Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preview: Stephanie Unleashes Her Inner Bad Girl-John Cena visual

Stephanie was in John’s locker room after watching him defeat a member of Nexus, which is Justin Gabriel as she remembered earlier when he tried to hit on her backstage before his match with John. But she laughed it off.

“I’m so excited about tonight.” John said to her.

Stephanie giggled as she smiled, “I know. I watched you, John.”

John then lifted her in his arms as he hugged her. Stephanie smiled as hugged him back and said, “You did great tonight, John.”

He smiled as he kissed her lips. Stephanie smiled as she kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck as she giggled.

“What’s gotten into you?” Stephanie asked John.

“I’m just really happy that I beat Justin Gabriel.” He replied.

John kissed her again as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Stephanie kissed him back as she gasped a bit and said, “Um is this really happening?”

He said, “Yes it is.”

Stephanie spoke, “I mean I just made my debut at RAW tonight and…now…this…wow.”

“Stephanie…” John whispered.

“I’m so happy for you, Steph.” He added.

Stephanie kissed him back as she spoke “And you still have your spot on the Night of Champions.”

“This is great for both of us.” John said.

“Well other than winning my match tonight, I’d say that I’m getting lucky tonight.” Stephanie spoke.

“So am I.” John replied as he stroked her black hair.

Stephanie looked up at him and said, “John, don’t you think this is wrong? The reason I asked is because you’re still legally married to your wife.”

“My wife and I been having problems and we’re going through a trial separation.” John explained to her.

“I’m so sorry to hear about that, John. But I really don’t want to come between you and your wife. You’re a really great guy and I really like you, I just don’t want to be the other woman.” Stephanie said to him.

“I really like you too, Stephanie. I like that you’re always for there for me. We don’t have to rush into anything.” John responded.

“I agree. We should slow it down. That way, it won’t complicate things between us.” Stephanie said.

After they hugged and said their goodbyes, Stephanie left John’s locker room. This thing between her and John was about to get complicated. Over a couple of days, she was in a dilemma. Her good girl side wanted her to not to take advantage of John because he was legally married to his wife even though they’re on the verge of separation and also be his friend. But her bad girl side thought otherwise, saying how she had always wanted him and wanted to feel his hands and lips all over her body.

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