Monday, February 25, 2013

Lace & Leather-a Randy Orton visual (FINISHED VERSION)

Rosy is a young woman who works at a biker apparel shop called Biker Appeal, which was next door to a Harley-Davidson shop. She loves her job, gives her a rush whether it's the sound of motorcycles running or the scent of freshly shipped new leather jackets that come in the shop by way of the mail. She even set up displays for perfume, cologne, and lip balm. She wears three hats at the shop: cashier, manager, and associate. She gets excited when she works around motorcycles and leather clothing. Rosy not only loves her job at the shop, she's also gets inspired by creating sketches of leather lingerie and sexy clothes for women. She wants to be a lingerie designer one day, so she can design sexy lingerie for biker chicks and biker babes at heart. Early one afternoon, Rosy had set up a front window display for this perfume called Biker Mama, which smelled of leather and roses. She then heard a sound of a motorcycle entering the parking lot of the shop. As soon as she finished setting up the display, she stood by the door waiting for someone to come into the shop as the footsteps grew closer to the building. There came in a tall, well-built man, wearing a slightly torn black leather jacket, dark blue v-neck t-shirt, dark stonewash jeans, and black sneakers. She said to him, "Welcome to Biker Appeal. My name's Rosy. How may I help you today?" "I'm looking for a new leather jacket to wear, as you can see mine has some wear and tear." The man said with his deep, smooth voice as he took off his sunglasses. He had the most stunning set of blue eyes she had ever seen. "We have a great, massive selection of leather jackets in different styles, colors, lengths, and designers." Rosy said as she showed him to the men's leather apparel section. "I'll be up front if you need me." Rosy said to him as she walked up the front register. As Rosy worked and walked around the store, the guy she had helped walked out of the changing room with an armful of leather jackets, three black ones and two brown ones. Without her knowing, the guy briefly peeked at the top lace part of her bra slightly showing through her button-down blouse. He also noticed a peek of her thighs, courtesy of her knee-length black leather pencil skirt. Rosy then said to the guy, "Find everything to your liking?" The guy looked at her with a grin and said, "Yes, I did. Love the selection and everything." "That's good to hear." Rosy replied as she briefly looked into his eyes. With Rosy's head down, the tall guy gently pushed her hair to the side and took a smell of her intoxicating perfume. "What's this heavenly scent that you're wearing?" He asked her as she felt his warm breath on her neck and ear, which made Rosy shiver a little. "It's this new perfume called Biker Mama, which is on sale here and have on display." Rosy replied. "It smells so good on you, especially with the scent of roses which made me think of your name, Rosy." He said to her. Rosy looked up at him and said, "Why thank you. Speaking of names, I didn't get yours when you first walked into the store." "Forgive my manners, my name's Randy." He said as he looked into her eyes and smiled at her. He then walked up to her and got a very good look at Rosy's body; he looked at the sliver of lace that decorated her chest. "For a girl who works at a biker shop, you're very, very pretty." Randy said. "Thanks, I also noticed you were looking at my chest. It's because I'm wearing a bra with lace, but it's no ordinary lace bra." Rosy said smiling at Randy. She stood back an inch as she unbuttoned another button, giving Randy a look at the bra she was wearing. The bra was made of black leather, with underwire to give her chest a lift, and it had lace on top. With her shoulder length, dark brown hair in beach waves, Rosy looked like she could be an undercover lingerie model. Randy was amazed by her beauty as he walked up to her and softly made a trace on the tops of her breasts with his fingertips. Rosy shivered just a little in response to his touch on her chest. Randy was turned on by her and then said to her, "I had no idea you wear leather and lace under your work clothes. I bet you look very sexy in both fabrics." "Not only am I wearing a black leather and lace bra, I'm also wearing a leather pencil skirt and underneath it I'm wearing black lace panties." Rosy replied. Randy then picked up Rosy's body and gently sat her down on the counter. Rosy sighed as she felt his hands slowly and smoothly touch up her thighs, moving up her pencil skirt and softly kissed her knees and thighs till he saw her black lace panties. Randy softly moved