Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dirty Laundry-John Cena visual (FINISHED VERSION)

It was a clear, yet steamy evening and I was getting ready to do some laundry. I had one basket filled with white clothes (underwear, bedding, etc.), another basket with bright clothes, another one with dark clothes, and a basket with all my laundry essentials. I had loaded all the baskets to the back of my black SUV. After that, I gathered my keys and went into my car. I arrived at the Laundromat, took with me a tin full of quarters, and brought out all the baskets into the Laundromat.

First, I loaded one washing machine with all the whites and poured bleach on them. I also added stain fighter and detergent to the whites. I put in four quarters and the machine started working. In another washer, I applied stain remover on some bright-colored clothes while my whites were washing. I had to go to the Laundromat because some of the washers in the laundry room in my apartment building were broken. I put in some more quarters and my brights were getting washed. There were a few other people at the Laundromat as well, using the washers and dryers. As my bright clothes were washed, the whites were in the rinse cycle.

Then, I heard a male voice beside me say, “Excuse me, would you mind if I borrow some of your powder detergent?”

I looked at him and I said, “Of course.”

As I offered him a scoop of my detergent, I looked at him and thought to myself, “Wow, he’s hot and so big.”

He was tall, muscular, and had blue eyes. I briefly watched as he put his clothes into the washing machine beside mine. I couldn’t help but noticed his big arms that were peeking from the short sleeves of his orange and blue shirt. After he loaded the washer, I waited for my whites to be done. A few minutes later, the whites were done and I put all of them into an available, coin-operated dryer. My brights were still in the wash when I got started on the dark clothes.

“I’m sure you have a lot of laundry to do.” He said to me.

“Yeah, I guess when the laundry room in your apartment building has a couple of broken down washers…I mean what can you do?” I said to him.

“I’m John.” He said to me.

Very nice to meet to you, John. I’m Jana.” I replied.

My whites were spinning in the dryer as my bright clothes and my dark clothes were in the washers. I stood by the washing machines and waited. As I was waiting for my whites to dry, John then stood beside me as his hand brushed against my arm. I felt a sudden chill as he touched me.

“I’m just waiting for my clothes to dry or rinse.” I said looking into his blue eyes.

“We don’t have to just stand and wait.” John said to me as he moved a little closer.

He then slowly wrapped one strong arm around my waist. His other hand softly went up and down my black, shoulder-length hair. He lowered his lips to mine and kissed me. I turned around as I returned his kiss. John carried in his arms while we kissed and sat me down on the folding area. His hands explored my body as his lips moved down to my neck. He kneeled on the floor when he took off my white sneakers and my socks. I watched as he softly kissed both of my ankles and the tops of my feet. I was immediately turned on by his action. He slowly moved back up to my lips and kissed me some more. His hands moved up and underneath my tank top as I kissed his face. I sat up and took his shirt off; my eyes were instantly turned on when I gazed upon his ripped, muscled body.

John carefully took off my tank top, lifting it over my head. He looked at me and said, “Wow, your body is so hot. I just wanna touch you.”

As I touched his body with both of my hands, I looked at him and said, “Yours is beautiful too.”

John caressed my entire body as he passionately kissed my lips. While he kissed me, his hands were on my back. He reached around and unhooked the back of my bra. I gasped as he softly fondled my breasts with his large hands; I moaned loudly when his mouth began sucking on them. His hands then moved down to the waistband of my jeans, I gasped and moaned some more as he kissed and licked my breasts. His fingers then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. He kissed down to my stomach as he slipped one hand into my panties. His fingers gently opened my woman folds to feel how I wet I was. He slipped two fingers into my womanhood as he kissed my stomach before coming back up to my lips. I was getting wet between my thighs as his lips were still kissing mine.

After I had a mini orgasm, I came on to his fingers and John tasted my juices from them. I returned his kiss while my hands went up and down his backside. I moved my lips down and kissed both sides of his neck. His hands rested on my back as I kissed him. I heard him moan as my tongue softly licked both of his nipples. My lips then moved down to his abs while my hands unbuckled his belt.

Then, I heard the dryer go off. My whites were dry, so I gathered all my white clothes and put them into one of my empty baskets. I checked on my bright and dark clothes; both were done after the spin cycle. I took out all my dark clothes from one washer and put them into an available dryer, same thing with my bright clothes. After that, I got back to business with John. I kissed and licked his frontal body as I unbuttoned the fly of his denim shorts. His bulge was hardening against my fingertips after unbuttoning his fly.

I sat myself up on the folding table as John took his time taking off my jeans. Once my jeans were off, he noticed the wet spot on the crotch of my panties. John slowly pushed aside my panties. I gasped as he delivered the first lick to my woman lips. I held his head in place as he licked and tasted my feminine juices. While he tasted me down there, John began stroking his cock in his boxers. I became wetter by the second as my juices gradually leaked onto his mouth and tongue. My moans and groans were increasingly getting louder and harder. After I came into his mouth, John got up and kissed my lips once more. He joined me on to the folding table and laid down on there. I climbed on top of him with my womanhood facing his mouth. We were in a 69 position; John started licking my pussy while I started sucking on his cock. John took off my panties as we mutually pleasured each other on the folding table. I felt his hands going up and down my back as I sucked him down there.

Several minutes later, we moved on to the top of a running washing machine. John got out a condom from his jean pocket; he properly put it onto his cock and slowly slipped his cock into my pussy. I gasped at the first thrust he made. He held me in his arms as he slid in and out of my pussy. The combination of us and the washing machine made it very hot; our combined moans and groans made the encounter even hotter. It felt so good when my sugar walls were squeezing his cock with each thrust. We then moved on to this cart with wheels on the bottom. John went in first as he took my hand. I joined him as I slowly guided my pussy onto his cock. I was on top of him as I rode him. My hands held on to the cart tightly so I wouldn’t lose my grip; John never lost his hold on my body as I bounced on his cock up and down, harder and a little faster. Five minutes later, we had reached climax and we simultaneously came in each other’s arms.

After that, we had one last passionate kiss. Then, the washer with John’s clothes went off and we got out of the cart. John got his clothes out of the washer and put them into the dryer. Sure our clothes were clean but John and I were sweaty and dirty in a good way.

“After the laundry’s done, we can go to my place and take a good, hot shower together.” I suggested to John.

“Sounds like a good idea.” John said to me with a dimpled smile on his face as I kissed his lips.


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