she whispered softly into his ear.

“Please.” John moaned as he replied.

Stephanie sat on her knees and delivered a soft, slow lick to his angelic member. John moaned deeply as Stephanie continued to taste him downstairs. Her mouth felt so warm and perfect on his member; John softly stroked and ran his hands through her silky black hair. After that, John gently pulled her up and passionately kissed her lips. He laid Stephanie down on the bed then took off his jeans, put on a condom, and deeply kissed her lips as he slowly entered her core. Stephanie gasped as she felt his member deliver a few fevered strokes to her female core, John thrusted into her deep and a little faster.

As he went in and out of her pussy, John scooped up Stephanie into his arms while kissing and nibbling on her neck. Their hips, chests, hands, and the rest of their bodies moved in a sexual symphony, their skin-on-skin contact made the experience beyond divine. Their passionate moans and groans became a rhapsody of rapturous ecstasy as their hands and mouths explored each other’s bodies. John enjoyed hearing Stephanie’s moans. They had reached climax and orgasm together, which to both felt out of this world. John laid his hot, angelic body on top of hers as they shared a deep, passionate kiss on the lips.

“John, that was beyond heavenly.” Stephanie said to him as the two laid down beside each other.

“Stephanie, being with you already feels like heaven.” John said to her as he wrapped his arms around and kissed her lips once more.


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