Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lust in The Islands-a John Cena/Randy Orton visual/fan fic PART TWO

After meeting John and Randy on the beach, Rosy and I went gathered our things
and went to our hotel room. We were so excited about the date; we already got started
piecing together outfits and accessories right away. We got our date outfits assembled and started deciding on which fragrance to wear with our outfits. We laid our outfits flat on our beds

“So what are you going to wear for our double date?” I asked Rosy.

“I’m gonna wear my purple striped sweater with my animal print mini skirt. Under my sweater, I’ll wear my deep purple t-shirt with the cut up back. For shoes, I’m going to wear my black lace-up high heeled boots. My accessories are my rhinestone skull and crossbones necklace and I’m also going to wear this rhinestone anklet.” Rosy said to me.

“Hey, great outfit, but you forgot undies!” I happily reminded her.

“Oh, thanks for reminding me. For my unmentionables, I will wear my purple satin and lace bra with matching panties. And for my main fragrance, I’m wearing Caribbean Cooler.” Rosy said.

“That’s really great, Rosy. Wanna hear about my date outfit?” I said.

“I would love to hear about what you’re going to wear for the double date.” Rosy replied happily.

“Okay, Rosie. I’m going to wear my one shoulder olive green snake print mini dress, my rhinestone winged heart necklace, a rhinestone snake arm bracelet, and a pair of black lace booties. Underneath, I’ll be wearing my black strapless push-up bra and black thong panties. “

“That’s so sexy! So what fragrance are you going to wear?” Rosy said to me.

“I’m going to wear Secret Obsession. How about you?” I asked Rosy.

“Since we’re in Nassau, I’m going to wear my Caribbean Cupcake perfume.” Rosy replied with a smile.

Once we got our outfits ready, we showered and fixed our hair. We were all ready for our date as soon as the guys arrived at our hotel door.

“Hi!” We said to them in unison.

“Wow, you ladies look so lovely.” John said to us.

“Thanks.” Rosy said to John.

“Hope you like these lovely flowers.” Randy said to us as he and John gave us the bouquets of tropical flowers mixed with pink roses.

“Oooh, they’re beautiful! We love them! Thanks!” I happily said to them.

The four of us stepped out of the hotel and went to this vibrant seafood restaurant. We sat down at a booth were all talking while looking at the menu. Few minutes later, we ordered our food. We talked some more as the guys were flirting with us, especially Randy who couldn’t take his blue eyes off of me or my jewelry. John was just smiling at Rosy and touching her face.

“I couldn’t help but notice how lovely your jewelry is, especially on you.” Randy said to me as he looked into my brown eyes.

While we all ate dinner, Rosy and I felt something against us under the table. What we felt was John and Randy’s hands feeling up on our thighs. Their touches were turning us on in a heartbeat. With that sudden flirtation, Rosy and I touched their upper thighs under the table in return. We were feeling them as they were feeling us. After having dinner and dessert, the four us went back to the hotel. Rosy and I had a great time with John and Randy that night. We looked forward to seeing more of them during our vacation. Rosy and John wanted to spend some alone time in our room while Randy and I went to their room, which was on the fifth floor. As soon as Randy and I went into the room, we sat ourselves down on the loveseat in the living room.

“That was a really great date, Randy. I had a great time.” I said to him.

“Me too. You looked so beautiful tonight, especially in that dress.” Randy replied.

“Thanks.” I said as I blushed at his compliment.

We looked into each other’s eyes as he put my legs and feet up on the loveseat. Randy then took off both of my shoes. I felt his hand going up my right thigh while his eyes never lose focus on me. I shivered at the feel of his touch, I thought I was going to melt. Things got even hotter when Randy took my hand and kissed it. He then kissed up from my hand up to my exposed shoulder. Next, he began smelling on my neck while one of his hands ran through my shoulder-length black hair.

“Your perfume smells so sexy. What is it?” Randy asked me.

“Secret Obsession.” I said to him.

He smiled as he said to me, “That’s kinda funny, I’m wearing Obsession myself, only it’s Obsession Night.”

“Wow, what a coincidence.” I said happily as I leaned in close and smelled his scent. I smelled him and it was like an orgasm to my nose.

Meanwhile, John and Rosy were in me and Rosy’s hotel room. They were making out while John was complimenting Rosy. He admired every inch of her as he looked into her eyes. They, too, enjoyed each other’s company that night. Rosy even gasped when John ran his hands under her shirt while they were passionately kissing each other’s lips.

An hour later, Randy and I said our goodnights when I left he and John’s room. He was nice enough to even walk with me to the room. Once we got there and I opened the door with my hotel key card, John and Rosy stepped out in the hall while in extended make out mode. They were kissing while Rosy was wrapped in John’s muscular arms.

“Excuse me!” I lightly shouted when they let go of each other.

“Oh, sorry about that. John and I were about to say goodnight.” Rosy said as she gave John a goodnight hug.

“We’ll see you tomorrow, ladies.” John said as he and Randy left to their room.

“Ok, goodnight.” Rosy said as I stepped into our hotel suite.

Once we were inside the room, Rosy and I gushed and were ready to talk. We were both so excited and aroused at the same time. We went into our double bedroom and started exchanging encounters.

“So how was the alone time with John?” I asked Rosy while I put my shoes down on the floor.

“Oh, it was hot. We started off talking and then we touched each other’s bodies. I got turned on a heartbeat when John lifted my shirt and softly kissed my lower back. I got the chills from that.” Rosy gushed.

“Wow, he kissed your weak spot! I’m sure that was hot!” I exclaimed excitedly.

“Yeah it was! So how was your alone time with Randy?” Rosy asked me.

“Ooh, I thought I was going melt when Randy touched me. I got the chills when he touched up my legs, took off my shoes, and kissed my shoulder and hand.” I said to Rosy happily.

“I look forward to having Randy touch and kiss me everywhere.” I said as I changed into my satin gown.

“Yeah, same with me and John.” Rosy said as we both turned in for the night.

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