Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stephanie Unleashes Her Inner Bad Girl-John Cena visual

Stephanie was in John’s locker room after watching him defeat a member of Nexus, which is Justin Gabriel as she remembered earlier when he tried to hit on her backstage before his match with John. But she laughed it off.

“I’m so excited about tonight.” John said to her.

Stephanie giggled as she smiled, “I know. I watched you, John.”

John then lifted her in his arms as he hugged her. Stephanie smiled as hugged him back and said, “You did great tonight, John.”

He smiled as he kissed her lips. Stephanie smiled as she kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck as she giggled.

“What’s gotten into you?” Stephanie asked John.

“I’m just really happy that I beat Justin Gabriel.” He replied.

John kissed her again as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Stephanie kissed him back as she gasped a bit and said, “Um is this really happening?”

He said, “Yes it is.”

Stephanie spoke, “I mean I just made my debut at RAW tonight and…now…this…wow.”

“Stephanie…” John whispered.

“I’m so happy for you, Steph.” He added.

Stephanie kissed him back as she spoke “And you still have your spot on the Night of Champions.”

“This is great for both of us.” John said.

“Well other than winning my match tonight, I’d say that I’m getting lucky tonight.” Stephanie spoke.

“So am I.” John replied as he stroked her black hair.

Stephanie looked up at him and said, “John, don’t you think this is wrong? The reason I asked is because you’re still legally married to your wife.”

“My wife and I been having problems and we’re going through a trial separation.” John explained to her.

“I’m so sorry to hear about that, John. But I really don’t want to come between you and your wife. You’re a really great guy and I really like you, I just don’t want to be the other woman.” Stephanie said to him.

“I really like you too, Stephanie. I like that you’re always for there for me. We don’t have to rush into anything.” John responded.

“I agree. We should slow it down. That way, it won’t complicate things between us.” Stephanie said.

After they hugged and said their goodbyes, Stephanie left John’s locker room. This thing between her and John was about to get complicated. Over a couple of days, she was in a dilemma. Her good girl side wanted her to not to take advantage of John because he was legally married to his wife even though they’re on the verge of separation and also be his friend. But her bad girl side thought otherwise, saying how she had always wanted him and wanted to feel his hands and lips all over her body. She wanted to have him but couldn’t. Her mind was saying no way, but her hormones and her body all say go for it.

One day, Stephanie went to John’s locker room and John let her in. He, too, was going through the same dilemma as Stephanie. He wanted Stephanie badly, but he was in the middle of his marriage separation. “What should I do?” Stephanie asked herself while her back was turned.

“Stephanie…” John said to her.

“Yeah John?” Stephanie said as she listened.

“About today…I had the same dilemma. I’ve wanted you but I couldn’t have you being that I’m still married and all.” John said to her.

Stephanie nodded as she listened, continuing to let him talk. “You’re a great girl and all, but I just want till my marriage is completely over.” John said.

He then walked up close and hugged her. Stephanie felt his arms wrapped around her and her wicked bad girl side wanted her to make the first move. After the hug, John looked into her dark-brown, almond-shaped eyes. “It’s just so hard not to think of you.” John added.

“Oh you have no idea how badly I thought of you.” Stephanie thought in her mind.

“John…I…” Stephanie tried to speak as he looked into his piercing blue eyes.

“You can tell me anything.” John said to her.

Just as she was about to say something, John’s cell phone rang. “Excuse me, Stephanie.”

“He’s probably talking to that bitch of a soon-to-be-ex-wife.” Stephanie thought to herself.

Stephanie then walked up to him and took his cell from his hand. Before John could say anything, she said to the wife on the phone, “John’s not available right now…” She said it with a grin on her face.

“In fact, he won’t be available for you anymore, Mrs. Cena.” Stephanie added as she hung up, tossed the phone, and gave John a steamy kiss on the lips.

As she continued to kiss him, John then wrapped his arms around her waist. She kissed him some more as he caressed her body with his hands. Stephanie grinned as she pulled back and then took the phone. She even took some pictures and then sent them to his wife. John was so in the moment, he didn’t even hear or see the camera on his phone click. Stephanie gave him a very passionate kiss as she went and took off his shirt, making traces of kisses on his chest. She wanted every hot inch of him, his body, and his hardening erection.

Stephanie leaned in and brazenly whispered, “Does the missus satisfy you like this, Mr. Cena?”

“I’ve never had anything so spontaneous and yet so hot before.” John said to her.