his lips to kiss her neck. He breathed into her neck as he spoke, "I would love to take you out on a dinner date, go back to your place, and have sex with you all night long. Are you free tonight?" Rosy looked into Randy's blue eyes, "Why yes, I'm available." "Would you mind if I try on of one leather jackets on without my shirt?" Randy asked her. Aroused, Rosy replied, "I would love to see it." Rosy watched as Randy slowly took off his shirt. She got turned on at the sight of Randy's ripped chest and abs; she got a look at his tattoo-sleeved arms and his back muscles. He slid on one of the Affliction black leather jackets onto his half-naked body and asked her, "How does it look on me?" With an aroused look on her face, Rosy said, "It looks so hot on you." "Thanks. I'll take those jackets I've just tried on." Randy said as he smiled at her while putting his clothes back on his body. "Great, let me ring you up." Rosy said happily as she went behind the register and ringed up the five jackets. Once he paid for them and Rosy bagged them, "So what time should I pick you up for our date?" "I get off at six, so you can pick me up at my place at 8 o'clock tonight." Rosy said as she wrote down her phone number on a small sheet of paper. "Okay, I'll see you tonight. I also can't wait to see what you have on, especially something very sexy like your leather and lace bra." Randy said looking at her. "I'm gonna look real sexy. I'll see you at 8." Rosy said to him as he smiled at her before walking out of the store. Rosy was having a very good day, not only did she make a huge sale; she also got herself a hot date for tonight. Later that night, Rosy got herself ready for her date with Randy. She even picked out her outfit before taking a shower. On her bed was a black strapless leatherette peplum dress, a black lace motorcycle jacket, a pair of purple stiletto heels, and a black lace strapless bra and matching panties. Once she was all dressed, Rosy sprayed her hair and body with some Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Randy, her leather jacket-wearing date, arrived on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle right on time. He took a look at Rosy from head to toe and was amazed by her. “You look so gorgeous tonight.” Randy said to Rosy as he kissed her on the cheek and offered her a helmet. As soon as Rosy properly put on her helmet, she sat behind Randy on his motorcycle and held on tight to him as they got started on their date. They had dinner at a biker bar; they even looked into each other’s eyes as they ate their food. Rosy was turned on not only because of Randy’s eyes, but also his mouth. Once they finished with dinner, Randy and Rosy came back to her place. They went inside and sat down on the love seat in the living room. There, they started making out and Randy had his arms wrapped around her waist. “When I first saw you at the store, it was like I saw an angel with a body built for sin. You’re beautiful like lace and strong and soft like leather. I almost wanted to do you at the store, but I didn’t want you to lose your job.” Randy said to her. “Well, I was turned on when you tried on that leather jacket without wearing a shirt. I was also aroused when you first touched me. Though it was kind of sneaky, but a bit sexy, too.” Rosy replied. “If you don’t mind me asking, why do you work at a biker apparel shop?” Randy asked Rosy. “Someday, I like to have my own leather apparel line just for women, something that says strong and sexy. I love the pairing of leather and lace together. Another reason I like working at the biker apparel shop is that I find guys who wear leather jackets and ride motorcycles very sexy.” Rosy said to him with a seductive look in her eyes. “Even though I may look like a bad boy, I do have a weakness for cute, sweet girls with a touch of sexiness.” Randy replied. With that being said, Rosy kissed Randy on the lips. She then got up from the loveseat and stood in front of Randy. She slowly unzipped the front of her black lace motorcycle jacket and laid it on the sofa; she then reached around to the back of her peplum dress and slowly unzipped it. Once her dress fell to the floor and pushed it aside, Rosy was in her black lace underwear and her purple heels. She took Randy’s leather jacket, seductively slipped it on, zipped it up halfway up to her black lace bra, walked up to Randy, sat on his lap, and deeply kissed his lips. Rosy became aroused when she felt the butter-like softness of Randy’s jacket in contrast with the feminine lace of her lingerie. Randy in return kissed down her neck as he scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He gently laid her down