Saturday, June 2, 2012

Preview: Stephanie's Private Homecoming (a follow-up to Keeping Cody Company)-a Cody Rhodes visual

It was Monday afternoon and Cody and I were getting my place ready for Stephanie, because she’s coming from her weekend trip. Cody and I had been getting to know each other through the entire weekend, in and out of the bedroom that is. For the homecoming party, I made a few snacks while Cody went to the florist to create a flower bouquet for her. A few minutes later, Cody came back to my place with a bouquet of flowers in one of his hands. “How’s it coming so far?” Cody asked as he greeted me with a hug. “Cody, everything’s going good so far. The snacks are ready on the table and the drinks are chilling in the fridge. Plus, I got a text message from Stephanie and she’s on her way here.” I replied happily. “She’s going to love this welcome home party we’re having for her.” Cody said to me. Everything was set up perfectly. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I walked up to the door and saw Stephanie through the peephole. I opened the door and let Stephanie into my place. “Stephanie, welcome home!” I said happily as I greeted her with a hug. Cody then walked up to Stephanie and greeted with both a hug and a kiss on the lips. He even carried her suitcase and placed it by the living room sofa. The three of us sat together on the sofa and then I asked, “How was your weekend trip?” “It was just fantastic; Justin and I mostly just play around at the beach. He was good company, though I miss my Cody.” Stephanie said as she smiled at Cody. “I’m glad you had a good time on your trip.” Cody said as he smiled at Stephanie. “Steph, why don’t you help yourself to some refreshments on the dining room table? I’m gonna get us something to drink. Cody, would you like anything to drink?” I said to Stephanie as I got up from the sofa. “Sure, I’ll join you in the kitchen.” Cody replied as he followed me into the kitchen. As Cody and I were in the kitchen preparing our drinks, I said to him, “I’m so glad to see Stephanie again.” “Yeah, me too.” Cody replied with a smile on his face. I poured some iced tea into our cold glasses as I whispered to Cody, “I was thinking about how we can seduce Stephanie into having a threesome together.” “Please tell me.” Cody said with curiosity. “Well, since Stephanie has never been in a threesome with another girl, I say we start slow. You start by kissing her hand and at the same time I’ll start kissing her lips.” I said to him. “Sounds like a plan to me.” Cody said as we left the kitchen with our cold drinks. Cody and I came back into the living room as Stephanie ate a few snacks on the sofa. We each sat beside her. While I took a few sips of my iced tea, Stephanie then asked me, “So, how was Cody over the weekend?” I briefly smiled at Cody and said to Stephanie, “Cody was really good company over the weekend. He was such a joy to have staying over at my place.” Without Stephanie knowing, I gently pushed her long black hair away from her and silently smelled her neck. She smelled like sand, sunscreen, surf, and sunlight. As I smelled her scent, Cody then took one of Stephanie’s hands and started kissing it. Next, I softly started kissing Stephanie’s soft lips. I continued kissing her lips as I softly stroked the strands of her long, Asian black hair while Cody started kissing up to Stephanie’s arm. Cody and I then started kissing both sides of Stephanie’s neck. She moaned in pleasure as her body responded to our kisses. I slowly lifted her turquoise tank top, revealing her toned stomach. I lightly traced her stomach with my fingertips as Cody deeply kissed her lips. I gradually lifted the tank top from Stephanie’s body which not revealed her stomach, but also her dark blue satin bra-covered breasts. “This is a first for me, being seduced by both my boyfriend and my best friend. I’ve never had a threesome with another girl before.” Stephanie said smiling at me and Cody. “Well, there is a first time for everything.” I said to Stephanie as I kissed her soft, supple lips some more. Cody gently caressed her thighs while I kissed her lips again. Then, I said to her, “Why don’t we take this into my bedroom where it’s more comfortable?” “Oooh, that sounds so good to me right now.” Stephanie replied. “Yeah, her bed is so comfortable like her mattress comes from a five-star hotel.” Cody said to Stephanie. “Cody and I even gotten to know each other over the weekend while you were on vacation.” I replied to her as the three of us went into my bedroom.

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