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Lust in The Islands-a John Cena/Randy Orton visual/fan fic PART THREE

The next morning, I got up, slipped on my turquoise satin gown with a turquoise and brown animal print floral robe, fixed some coffee, and sat by the balcony. While I sipped my coffee, I enjoyed the view of the gorgeous beach. Rosy then joined me with a cup of coffee and wearing the same gown and robe as I do. We enjoyed the view of the beach and chatted about being alone with the guys last night.

After having coffee, we got ourselves ready for breakfast downstairs. We talked about souvenir shopping for friends and relatives after breakfast. We even packed our swimsuits into our beach bags when we want to go to the beach. Breakfast was really good and afterwards we went shopping. We found a lot we want to bring to home with us; we even took pictures for the scrapbooks.

After two hours of shopping for souvenirs, Rosy and I gathered them and kept them secure in our hotel room. We then changed into our swimsuits, put on some sunscreen, and went out to the beach. Rosy wore a purple halter two-piece swimsuit while I wore a copper snake printed microfiber one piece swimsuit with copper binding at the neck and the back. As far as accessories were concerned, Rosy wore a dog tag necklace with a heart cutout and I wore a silver necklace with sterling silver angel wings pendant. Then, Randy and John approached us, being so happy to see us.

“John, Randy, we’re so glad to see you guys.” Rosy said the guys hugged us.

“We were here at the beach. So we were wondering if you two would like to play a game of beach volleyball with us.” Randy said to us.

“Sure, we would love to.” I said happily.

Once the volleyball net was set up, I was paired with Randy and Rosy was paired with John. The four of us had a friendly game of beach volleyball, which was a lot of fun. We all had so much, nobody kept score. Randy was even impressed by the backhanded spike I delivered to John and Rosy. The four of us even dove into the sand a couple of times getting the ball over the net. The volleyball lasted for a while, and then Rosy and John both went back to the rooms separately.

“Jan, I have to get back to the room and take a shower.” Rosy said to me.

“Okay, we’ll meet up for lunch later. Sounds okay with you two?” I said to Rosy.

“Yeah, sure.” Rosy and John said to me and Randy.

As soon as they went back to hotel, Randy and I spent some alone time with each other on the beach.

“That was a fun game of beach volleyball.” I said happily.

“Yeah, it was.” Randy said to me as he walked up to me and softly kissed my lips.

I gently pulled back and said as I looked at myself, “I got to rinse the sand off of my body.”

“Wanna go for a swim in the ocean?” Randy asked me.

“Love to.” I said as we ran into the turquoise blue water.

I dove into the water, swam a bit, and came out of the water dripping wet like I was a goddess of the sea. I glistened in the sun and Randy was turned on by the sight of me as I emerged from the water. He then took a quick dip into the ocean and walked up to the shore behind me. I dabbed my with my beach towel as he got a little closer to me.

“I had to take a quick dip into the water because you got me hot when you got wet.” Randy said to me as I offered my beach towel to him to dry himself off.

“I’m flattered. At least I got the sand off of my body.” I smiled and said to Randy as I touched his half-naked body.

As soon as he dried himself off, Randy gently pulled me close to his hot body and kissed my lips. His tattoo-covered arms wrapped around my waist while my hands went up and down his bare back. I sighed heavily as his hands ran up and down my curvaceous, womanly body. We continued to kiss as Randy laid me down on the warm white sand.

He gently broke the kiss and looked at every inch of my body. He said to me, “Your body’s a temptation. Curves and everything, I want to explore your body with my hands and mouth.”

I sinfully smiled at him and returned his kiss with a very passionate one. I wrapped my arms his neck as he gently pulled me close to his body. His hand rested on my back while his other hand rested on my upper back. Our bodies glistened in the hot sun, luckily we were both wearing sunscreen. Randy gently untied the neck tie of my swimsuit as he kissed both sides of my neck. My hands caressed every inch of his frontal body, including his tattoo-sleeved arms. Randy then slowly lowered the top half of my swimsuit, freeing my naturally endowed breasts. He cupped them with his hands and circled my nipples with his tongue before sucking on them, which made me gasp in delight.

“Oooooooh, mmmmmmmm.” I audibly moaned.

He then kissed back up to my lips; my hand then slowly slid into his black and red board shorts and stroked his viper. While I touched him downstairs, Randy carefully untied the back tie of my swimsuit before slowly taking it off from my body. I sat up as he gently opened my legs, I watched as he kissed and licked my thighs. I gasped as he delivered a slow lick to my pussy. My body quivered as Randy licked me downstairs again and again, his hands held on to my hips as he licked me. I quivered and moaned, feeling my juices leak into his mouth.

“I just love how sweet you taste.” Randy said as he briefly looked at me.

