Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preview: Stephanie's Longing-John Cena visual

Stephanie had someone special on her mind: her boyfriend John. She really missed him because John along with the other WWE wrestlers had been going on tour over in Europe. She and John had been chatting online back and forth. She was at home in her bedroom on her laptop, checking her e-mail and chatting with her friends online. As she was checking her e-mail, an IM popped up on her screen. Stephanie gasped as she opened the window and sees the message.

It said: “Hi Steph! I miss u!”

Stephanie smiled back as she said, “Hi John! I miss u too so much! So how’s the Europe tour going?”

“Tour’s going great. I’ve been thinking about you while I was there.” John typed back.

Stephanie said, “I wish that you were here with me. I’ve been thinking about you too, John.”

“Yeah, I thought of holding you tight and kissing you.” John said.

Stephanie sighed as she typed, “Are u on a laptop or a computer?”

“I’m on a laptop.” John typed.

“Does it have a webcam?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah.” John said.

Stephanie smiled as she had an idea. She went and invited him to view her webcam. She plugged in her mike so she can speak to him on it. John accepted the invite and Stephanie started speaking.

“So where are you guys now?” Stephanie spoke into her mike.

“We’re in Madrid.” John said.

“Is that in Spain?” Stephanie asked him.

“Yes. Si, senorita.” John replied as he smiled.

“Ohhhh, my man learned to speak Spanish.” Stephanie said happily.

John smiled as he typed LOL. Stephanie giggled as she said, “So are you going to tell me what you brought me?”

“I want it to be a surprise.” John said as he smiled at her.

“Awwww, that’s so sweet. John, I really wish I was in your arms, baby…Are you in a hotel room?” Stephanie said.

“Yeah, I’m in a hotel room.” John replied.

“Are u alone?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, the others went out sightseeing. Even though I’m alone, I am thinking and dreaming about you.” John said to her.

Stephanie smiled as she spoke, “Baby as much as I wanna continue talking to you, I gotta get to work but as soon as I get home, I’ll be back online all night.”

“Ok, I’ll ttyl baby.” John said.

“Alright, I’ll talk to you soon. Baby…be careful…I love you.” Stephanie said as she typed “xoxoxo”.

“Get home safely, babe.” Stephanie added.

“I’ll get home safe.” John said.

“Please do, baby. …I’ll be thinking of you always.” Stephanie said as she smiled and blew a kiss as she logged off, shutting off her laptop to leave for work.

John then blew her an air kiss before logging off. Stephanie went and she put her laptop away and grabbed her car keys and purse before heading off the door for work.

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