on his king-size bed and resumed kissing Rosy’s lips. As they kissed, Rosy slowly unzipped the jacket while one of her hands caressed up and down Randy’s muscular back under his shirt. Randy then sat up and took off his shirt, Rosy scanned his shirtless body with her eyes as her hands followed suit. “My, what a sexy body you have there, Randy.” Rosy said to him as she sat up and kissed his lips. “So do you, Rosy.” Randy replied as he smiled at her and slowly slid the jacket off of her body. Rosy sighed and moaned as Randy explored her body with his large hands. Randy then softly kissed her neck as his hands caressed from her thighs up to her hips; his hands found the back of Rosy’s black lace bra and unhooked it as he kissed her shoulders. He took his time softly kissing and licking her breasts; his hands traveled up and down her legs. He then licked his fingers, slid into her panties, and softly rubbed her woman cave while kissing her upper back. Rosy moaned as she felt herself become wet between her thighs. Randy slowly took off her panties and took his time as he tasted her woman cave with his lips and tongue; he even kissed her inner thighs. Rosy felt her body quiver with unadorned desire and she couldn’t get enough of Randy. She then laid Randy on his back and gradually took off his jeans and underwear in one smooth movement as she passionately kissed his lips. Once the jeans and underwear came off of Randy, Rosy made him moan with one lick of the sleeping cock between his legs. She orally pleasured him with her warm lips and soft tongue as Randy gently his fingers through her dark brown hair. Rosy even let out a moan as Randy ran one of his hands up and down her back “This feels so good.” Randy moaned as he caressed Rosy’s silky dark brown hair. After that, Rosy then kissed Randy’s lips as she softly stroked his cock where she recently orally pleasured. Randy took out a condom from the nightstand drawer and put it on his hardened viper. “Lay next to me, Rosy.” Randy said to her. She lay right next to Randy and then slowly entered her woman cave. Rosy responded with a loud, pleasurable gasp; she moaned and groaned as Randy slid in and out with slow, smooth strokes. He planted soft kisses along Rosy’s neck and face while his hands caressed up and down her body. To make it even more intense, Rosy rubbed her clit with her fingers, rubbing in small circles. Her pussy lips squeezed his cock tight as their bodies rubbed against each other; Rosy’s moans and groans were intense and passion-filled. After that, Randy lay on his back, wrapped his arms around Rosy’s waist, and entered her pussy once more with his still-hardened cock. He ran his hands up and down Rosy’s back while she was on top of him. With his cock still inside of her pussy, Randy sat up and kissed her on both sides of her neck. He took himself out, got a pillow from the bed, and placed it under Rosy’s stomach. She lay on her stomach on the pillow as Randy stroked his condom-covered cock. While he stroked, Randy placed long licks and soft kisses from the back of her neck all the way down her spine, causing Rosy to let out a sensuous moan because her back was her weak spot, her erogenous zone. He then kissed and licked her pussy where his cock once occupied as he continued to stroke it. With his hands on Rosy’s hips, Randy slid his hardened condom-covered cock into pussy with slow and deep strokes. They moaned and groaned into a sensual unison as they were reaching climax together. “Oh, I’m coming.” Rosy loudly moaned. “I’m coming with you, baby.” Randy moaned to her as he continued thrusting into her. Sweat dripped from his muscular, fit body, a few drops of his sweat landed on Rosy’s lower back and on one of her hips. He let out a loud groan as he took his cock out, removed the condom, and came onto Rosy’s back. He laid on top of Rosy as he softly kissed her neck and then on her lips. Randy went to the bathroom, got a towel, and rubbed his man milk off her back. Rosy took the pillow and laid her head on it, Randy laid beside her and passionately kissed her lips. He fingered her pussy while their naked, passion-perspired bodies rested on the bed, making Rosy come once again. Once she came, Randy wrapped his arms around Rosy and deeply kissed her lips again. “That was so amazing.” Rosy said as she touched Randy’s naked body and looked into his blue eyes. “You’re amazing too, my biker shop girl. You can ride with me and ride on me anytime you like.” Randy replied as he smiled at her. They were perfect each other; Rosy was beautiful like lace and Randy was like the strong, smooth, and touchable leather. THE END

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