Thursday, November 11, 2010

Preview: Double Date with Dashing and The Viper-Cody Rhodes/Randy Orton visual

(Concept by me and Stephanie aka sagittarious_1984)

Stephanie and Jana had just came into the hotel after having a night out on the town with dinner and dancing. They were dressed up and had a good time that night. As soon as they went inside the hotel, the ladies got onto an elevator. They shared a hotel room on the third floor. They got on the elevator and then these two strong, hot guys stepped into the elevator.

Stephanie was wearing a cute but sexy blue one shoulder top and a sexy black miniskirt with black high heel knee high boots. She wore her black satin-like hair hanging loosely from her shoulders as her ears were adorned with a pair of diamond stud earrings. She also wore a small black leather jacket over her outfit. She stopped as she noticed a guy with the most piercing blue eyes that she had ever seen and with black hair too. She played with her hair a little bit as she put on a bit of a smile for him.

Her black friend Jana, on the other hand, wore a red tube top with black lace over it with black satin pants. Her wrist was adorned with a sterling silver winged heart cuff bracelet and had a rhinestone heart necklace on her neck. Over her outfit was a black lace bolero jacket. On her feet were a pair of black snakeskin print high heel clogs. She then noticed a tall, well-built guy with a shaved hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a sleeve of tattoos on both of his arms.

Stephanie gently nudged Jana a bit as she whispered in her ear, “Jana, look who just came in the elevator.” She then giggled a bit.

Jana giggled a bit as she whispered to Stephanie, “OMG! I can’t believe it’s them and in person! I’m getting the chills right now!”

Stephanie giggled a bit as she spoke, “Shhhhh, not too loud Jana.”

Cody then whispered in Randy’s ear as he spoke, “Hey Orton, look over there, two cute girls….I especially like the Asian one.”

“Wow! This is so amazing! Dashing and The Viper are in the elevator with us!” Jana whispered to Stephanie.

Randy then whispered to Cody, “Rhodes, the dark beauty next to her friend is so sexy!”

Stephanie giggled as she twirled her hair a bit. Cody grinned a bit as he whispered to Randy, “What are you thinking, Orton?”

He whispered to Cody, “I’m thinking the four of us should hook up. You take the cute Asian girl and I’ll be with the dark beauty.”

“OMG! They’re even hotter up close!” Jana whispered to Stephanie.

Cody looked to Randy and nodded as he spoke, “Sounds good to me, man.”

Stephanie giggled a bit as she pretended to look away from the dark hair guy with blue eyes. “This is so unexpected!” She whispered to Jana as she giggled.

Jana whispered to Stephanie, “I don’t know about you, Steph, but I’m getting all sorts of thoughts in my head right now!”

Cody looked over them and said, “Hello ladies!”

Stephanie smiled as she said, “Hello.”

“Hi!” Jana said to both guys.

Randy smiled at them as he spoke. “We couldn’t help but notice you two.”

Stephanie smiled a bit as she said, “Oh why thank you. Well, we just came back from dinner and a show.”

“A show. Really? What kind of show?” Cody asked.

“We just came back from a concert at a dance club we went to.” Jana said as she blushed and fluttered her eyes.

“Yeah, we are just so exhausted from dancing too much.” Stephanie added.

Really, you two like to dance?” Randy spoke to the ladies.

“Yeah, we like to dance for fun.” Stephanie spoke.

“A lot of fun!” Jana added.

“So where are you two heading to?” Cody spoke.

“Stephanie and I were about to go to our room, which is on the third floor.” Jana said to the guys.

Randy spoke, “How about we escort you to your room?”

Cody smiled as he added, “It’s the least we can do.”

Stephanie smiled as she said, “Well, you two are such gentlemen.”

“We would love that!” Jana said as the elevator stopped at the third floor and the four of them stepped out into the hall.

The gentlemen took the ladies to their hotel room. Stephanie spoke to them, “Now where have I seen you two before?”

Randy chuckled a bit, “Us?”

Cody spoke, “Um maybe you’ve seen us in the hotel lobby.”

Stephanie then said, “No no, I don’t think so.”

“Maybe we saw them on the floor without us knowing about it.” Jana said as she giggled to Stephanie.

Stephanie said, “Actually we know who you are.”

Cody grinned as he said, “Really you do?”

“Yeah, you’re Dashing Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton a.k.a. The Viper! We’re huge fans of yours!” Jana exclaimed excitedly.

Stephanie giggled as she spoke, “Sorry my friend’s a bit too excited.”

Randy laughed as he spoke, “It’s alright.”

Cody smiled as he spoke, “And your names are?”

“I’m Stephanie and this is my main girl Jana.” Stephanie said to the guys.

Randy spoke, “Nice to meet you, ladies.”

Cody smiled as he looked at Stephanie, took her hand, and kissed it as he said, “Pleasure to meet you, Stephanie.”

Then, Randy said to Jana as he kissed her hand, “Really nice to meet you, Jana.”

Stephanie giggled as she said, “You too, Cody.”

Cody grinned as he spoke, “So Stephanie, you’re Asian?”

Stephanie said, “Why yes I am.”

Cody smiled as he spoke, “I think that’s really hot.” Stephanie felt herself blushing at his compliment to her.

Randy looked at Jana and said to her, “Jana, you’re a very fine black girl.”

Jana blushed, giggled, and she said, “Oh Randy, you’re making me blush.”

Cody smiled at Stephanie as he spoke, “You’re really cute.” Stephanie giggled as she said, “You’re not so bad yourself, Dashing Cody.”

Randy said to Jana, “You’re really beautiful.”

“You’re really hot for someone to be called The Viper.” Jana said to him with a smile on her face.

“So are you really that dashing?” Stephanie spoke.

Cody chuckled as he said, “Well in the ring yes, outside of the ring….well, you tell me.”

The four of them went into the girls’ hotel room. As they went into the living room, Randy said to Jana, “You have gorgeous eyes.”

“Yours are amazing.” Jana replied back.

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