Thursday, September 16, 2010

PREVIEW: Rescued-John Cena visual

John was physically sore after his main event match with Randy Orton. Stephanie was walking down the hallway as she was headed back to the Divas locker room.

“Steph…” John called her name.

Stephanie turned around and sees John walking as she spoke, “John…oh my gosh…are you alright?”

“Fine, just my neck is sore.” John replied.

Stephanie smiled and said, “Let me guess, you got RKO’d?”

“Yeah and that always hurts no matter who Randy goes against in the ring.” John replied.

“Alright let me see what I can do. Come on we’ll go in your locker room.” Stephanie said as she put his arm around her as he walked with her.

They went into his locker room and sat on his couch. Stephanie then began massaging his sore neck. She was very good with her hands. John was feeling relaxed by the minute.

“Mmmm…” John moaned.

“Is that better?” Stephanie asked while she continued massaging.

“You have such lovely hands and you’re so good with them.” John said to her.

“Well, I do try to take good care of them. Also, I have had experience with massaging people.” Stephanie responded to his compliment.

With one hand, he softly touched hers. He should be relaxing, but her touch just felt so good to him. Stephanie then finished the massage and said, “Alright, you’re good to go.”

“That felt really good. Thanks so much, Stephanie.” John said to her as he kissed her cheek.

Stephanie smiled and blushed a bit as she said, “What was that for?”

“That’s for making me feel relaxed.” John said to her with a smile.

“Well, I was just happy to help.” Stephanie said as they both got up.

John then softly kissed her lips and then Stephanie said, “Um…wow.”

“Are you okay?” John asked her.

“Um yeah… I’m fine.” Stephanie said as she stuttered a bit.

John smiled as he softly kissed her lips again, but then Stephanie stuttered a bit again.

“Um…I…I gotta go, John. You take of yourself.” Stephanie spoke as she leaned against the door.

“Sure, see you later.” John said to her.

They both have feelings for each other, though they don’t know it yet. A couple of hours later, John and Stephanie bumped into each other again, only at a diner down the street. Without seeing each other, John sat at the counter and Stephanie sat at the booth. He had a glass of water and she a glass of iced tea. John wanted to tell her how he felt about her, but the timing wasn’t right. Stephanie then briefly turned her head to see John sitting at the counter. She finished her drink, grabbed her purse, and went into the ladies’ room to freshen herself up. Then, John finished his water and went outside.

A few minutes later, Stephanie went outside and then John went to her to say something. He said, “Stephanie, there’s something I really want to tell you. Somewhere private.”

Stephanie looked at him and said, “John…um I really should get going.”

Without scaring her, John calmly said, “Oh ok, maybe some other time then?”

“John, this is really not a good time. I’m sorry. It’s nothing personal.” Stephanie said to him.

“Ok.” John said as he walked down the other side of the street and Stephanie walked down the other direction. He really wanted to tell her something but it could wait.

Stephanie continued to walk down the street, passing an alley as a couple of guys were staring at her. She kept on walking while disregarding their innuendos.

One guy said, “Where are you heading off to, sweetheart?”

The second guy said, “Oh she’s not talking.”

She kept walking then the first guy grabbed her. He then said with a grin, “Oooh you’re very sweet.”

Stephanie angrily said, “Get your hands off of me!”

While the second guy said something, the first guy went and tried to rip her skirt. Stephanie loudly screamed. John heard her scream, came running, and started beating up the two guys.

“HEY YOU JERKS LEAVE HER ALONE!” John yelled as he punched and kicked both guys.

Stephanie ran quick and moved aside as John took the guys down. Both guys ended up coughing and spitting.

“Who’s next?” John yelled to the other guys as the two would-be attackers ran behind them, never to bother her or John ever again.

“Stephanie, are you alright?” John asked as he offered her his jacket.

Stephanie wrapped the jacket around her shoulders as she was trembling and shaking, only nodded because she hardly said a word.

“Can I walk with you?” John asked her.

Stephanie just nodded and said, “Sure.”

“I can’t believe those stupid jerks!” John said angrily as Stephanie just walked with him as she was very quiet. She was also very relieved that John came in and saved her.

“You’re welcome to stay at my place to calm your nerves and all.” John said to her as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Alright.” Stephanie spoke.

They walked together to his place and sat down on the sofa once they got inside. Stephanie had his jacket around her shoulders as she spoke, “Thank you.”

“Anytime.” John said.

Stephanie then said, “oh um here…” as she took his jacket and gave it back to him.

“It’s ok, Steph. You can borrow it.” John said to her.

“No no, it’s fine…I mean really thank you, John…thank you.” Stephanie spoke as she hugged him.

John then wrapped his arms around her as she hugged him. Stephanie pulled back a bit slowly as she looked into his piercing blue eyes and ran her fingers through his hair a bit.

“Steph, would you mind if I can keep you company? John asked her.

Stephanie smiled a bit as she said, “I would like that.”

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