Stephanie looked at him and asked him, “Am I sexier and hotter than her?”

“Oh hell yeah, Stephanie.” John replied.

“What else?” Stephanie asked him as she leaned in and nibbled on his earlobe.

“I want you so badly, Stephanie. I just wanna take you anytime, anywhere.” John replied.

Stephanie grinned as she unzipped her black silk dress for him and said, “Yeah? You want me? You want me?”

“Yes yes God yes, I want you. I can never think of taking you without getting hard.” John loudly moaned.

Stephanie grinned a bit as she went and slipped off her dress for him. John then kissed her neck with his lips. She gasped a bit as she moaned and put her hands toward his belt. She went and undid his belt to take off his jean shorts.

John’s hands moved up and down her body. “I want to kiss you all over your body.” John said.

Stephanie moaned as she spoke, “Yes yes do it, Mr. Cena…show me.”

John leaned her against the wall while his lips made a trail from her lips to her breasts to her stomach.

Stephanie softly sighed as she closed her eyes and spoke, “So does John Cena like bad girls now?”

“I really like you, both good and bad.” John smiled as he spoke.

“Well, I prefer my bad girl side.” Stephanie said as she grinned.

“Tell me more.” Stephanie moaned as she spoke.

“I love the feel of your hair, dark and soft between your fingers. I also love how turned on you are when you approached me today.” John said.

Stephanie grinned as she put her hands on his chest as she rubbed up and down on it.

“I love it when you touch me.” She sighed.

“I don’t mind that at all.” John said to her.

Stephanie grinned as she said, “Hmmm good because ….”

She then pulled down his jean shorts and then his boxers. She traced kisses on his abs down towards his cock. She grinned as she then put her hands on his growing cock.

“Mmmmm…..mmmmm Stephanie.” John moaned.

She then put it in her mouth and stroked it at the same time. “Mmmmmm” John loudly moaned.

“You like that?” Stephanie asked him.

“Mmmmm yeah. I love it!” He moaned.

“I want you, John.” Stephanie spoke.

“I want you too, Stephanie.” John said to her as she got up and kissed his lips deeply and passionately.

“Show me, Mr. Cena…. Right here, right now.” Stephanie spoke.

“I’ve waited a good while for you to say it.” John replied.

He placed his mouth onto her womanhood and tasted her there. “Oh Cena.” Stephanie gasped a bit.

He tasted her like a butterfly to a flower’s nectar. “You taste so sweet and so warm” John said to her.

Stephanie gasped a bit as she loudly moaned, “Oh yes yes, Cena.”

She then softly spoke as she gasped more, “I want…I want your cock in me now, Cena.”

“With pleasure.” John said as he slid on a condom on to his cock and slid it into Stephanie’s pussy. Stephanie gasped as she moaned, “Oh Cena.”

“Stephanie…”John moaned.

Stephanie moaned loudly as she was starting to come, “ohhh Cena…ohhh.”

“How good is it?” John asked her.

“Soooo good, Cena” Stephanie moaned in response with pleasure.

John deeply kissed her lips. Stephanie kissed him back deeply as she felt him going in and out of her. He held her tight as he moved in and out of her deeper and harder.

“Ohhhh, harder, faster, Cena.” Stephanie loudly moaned.

John moved a little harder and faster as he couldn’t get enough of her. Stephanie spoke, “Ohhhh Cena…I think I’m gonna…ohhhh yes!”

“Let it all out.” John urged.

Stephanie moaned some more, “oh….I think I’m gonna come….oh yes yes! Yesssss!”

John deeply moaned in her ear as she came in him. She gasped for breath as she collapsed in his arms. John passionately kissed her lips as their bodies rested.

“I don’t regret it.” John said to her.

“Neither do I. I don’t know what came over me, I mean as soon as I heard your cell phone ringing... I…...” Stephanie replied.

“It’s ok, Stephanie. I kinda like this side of you which I’ve never seen before.” John said as he smiled.

“Really?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, you should do this more often. Jump on me and have your way with me.” He added.

Stephanie giggled as she said, “Well, I was listening to my consciences.”

“I’m already ready to sign divorce papers.” John said.

“Are you serious?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes, you have more to offer than she does. Besides the great sex, I really care for you.” He said.

“I really care about you too, John.” Stephanie replied as she smiled and hugged him tightly.

“This is really a dream come true.” Stephanie said.

“Yeah it is.” John replied.


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