Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lust in The Islands-a John Cena/Randy Orton visual/fan fic PART TWO preview

Chapter Two-Double Date

After meeting John and Randy on the beach, Rosy and I went gathered our things
and went to our hotel room. We were so excited about the date; we already got started
piecing together outfits and accessories right away. We got our date outfits assembled and started deciding on which fragrance to wear with our outfits. We laid our outfits flat on our beds

“So what are you going to wear for our double date?” I asked Rosy.

“I’m gonna wear my purple striped sweater with my animal print mini skirt. Under my sweater, I’ll wear my deep purple t-shirt with the cut up back. For shoes, I’m going to wear my black lace-up high heeled boots. My accessories are my rhinestone skull and crossbones necklace and I’m also going to wear this rhinestone anklet.” Rosy said to me.

“Hey, great outfit, but you forgot undies!” I happily reminded her.

“Oh, thanks for reminding me. For my unmentionables, I will wear my purple satin and lace bra with matching panties. And for my main fragrance, I’m wearing Caribbean Cooler.” Rosy said.

“That’s really great, Rosy. Wanna hear about my date outfit?” I said.

“I would love to hear about what you’re going to wear for the double date.” Rosy replied happily.

“Okay, Rosie. I’m going to wear my one shoulder olive green snake print mini dress, my rhinestone winged heart necklace, a rhinestone snake arm bracelet, and a pair of black lace booties. Underneath, I’ll be wearing my black strapless push-up bra and black thong panties. “

“That’s so sexy! So what fragrance are you going to wear?” Rosy said to me.

“I’m going to wear Secret Obsession. How about you?” I asked Rosy.

“Since we’re in Nassau, I’m going to wear my Caribbean Cupcake perfume.” Rosy replied with a smile.

Once we got our outfits ready, we showered and fixed our hair. We were all ready for our date as soon as the guys arrived at our hotel door.

“Hi!” We said to them in unison.

“Wow, you ladies look so lovely.” John said to us.

“Thanks.” Rosy said to John.

“Hope you like these lovely flowers.” Randy said to us as he and John gave us the bouquets of tropical flowers mixed with pink roses.

“Oooh, they’re beautiful! We love them! Thanks!” I happily said to them.

The four of us stepped out of the hotel and went to this vibrant seafood restaurant. We sat down at a booth were all talking while looking at the menu. Few minutes later, we ordered our food. We talked some more as the guys were flirting with us, especially Randy who couldn’t take his blue eyes off of me or my jewelry.

“I couldn’t help but notice how lovely your jewelry is, especially on you.” Randy said to me as he looked into my brown eyes.

While we all ate dinner, Rosy and I felt something against us under the table. What we felt was John and Randy’s hands feeling up on our thighs. Their touches were turning us on in a heartbeat.

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