Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Preview: Randy's on Amber's Radar-Randy Orton visual/song fic

Amber was on vacation at a luxury resort. It was her first vacation since her break-up with her now ex-boyfriend Chad. Two weeks before the trip, Chad broke up with her because he was seeing someone else. But other than that, she was glad to get away from him.

It was the first day of her trip and she was looking to have some fun. She was chilling on the beach, wearing her favorite tankini and reading a hot romance novel. Then, she noticed a man walking in her direction through the crowd. He was very tall and fit with tattoos sleeved on his strong arms; his body was fit and tanned. His eyes were as blue as the beach water and he wore black and red swim shorts. Amber looked at him and her inner fan girl went giddy knowing it was Randy Orton. While her inner fan girl got excited, the sight of Randy made her think of the many Monday nights she would watch him wrestle on TV and the many Monday nights she would have sexual fantasies of him. There was this one night she imagined herself as Eve and Randy would slither like a snake across her naked body before kissing her lips.

Amber got up and to get herself a cold drink when she suddenly bumped into Randy.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see where I was going.” Amber said to him.

“It’s okay. I couldn’t see either because I was distracted by your beauty.” Randy said to her as he smiled at her.

Confidence is a must
Cockiness is a plus
Edginess is a rush
Edges (I like 'em rough)
A man with a Midas touch
Intoxicate me, I'm a lush
Stop you're making me blush
People are looking at us

I don't think you know (know)

I'm checking it so hot (so hot)
I Wonder if he knows he's on my radar (on my radar) on my radar (on my radar)
And if I notice you I know it's you. Choose you don't wanna lose you're on my radar (on my radar) on my radar (on my radar)

Amber blushed at his compliment as she said, “Thanks.”

She could feel a tingle which turned into a full-blown quiver as she and Randy talked and she got a glimpse of his body. She often imagined what his body would feel naked against hers. She often feels a tingle in body with anything Randy does. Her radar was on full alert as he touched her hand before kissing it. After meeting Randy, Amber went on to get her cold drink. Though the drink was refreshing, she had a bigger thirst for Randy and she wanted more. She even thought of a way to make him notice her more.

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