Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nursing Him Back to Health-Randy Orton visual

Randy had been ambushed by the Nexus after the match. Nurse Rosy and EMT Jana came to the arena and put Randy’s ripped 245lb. body onto the stretcher. Once they got him onto to the stretcher, Nurse Rosy cranked up the ambulance. Jana stayed in the back, making sure Randy’s gaining consciousness.

“Randy, how many fingers am I holding up?” Jana asked as held up four fingers from her hand.

“Four.” He groaned as he was in pain. The Nexus had really put a beating on him. The ambulance stopped at the hospital and Rosy joined in on the action.

“How is he?” Rosy asked Jana.

“The patient’s a little bruised and sore, but he’s conscious.” She said to her.

“What should we do?” Rosy asked.

“I say we administer a very special massage on his body with some special massage oil.” Jana replied.

“What kind of oil are we going to use?” Rosy asked her.

Jana got out some bottles of warming oil from her EMT bag and showed them to Rosy. The first bottle she took out was a bottle of edible strawberry scented massage oil.

“Randy, we’re going to give you a special massage so your body can feel all better.” Jana said to him.

She poured some oil onto his abs and chest. With her touch, Randy felt the oil heat up on his body. Rosy then took a bottle of vanilla massage oil and rubbed it on his legs. Once the oil was rubbed, they licked and blew on his skin, which the made oils heat up on his skin. Randy felt really relaxed as Rosy and Jana continued massaging his body. His moans were telling them that he’s feeling very relaxed. The combinations of their hands and the warming oils made the soreness go away. Rosy then lowered one of her hands into his wrestling shorts, waking up his velvet viper.

“Feeling better, Randy?” Jana asked him as she rubbed up and down his body.

“I’m feeling better by the minute. This feels so good.” Randy replied as he was about to turn over onto his stomach.

With Randy on his stomach on the stretcher, Rosy then took off his shoes while Jana got out a bottle of honey butter-flavored warming massage lotion. Jana poured some of the massage lotion directly on the back of his neck and down his spine. She rubbed the lotion on him and it warmed up with her touch. As she rubbed, Rosy licked and blew up and down his back, making it hotter. Rosy and Jana heard his moans as they relaxed him. Jana added more massage lotion to his tattooed arms, shoulders, and poured some onto his firm backside. She then kissed one side of Randy’s neck. After that, Jana and Rosy got up, looked at each other, and had a private huddle.

“What do we do now?” Rosy asked Jana.

“I say we give him the recovery treatment.” Jana replied.

“Is he getting better?” Rosy asked.

“Let’s see.” Jana said as they both walked up to Randy.

“How are you feeling, Randy?” Jana asked him as he slowly awakened.

He opened his eyes slightly, slowly got up from the stretcher, and looked at both women. Rosy and Jana were already turned on by the sight of his fit, naked body.

He then said to them, “I’m feeling a little better now, but I’m still kind of sore. Is there anything you can recommend?”

“Since I’m an EMT and Rosy is a nurse, I think we have something in mind to help you recover.” Jana said as she walked up to him and kissed his lips.

Jana continued to kiss his lips as she sat him down on the stretcher. Her hands started touching his fit, sweaty body. She then stepped aside, offering Rosy a turn. Rosy moved in closed and kissed his lips. She even got a chance to touch his body and his erection; that alone made her wet between her thighs. Randy then kissed Jana’s lips again. While they kissed, Jana unzipped her EMT jacket and unbuttoned her blue EMT shirt. Randy then looked at her from top to bottom.

“You’re very hot for an EMT.” He said to Jana.

“You’re making me blush, Randy.” Jana grinned as she replied.

Randy then returned Jana’s kiss on her lips. While they kissed, Randy wrapped his strong, tattooed arms around her waist. Jana took off her jacket and her shirt, letting them fall to the floor. Rosy stood behind Randy caressing up and down his back with both of her hands. Randy reached up to Jana’s back and carefully unhooked her bra. Jana gasped as Randy sucked on her breasts. Jana unzipped and unbuttoned her black jeans and slipped one of her hands down her panties. She touched herself while Randy kissed down her body. He then helped Jana out of her jeans. Once they joined the rest of her clothes on the floor, Randy noticed Jana playing with herself. She was done and then offered Randy a taste of her juices from her fingers that were inside her. After getting a sample, Randy then slowly took off her panties, laid down on his back, and began tasting her pussy. Jana loudly moaned and groaned as he tasted her down there. She caressed and played with her own body while she sat on his face. Rosy, on the other hand, began taking off her nurse’s uniform and started licking Randy’s body.

Rosy licked his abs, chest, and arms while Randy tasted Jana’s honey pot. While all this happened, Rosy started stroking his velvet viper with one of her hands. Jana’s juices gradually leaked on to his mouth. Rosy replaced her hand with her mouth on to his cock. Rosy and Jana’s hands horizontally stroked Randy’s body as they were being pleasured. They both heard Randy’s deep moans as both ladies were equally satisfied. After she sucked him, Rosy took out a condom from a special first-aid box, opened it, and properly slipped it onto his already hardened cock. Rosy took off her panties and slowly guided her pussy into his cock.

Rosy gasped a bit when her sugar walls squeezed his cock. She ground her hips, feeling his cock gong in and out of her pussy. Randy’s hands held on to Jana’s hips as he licked her pussy some more. Jana then came on his mouth as she had an orgasm. She then got up to take a breather. She watched as Rosy got herself a turn being pleasured by Randy. Randy got up, wrapped his arms around Rosy’s waist, and went deep inside her womanhood. He held her close to his body as she rode him. Jana watched as she got turned on, seeing Randy pleasuring Rosy.

Rosy came in Randy’s strong, tattooed arms as she had one last lust-filled gasp. She got off his lap and whispered to Jana, “He’s ready for you.”

Jana walked up to Randy as he deeply kissed her lips. With the same intact condom on his hardened cock, he held on to her and deeply entered her pussy. Jana wrapped her legs around his waist as his cock slid in and out of her womanhood. Randy kissed her lips along with the rest of her body, creating a sexual friction between the two. Several minutes later, he brought her to orgasm as he kissed both sides of her neck. After sitting her down, he kissed her lips once again.

“Looks like you’re all better, Randy.” She said to him.

“I’m much better now. Thanks, ladies. You two can heal me anytime.” Randy said as he kissed both Rosy and Jana on the cheek.

“Glad we can help.” Rosy said to him.


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