Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Preview: Diamond Girl-John Cena visual

It was closing time at the Diamond Doll Jewelry Shop and Stephanie the famous jewelry thief sneaked into the shop. She was dressed in a black leather catsuit, just to make sure that there was no one in sight. She grinned a bit as she started her search for jewelry. There were plenty of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and pearls all around. She starts with the rings, takes a few, and moved on to the necklaces. She grinned as she looked for the necklaces as she took a few too. She put the necklaces into the small bag along with the rings. She continued to look at more as she moved to the earrings as she made sure to conceal her hands so that there were no fingerprints on any of them that would trace them to her.

She then moved on to the bracelets and put a few of them on her wrists. She grinned as she looked at the ones on her wrists as she went and put them into the bag. Before she left the store, she stopped the most beautiful and most expensive-looking diamond as she was enticed by the diamond that was shielded and covered in a large glass case. The diamond itself was bigger than the Hope Diamond. She carefully unlocked the case with a bobbing pin and took the diamond with both hands.

Stephanie looked at it as she spoke, “Oooh, this diamond must be worth millions, even billions….it’s gonna look so good in my home.”

“Like taking candy from a baby.” She chuckled as she spoke. She goes as she carefully made her getaway. She carefully and sneakily made her exit through the back door of the store. Luckily, she got away before the alarm even went off.

She giggled as she went to her car and put the bag at the bottom of the passenger seat of her car. “This was too easy.” She spoke as she drove to her house.

Once she was there, she put the bag of jewels into a hidden behind a painting. “No one will even know that I was there.” Stephanie thought to herself.

Stephanie grinned as she spoke, “Perfect…absolutely perfect…no one will even know the difference.”

She went and changed out of her outfit as she went into the bedroom. Several minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Stephanie came downstairs wearing a silky purple robe with a matching chemise and her black hair was a bit messy from wearing it in a ponytail. She walked downstairs as she walked toward the door and then opened it to see a tall handsome police officer.

“Hello, may I help you, officer?” She asked the officer.

“I’m officer Cena. May I come inside, miss?” The officer said to her.

“Why yes, of course, Officer Cena…please do come in….is there a problem?” Stephanie said to him.

“No problem, there was a robbery that had just occurred at a jewelry store on Main Street by an unknown robber. The getaway was pretty clean.” The officer replied.

“Why Officer, what makes you think I have something to do with it?” Stephanie spoke.

“Miss, you’re not a suspect or person of interest.” The officer said to her.

“No of course not, but why would you come to my house of all places?” Stephanie spoke to the officer.

“Can I ask you a few questions?” Officer Cena asked.

Stephanie smiled a bit as she spoke, “Ask away, officer.”

“So where were you when the robbery took place?” He asked her.

“I was here at home….I was in the shower.” Stephanie spoke.

“Okay. Can I ask you a really personal question?” Officer Cena asked.

Stephanie spoke, “Shoot, officer.”

“Are you seeing anyone?” He asked.

Stephanie grinned as she spoke, “Why Officer Cena, that’s a little too personal to ask it?”

“Forgive me. It’s just that I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you look tonight.” Officer Cena said to her.

“Why thank you, officer Cena…” Stephanie smiled as she spoke.

He then asked, “Mind if I take a look around your house? I just wanna see it.”

“Hmm, why do you want to look around my house, officer?” Stephanie said to him.

“Personal tour.” Officer Cena replied.

“Personal tour…well if I may ask…what’s your first name, Officer?” Stephanie spoke.

“My name’s John.” He said.

“Well, John….why don’t I give you the personal…tour myself?” Stephanie asked him.

“Okay.” John replied.

Stephanie took John on a tour around her house. She took him to every room in the house as she took him upstairs as she spoke, “And this is my master bedroom.”

“What a lovely bedroom.” John said to her.

“Yes it is…purple is my favorite color…it suits me very well.” Stephanie replied.

“It matches your gown.” John spoke to her.

“Oh why thank you, Officer John.” Stephanie smiled as she spoke.

“Can I tell you more about the case? We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to” John said.

Stephanie spoke, “Sure, but I have nothing to do with the robbery at the jewelry store.” She sat at the bed as she patted a spot for John to sit.

“Well, there were no fingerprints or any other DNA. Other than a couple of pieces, a very large diamond was also stolen. That’s it.” Officer John explained.

“Really…hmm well this person must be very smart and sneaky and underhanded.” Stephanie spoke.

“Yeah, the thief also wore gloves. Everything in the store looked like it was untouched.” Officer John added.

Stephanie asked, “Well, do you know if the thief was a male or a female?”

“We’re not sure. Plus, at the time of the robbery the security camera wasn’t working.” He also said.

“They must have messed with the security cameras, too.” Stephanie spoke.

“Yeah.” John said. He then softly touched Stephanie’s skin, which smelled of peaches and cream.

Stephanie noticed as she spoke, “I just took a shower…I use a bodywash and it smells like peaches and cream…I love the scent of peaches.”

“Mmmm, you smell really good.” John said to her as he leaned a little closer.

Stephanie smiled as she moved her shoulder-length hair a bit as she spoke, “Oh why thank you, Officer John.”

“I’m about to go off duty for the night. Mind if I keep you company and get to know you better?” John asked her.

“Oh no, I don’t mind that at all, officer handsome.” Stephanie smiled as she spoke to him.

John smiled back at her as he leaned a little closer, “So what turns you on?”

Stephanie smiled as she spoke at him, “Hmmm handsome sexy looking guys in uniform.”

He smiled at her with those dimples. In his mindset, he wanted to investigate her body with his hands and his mouth.

“So are you single, officer John?” Stephanie asked.

“I’m very single.” John responded.

Stephanie grinned a bit as she played with his collar a bit, “Likewise.”

John then softly kissed her on the lips. Stephanie responded as she kissed him back softly as she traced his lips with her tongue. John softly lowered one of the straps of her gown, exposing a little skin. Stephanie locked her dark brown, almond-shaped eyes with John’s piercing icy blue eyes as she put her hands onto his uniform and goes to unbutton it. She unbuttoned his uniform as she slipped it off and leaned to kiss his shoulder towards his collar bone. John took his time, kissing both sides of her neck, inhaling the still-lingering peaches and cream scent on her body.

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