After constantly licking me down there, Randy came back up to my lips and deeply kissed me. I then laid Randy down with his back on the sand and slowly took off his black and red board shorts. There, I noticed his velvet viper had sprung out from his shorts. I heard Randy moan as I softly stroked him with one of my hands. His moans and groans were as loud as the crashing ocean waves behind us because we were close to the seashore. Then, I delivered cat-like licks to his cock before I took him into my mouth. His hands stroked my hair while I tasted him down there.

Then, I slowly kissed my way up to his neck as I grinded my hips against his. My dripping wet pussy was brushing up against and teasing his hard cock. I briefly looked into his blue eyes and smiled at him. He sexily smirked at me as he wrapped his arms around my waist. Randy passionately kissed my lips and I felt his tongue rubbing against mine inside my mouth. His one hand stroked through my black satin-like hair while his other was on the small of my back as we kissed.

“Do you have a condom I can use?” Randy asked me.

“I got several of them in my beach bag.” I happily said to Randy.

He got up, took out a condom from my beach bag, opened it, and properly put it on his already hardened cock. He carefully inserted a finger into hot, tight, wet womanhood to feel how I tight I was. I let out moan as he touched me there.

“You’re very tight.” Randy said to me as he looked into my dark brown eyes.

“It’s my first time.” I said to time.

He kissed my lips and reassuringly said, “Don’t worry, I’m gonna take my time pleasuring you again and again.”

I was really excited about that. Randy then held me close to his hot, ripped body. I gasped as I felt his velvet viper slipped into my hot, wet, tight pussy inch by inch. It felt so good having Randy slowly fill me with his cock. He deeply and slowly went in and out of my pussy, his hands never missed a caress on the rest of my body. My hands held on to his firm ass while Randy continued to moving in and out of my pussy. My moans and groans became louder and breathier with each thrust, kiss, and caress he delivered to my entire body. My legs then wrapped around his waist as he continued with his thrusts. My sugar walls squeezed his cock each time he thrusted. His thrusts became deeper and a little harder while his hands held on to my hips.

We then rolled over till I was on top of Randy. I gently rode him, bouncing up and down on his still hard, condom-covered cock. I felt his large hands, softly massaging my breasts. I loudly moaned and groaned as I looked into his eyes. My hips grinded against his as I rode him harder and deeper. Randy then sat up and deeply kissed my lips again as he pulled my body close to his. We rolled on the sand once more till Randy was on top of me. He passionately kissed my lips while my hands went up and down his back. The ocean waves crashed against us, making our bodies wet.

“Ohhh Randy, you feel so good inside me.” I loudly moaned.

“You feel so hot and wet.” Randy moaned as we were reaching climax.

His hands held on to my shoulders as his cock slid into my pussy deeper. Our moans and groans became increasingly harder. We had simultaneously came together in one passion-filled orgasm as Randy pulled himself out, took off the condom, and came onto my belly. Our orgasm had washed over us like a huge tidal wave of passion. He then laid on top of me and passionately kissed my lips. A medium-sized wave from the ocean dampened our bodies as we rested on top of each other. I returned Randy’s kiss with a deep, passionate one on his lips as he held me in his arms.

“How good was it?” Randy asked me.

“Beyond amazing, it was very extraordinary!” I happily said to Randy as I smiled at him.

Randy smiled back at me as he picked me up and carried me to the sand. We dried each other’s bodies off with my beach towel. I changed into my t-shirt and shorts while Randy put his board shorts back on.

“I had a great day at the beach today.” I said to Randy.

“Yeah, me too. Can I walk with you to your hotel room?” He said to me.

“I wouldn’t mind that at all.” I said as I dried my swimsuit and put it into my beach bag.

Randy walked with me to me and Rosy’s hotel room. As soon as we got there, I kissed him on the lips as my way of saying to him, “I can’t wait to see you again.” And “Thanks for making my first time memorable.”

“I’ll see you later, Jana.” Randy said to me.

“Likewise, Randy.” I said as I inserted my key card and went inside the room.

I called Rosy on her cell phone and told her I’ll meet with her for lunch at the hotel restaurant at the lobby. I took a quick shower, washed my swimsuit with swimsuit cleaner, changed into fresh clothes, and met with Rosy at the lobby.

“Sorry I kept you waiting, me and Randy had some fun at the beach. Plus, we had sex on there too.” I said to Rosy as we sat down at the booth.

“Wow, I can see that!” Rosy happily said to me.

I smiled back at Rosy and told her everything that had happened at the beach. Then, I asked her, “So where’s John?”

“John said he’ll see me tonight. He wants to take me out on a date.” Rosy happily said.

“That is so great!” I replied happily to her.

“I’m enjoying this vacation each day!” I added.

“Me too!” She happily exclaimed as we looked at the menus for our lunches.

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