Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Randy Returns the Favor-Randy Orton visual

(A follow-up to my visual, Randy's Angel of Mercy)

It had been four months since Randy’s dislocated shoulder had healed, but it was the best four months of my life. Randy recovered in my house, mostly in my bedroom. I kept him company, talked, and ate with him. He had been pleasant company for me, especially on the sexual side. We’ve had sex in the kitchen, living room, dining room, standing up, sitting down, on the floor, etc. For someone like Randy to be this good with his shoulder in a sling, he does it so well. He was also pleasant company when I have friends and family over at my house. Randy even told me that being bed in me felt like heaven. The sex was beyond good, it was so good I stocked up on condoms, lubricant, and massage oil all within a month.

Other than damn good sex, he’s also a good listener and loved to hear me talk about anything. He also liked to help me with anything, especially around the house.

If I have to describe Randy in one sentence using Britney Spears song titles, it would be like this: Randy is like the “perfect lover” who knows how to “gimme more” and makes me want to say “ooh ooh baby” whenever he’s around.

I was at home and I watched Randy wrestled in the ring on TV. He’s so dangerous in the ring, but he was so hot when he entered the ring. He did so damn good like he was better than ever. I cheered for him when he won. I thought of him at work and even when I’m home alone. And when I’m home alone thinking of him, I touch myself whether I’m in bed or in the shower/tub. I even had a few fantasies of Randy, for example I had this fantasy where I was in the locker room in my nurse’s uniform about to leave work for the night when I saw Randy coming out of the shower room. He was naked with only a towel around his waist. He was so happy to see me and I was happy to see him; he carried me in his arms and kissed my lips. Once we were in the shower room, he dropped the towel and we had sex; him naked and me in my nurse’s uniform. He even took his time orally pleasuring my pussy. We had sex in the shower room, by the lockers, and even had sex in the physical therapy room.

Fantasies aside, Randy and I have been keeping in touch, despite our busy schedules. The next day, I had a long day of work at the hospital and then Randy called me on my lunch break. He not only wanted to call me, he also wanted to take me out on a date once I get off from work. I accepted his invitation and got my outfit together as soon as I got home from work. I quickly took a shower, sprayed some perfume and got myself ready. I wore a white long sleeved t-shirt, a pink lace-up strapped corset, a white banded mini skirt, white fence net pantyhose with lace boy short top and white leather buckle boots with four inch heels. I opened the door and there was Randy with flowers in his hand.

“Randy, I’m so glad to see you again.” I happily said to him as I let him in the house.

Randy then gave me a hug as he wrapped his arms around me. “I’m so happy to see you, too. These are for you. By the way, you look very stunning tonight.” He said to me with a smile as he gave me the flowers.

“I love the flowers. Thanks, Randy. Ready to go?” I said to him as placed the flowers in a vase with fresh water.

We first went to dinner at a seafood restaurant and then we went dancing at a club. As we had slow danced, our hands couldn’t stop touching each other’s bodies. We felt our bodies heat up with every touch. After all that, we went back to my place. We were in the living room when suddenly Randy pulled my body close to his and deeply kissed my lips. While we kissed, I placed my hands on his shoulders as gently pulled myself from him.

“Where did that come from?” I smiled as I asked Randy.

“Think of this as me thanking you for my recovery.” Randy said as he smiled at me before he resumed kissing my lips.

“In that case, you’re welcome.” I said as I kissed him back.

Suddenly, he carried me into his arms and we continued to kiss. We had arrived in my bedroom as Randy laid me down on top of my bed. He looked into my dark brown eyes and said to me, “Let me administer you some tender loving care, Jana.”

I smiled at him and replied, “Please do.”

He deeply kissed my lips as his hands unzipped and unbuckled my boots. My hands went under his shirt as we kissed. He then unhooked my pink corset as it joined my boots on to the floor. Then, I went and took his shirt off. To me, his body was like a sculpted work of art with inked sleeves.

“Randy, your body’s such a work of art that I want to feel with my hands.” I said to him.

“You have a very sexy body yourself, especially when you wore that outfit tonight.” He said as he took off my white long-sleeved shirt.

I sighed and moaned with each caress his hands delivered. I moaned even more with his kisses, especially he kissed my lips and my neck. I was then in my purple satin bra and panties with black lace and my white pantyhose. He carefully took off my pantyhose from my hips all the way down to my feet. Randy kissed my ankles and the tops of my feet. I got myself turned on by the minute as I arched my back and unhooked my bra from the back. I didn’t mind him telling how beautiful and sexy I am while he kissed and licked my breasts. His caresses made me hot, but combining them with his kisses, licks, and sexy sweet talk made me even hotter. As he kissed and licked my body, Randy then took off his jeans and began awakening the velvet viper between his legs. He slowly took off my panties and I was completely naked. His cock became increasingly hard at the sight of my naked body.

“You’re even sexier naked.” Randy said as he looked into my eyes.

I smiled at him and his compliment before I touched his abs. I watched as he sat on the bed and stroked his cock. The sight of Randy getting his cock hard made me really hot. As he stroked on and on, he put his mouth to good use and started tasting my pussy. I felt myself get wetter by the second with every lick his tongue delivered. He then got up, sat beside me, and moved his fingers in and out of my pussy while kissing my lips. My pussy was slick with my juices as Randy took off his boxer shorts. Along with his tattoos, Randy’s naked body was quite an orgasm to my eyes. He laid himself down on my bed as he was ready for me. I offered him a condom from my nightstand. I watched as he slipped it on to his hard cock.

“I’m ready, baby.” He said to me with a smirk.

I slowly guided my pussy onto his cock. Slowly, he filled me inch by inch as I got on top of him. I gasped for a bit, slowly rode him, and his hands held on to my hips. I moaned at the feel of his hands rubbing up and down my womanly body. With every bounce on his cock, my moans turned into loud cries of ecstatic desire.

“Jana, my cock is yours! I love it when you ride me!” Randy loudly moaned.

I rode him deeper, a little harder, and a little faster. My hands roamed all over his chest and his abs. I loudly moaned and groaned, “Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, oh God, I’m coming!”

“Come for me!” Randy groaned.

As we had reached climax, my body quivered and shuddered while my pussy squeezed his cock tight. My orgasms echoed through the bedroom walls as Randy pulled my body close to his. We climaxed together while our bodies were coated with liquid lust and perspired with the combined scent of our pheromones. My body laid on top of his as he then passionately kissed my lips. His hard body meshed with my soft, curvy body.

“Jana, you felt so good in my hands and on my mouth. You’re so hot for a nurse.” Randy said to me as he stroked my hair.

“Oh Randy, I really, really like you. Having you with me was the best four months of my life. Plus, you’re really great in bed.” I replied with a smile on my face.

As both a woman and a nurse, I liked that Randy recovered from surgery in my house and I made him feel better in more ways than one.


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