Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preview: Poison (Randy Meets The Viperess)-Randy Orton visual/song fic

It had been a long and busy week for me at work. It was Friday and I was ready to cut loose. I came home from my 9-5 business office job and got myself ready to go out. After taking off my work attire, I fixed myself a nice, hot bubble bath. I lit a few candles, poured some lavender vanilla bath beads in the water, took off my white satin robe, got into the tub, and I bathed.

Several minutes later, I gathered my outfit and accessories on the bed. I moisturized my entire womanly body with a sweet-smelling body and smooth my skin with lotion. After that, I slipped on my black satin strapless bra and matching satin panties. I sprayed on two perfumes on my body: Hypnotic Poison and Naughty Thoughts. I even picked out my shoes to wear for that night. I brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouthwash. Once the perfume dried and the oil/lotion mixture set in, I was ready to get dressed. I first put on my black satin underwire bra with matching satin panties. Then, I put on a maroon snake print dress followed by a pair of black velvet heels with red snake print cross straps and studded ankle cuffs. I already had my fingers and toes painted red and the heels showed off my lovely pedicure. I put on a rhinestone snake armband on my left arm, a silver angel wing necklace on my neck, and a diamond heart anklet on my right ankle.

I added the sexiest red lipstick to my lips and black waterproof mascara to my eyes. My short, black hair was down with big, tight curls. I slipped on black lace fingerless gloves on my hands and put a black leather knee-length jacket with black lace trim. I got my purse and keys and stepped out. In the morning, I’m this sweet, nice young woman but at night I’m this sexual, confident, flirtatious goddess who calls herself The Viperess.

I went to Club Rush that night, the club was very alive with upbeat music, people dancing and talking, and drinks at the bar were pouring. I stepped out onto the dance floor and just danced to the music. At night, I like to have fun, socialize, and look sexy. An hour or two later, I was still dancing on the dance floor. While I was dancing, I noticed this tall, sexy, built guy from across the room. He had blue eyes, tattoo-sleeved strong arms, and a shaved head. I kept my cool and I approached making the first move. I softly touched his arms as I asked him, “Would you like to dance with me?”

“Let’s dance.” He said as I took his hand and led to the dance floor.

“On The Hotline” by Pretty Ricky was playing and we were slowly grinding on each other. “You’re hot.” I said to his ear.

“Thanks. So are you. My name’s Randy. What’s your name?” He said to me.

“I’m Jana. Remember it because you’ll be screaming it later.” I whispered into his ear before softly licking both of his ears.

“What’s that perfume you’re wearing? It smells so sexy on you.” Randy said

“Hypnotic Poison with a hint of Naughty Thoughts.” I replied.

As we danced, my hands were going up and down his clothed body. I wondered how his body would feel like when’s he naked. The song was over and I took Randy to the women’s restroom. We stepped into one of the stalls, I locked it, and I started passionately kissing his lips.

[Verse 1:]
Got venom dripping from my lips
Know who you're about to kiss
Think that you can handle it, boy, it's on
Just step into the danger zone
Shake it if you wanna roll, never bend,
Just take control, stakes are on

So sick, ill-equipped, gonna stick to a stick
I don't think that I can stop this
Pick it up, let it drop, be my cup, stir it up
Oh no, I'll never stop

My hands then went under his gray t-shirt and began caressing his body while I kissed him. His body felt ripped under my hands and fingers. I then started kissing his neck and the tremble of his moans turned me on. I lifted the shirt from his body and planted kisses on his chest and his abs. One of his hands ran through my black hair as I kissed him some more.

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