Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stephanie's Longing-a John Cena visual

Stephanie had someone special on her mind: her boyfriend John. She really missed him because John along with the other WWE wrestlers had been going on tour over in Europe. She and John had been chatting online back and forth. She was at home in her bedroom on her laptop, checking her e-mail and chatting with her friends online. As she was checking her e-mail, an IM popped up on her screen. Stephanie gasped as she opened the window and sees the message.

It said: “Hi Steph! I miss u!”

Stephanie smiled back as she said, “Hi John! I miss u too so much! So how’s the Europe tour going?”

“Tour’s going great. I’ve been thinking about you while I was there.” John typed back.

Stephanie said, “I wish that you were here with me. I’ve been thinking about you too, John.”

“Yeah, I thought of holding you tight and kissing you.” John said.

Stephanie sighed as she typed, “Are u on a laptop or a computer?”

“I’m on a laptop.” John typed.

“Does it have a webcam?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah.” John said.

Stephanie smiled as she had an idea. She went and invited him to view her webcam. She plugged in her mike so she can speak to him on it. John accepted the invite and Stephanie started speaking.

“So where are you guys now?” Stephanie spoke into her mike.

“We’re in Madrid.” John said.

“Is that in Spain?” Stephanie asked him.

“Yes. Si, senorita.” John replied as he smiled.

“Ohhhh, my man learned to speak Spanish.” Stephanie said happily.

John smiled as he typed LOL. Stephanie giggled as she said, “So are you going to tell me what you brought me?”

“I want it to be a surprise.” John said as he smiled at her.

“Awwww, that’s so sweet. John, I really wish I was in your arms, baby…Are you in a hotel room?” Stephanie said.

“Yeah, I’m in a hotel room.” John replied.

“Are u alone?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, the others went out sightseeing. Even though I’m alone, I am thinking and dreaming about you.” John said to her.

Stephanie smiled as she spoke, “Baby as much as I wanna continue talking to you, I gotta get to work but as soon as I get home, I’ll be back online all night.”

“Ok, I’ll ttyl baby.” John said.

“Alright, I’ll talk to you soon. Baby…be careful…I love you.” Stephanie said as she typed “xoxoxo”.

“Get home safely, babe.” Stephanie added.

“I’ll get home safe.” John said.

“Please do, baby. …I’ll be thinking of you always.” Stephanie said as she smiled and blew a kiss as she logged off, shutting off her laptop to leave for work.

John then blew her an air kiss before logging off. Stephanie went and she put her laptop away and grabbed her car keys and purse before heading off the door for work.

Two days later, Stephanie had just came home from work, a little exhausted but glad the work week was over. As soon as she got her shoes off, she heard a knock on her front door. She went downstairs and opened the door.

“Baby, I’m home!” a male voice said and it was John.

“John! I’m so glad you’re home!” Stephanie happily exclaimed as she jumped into his arms. She then kissed his lips while still hugging him.

He put her down as he gave her a bouquet of flowers. Stephanie then said, “I love my flowers, John. Thank you.”

John smiled at her and said, “You’re welcome. I have just one more gift that I want to give you.”

Stephanie got excited when she said, “Ooh, what is it?”

He took out a black velvet box and opened. Inside the box was a ring. An 18K gold ring with two sets of diamonds around the band.

“Oh John, I love it! I love it, baby!” Stephanie happily exclaimed.

“I picked it up while I was in Madrid. The ring was so beautiful and it made me think of you.” John said as he held her close.

“John, I love it! Thank you!” Stephanie said happily as John slipped the ring on her finger.

John kissed her lips again before Stephanie put the flowers in water. Once the flowers were put in a water-filled vase, Stephanie came back to John and returned his kiss. She wrapped her legs around his waist while they kissed. He carried Stephanie to her bedroom and gently laid her body down on top of her bed. He passionately kissed her lips as he held her close to his body. Stephanie slipped her hands underneath his signature purple and yellow shirt, getting a feel of his body as John was kissing her lips. John took his time unbuttoning her white button down blouse and dark gray vest before taking off his shirt. Stephanie sighed as John kissed down her neck. His hands caressed up and down her back. He then took off his shirt and took a pillow from the bed so Stephanie can be comfortable. Stephanie got a view of John’s half-naked body and she felt her own temperature rise from warm to hot. His hands reached around to the back of her white lace bra and slowly unhooked it.

Once her bra was off, Stephanie gasped as John kissed and licked her breasts while cupping them in his hands. His mouth moved lower to her stomach and stopped at the waistband of her panties. His hands caressed her legs, hips, and all the way up to her breasts. He then carefully removed her panties from her body; Stephanie shivered and gasped as John’s tongue delivered the first lick to her womanhood.

Stephanie placed her hands on John’s shoulders as her juices leaked into his mouth. While he tasted her, John then used his free hand, slipped into his jeans, and awakened his sleeping cock. Her nectar tasted super sweet to his lips as he licked and sucked her down there. Stephanie loudly moaned, groaned, and called his name repeatedly as he tasted her some more, her body quivered like a bow. At the same time, John stroked his cock, which was gradually getting hard by the second. He was getting himself ready for her.

John got up and then deeply kissed Stephanie’s lips. As soon as John got up on the bed, Stephanie took his denim shorts off and pulled down his black boxers. His cock was hard and ready for her. Stephanie gave John’s cock one long lick before starting to suck him. John moaned at the feel of Stephanie’s mouth on his manhood while his hands stroked every silky inch of her black hair.

“Mmmm Stephanie, baby, you have no idea how much I’ve really missed you.” John moaned.

Stephanie briefly looked at John as she said, “Baby, I’ve really missed you too. I am glad you’re home and here with me.”

Stephanie ran her tongue up and down on his cock and balls. John’s hands never left her hair as she orally pleasured him. After all that, Stephanie got herself on top of John and passionately kissed his lips. He then wrapped his muscular arms around Stephanie’s waist as he laid her down on the bed. One of his hands found a very wet spot on her panties and slipped his hand into them. Stephanie moaned as his fingers softly rubbed her wet woman lips. Her moans became intense when John slipped two fingers into her pussy and felt her wetness onto them. Stephanie breathed rapidly and moaned loudly while John moved his fingers in and out of her pussy.

After getting his fingers coated with her juices, John tasted it. They were ready to come together. John got a condom from Stephanie’s nightstand, opened the wrapper, and properly slid it on his already hard manhood. His hands held on to her hips as she slowly entered her hot, wet womanhood inch by inch. John took his time moving in and out of her pussy with each slow, deep thrust. While he thrusted in and out, John held Stephanie close to him and passionately kissed her lips. Stephanie moaned against his ear as John moved in and out of her pussy deeper and a little harder.

“John…John…” Stephanie moaned repeatedly.

John ran his hands all over her body while he continued thrusting in and out of her pussy. Several minutes, John took his cock out, took off the condom, and came onto her stomach. He deeply kissed her lips as their passion-perspired bodies rested on top of one another.

“I love traveling and all, but being here with you feels like home.” John said to her, looking into her almond-shaped eyes.

“Welcome home, baby.” Stephanie said with a smile as she returned his kiss.


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