Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Preview: Erica's Blind Hook-Up-a follow up to Spa Date/Evan Bourne visual/fan fic

Emma had spent the night at Alex’s after their passionate and romantic spa date. She was soundly sleeping in Alex’s bed. She was then awakened by Alex’s soft kisses on her forehead and her face. “Morning, beautiful.” Alex said to her sweetly. “Good morning, sexy.” Emma replied. “I made breakfast in the kitchen. Would you like to join me?” He asked Emma. “Ooh, I love to.” Emma said as she slowly got up from the bed and slipped on one of Alex’s t-shirts. The one she had on was white and though it was a bit bigger, it fit all of her shapely curves. She joined Alex downstairs for breakfast, which consisted of sausage, scrambled eggs, waffles, bacon, and pancakes. Alex even poured her a cup of hot coffee; Emma put in the cream and sugars herself courtesy of the packets and little cups she carried in her purse. While they ate breakfast together, Alex and Emma briefly looked into each other’s eyes; Alex softly touched her smooth legs under the table. Emma smiled sweetly at Alex as she took a sip of her coffee. “Last night was much unexpected and yet so amazing. I really enjoyed it.” Emma said about their little spa night. “I really enjoyed you, Emma. I especially liked when we touched each other’s bodies afterwards.” Alex replied. “I especially liked the sensual rubdowns we gave each other.” Emma responded. “Emma, I’m curious about something. Is your sister seeing anyone?” Alex asked her. “My sister Erica isn’t seeing anyone at the moment. She’s been so busy at the boutique; she hasn’t been on a date in a while. The last time she went on a date was last year. She dated this guy Drew, who is a budding toxicology major. She went out on a date with him and his family at a fancy restaurant one night. Next thing you know, harsh words were exchanged between Erica and his mother and it was over. Erica drowned herself into work ever since then. I swear his family either needs to be on Days of Our Lives or a soap opera next to them, because NBC could use another soap opera. Believe me, you don’t want to know about the first or second she dated before Drew.” Emma said. “Wow, that’s a lot. The reason I asked was because I thought about bringing a friend of mine, so we can go on a double date.” Alex said. “Sounds like a great idea, Alex. It could be great for Erica to get out of the boutique for a while.” Emma happily replied. “So when can we have our double date?” Alex asked. “How about next Saturday night?” Emma suggested. “Sounds like a plan to me. I can’t wait and I also look forward to seeing you again.” Alex replied as he kissed Emma’s lips. As soon as she ate her breakfast and took a shower, Emma got dressed and got herself ready for work. She gave Alex a sweet kiss on his lips as he walked her to her car. Emma drove over to the Sweet Peach Boutique on Peachtree Street. She opened up shop and got the store ready for the day’s business. Erica arrived at the shop as soon as it was opened. She entered the shop, wearing a gray cable knit sweater, black skinny jeans, and black ankle boots. “Good morning, sis.” Emma greeted happily. “Morning, Emma. So how was your date with Alex last night?” Erica asked her. “Last night was incredible. Alex is so handsome, sweet, and sexy. Our nighttime spa date was surprising but very relaxing.” Emma replied. “That’s good to hear.” Erica said. Throughout the entire morning, the sisters have been very busy. Making sales, drumming up new business, brainstorming for new products, creating upcoming promotions, etc. Twelve o’clock came and the sisters break for lunch. “Emma, I’m going to pick up lunch for us. Do you want something?” Erica asked. “Sure, Erica. I can use some lunch right about now.” Emma replied as Erica stepped out. A couple of minutes later, Erica came back to the shop with lunch in tow. The sisters went into the break room and ate their lunches there. “Erica, when was the last time you went on a date?” Emma asked as she took a bite of her toasted black forest ham, roast turkey, and roast beef sub sandwich. “I haven’t been on a date since Drew and I broke up. Why do you ask?” Erica responded. “You see, Alex and I thought about going on a double date with me, him, you, and one of his friends. “Emma, I’m not ready for a blind date.” Erica replied in an exasperated manner. “Sis, please don’t made at me. I know you’ve been very productive at the boutique, which is great and all. But you really should try dating again.” Emma said. “Oh ok, I’ll go with you and Alex on the date. I have to get out of the boutique sometime. When’s the date?” Erica said after being convinced. “Next Saturday night. We’ll all meet at this new place downtown, Parker’s Bistro & Café.” Emma said to her older sister. That Saturday night came and the sisters stepped out in their best date night apparel. Emma wore her favorite red dress and Erica wore her little black dress. They went over to Parker’s Bistro as they waited on their dates. Erica was calm yet a little nervous about meeting her blind date. “Erica, I know you’re nervous but it’s gonna be okay. Alex is going to bring his friend over and it would work out fine, just give him a chance.” Emma said in an assuring manner. A few minutes later, Alex arrived with his friend Evan. “Hi, Alex.” Emma greeted him with a sweet kiss on the lips. “Evan, I want to you meet my sweetie Emma and her sister Erica. Erica, this is my Evan.” Alex said. Erica got one look at Evan and became very impressed. Evan was tall with black hair, brown eyes, and a perfect smile. Something told her that this would be a fun date to be had.

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