Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Preview: The Housesitter's Secret: Private Passions-a Randy Orton visual

(A follow-up to The Housesitter’s Secret) It had been a few months since I’ve housesit for the Ortons. I’ve been busy with school and my weekend job. I still think about Randy and our first encounter together when I started housesitting. I continue to make good grades at school and even made the Dean’s List last quarter. Just last week, Randy and I talked mostly on the telephone to catch up. He had gotten suspended by the WWE because he violated wellness policy, on the upside he got to spend some time with the family, especially his adorable daughter Alanna. Plus, his wife Samantha had started a make-up line and planned on going away on business for a couple of days. Then, he asked me if I were to spend some time with him, because not only was he lonely for his wife and daughter, but also because he was horny for me. “Why Randy, I would love to spend some time with you, though I have to work this coming weekend.” I said to him. “How about we get together as soon as you get off work when your work weekend is done?” Randy asked me. “Sounds good to me.” I said. “Great. I’ve never told you this, but lately I have been thinking about you.” Randy replied. “Really? You’ve been thinking about me?” I asked in a surprised manner. “I fantasized about you, sexually. Ever since our first sexual encounter, it had me wanting you more. I can’t help but be turned on by you.” Randy said to me. Flustered, flattered, and aroused, I then replied, “So tell me about those fantasies you have of me.” Next thing you know, Randy and I had been exchanging fantasies over the phone, ranging from passionate and romantic to sexual and steamy. The fantasies we shared would make even a reader of Cosmopolitan blush hot pink and would make phone sex operators want to tap the phone lines so they can listen in on the details. Randy told me about a fantasy where me and him were taking a very warm bath with rose petals and lit candles all around, leading to hot, passionate sex outside of the bathtub. Then, I told him about a fantasy where I came over to the house, where he opened the door with nothing but a towel on and his body was wet and naked and then I jumped on his fine ass in the living room. Another fantasy Randy shared with me involved me dressed as a nurse (me being a student studying the medical field and all) making him feel all better after complaining of fever and body aches. Next, I told Randy about a fantasy where I’m in his bedroom and we were teasing and turning each other on; I’m slowly dancing in my sexiest underwear while Randy was on the bed stroking his velvet viper and end up having sex in his bed. After the over-the-phone-hot-fantasy-exchange with Randy, I got started on a shopping spree for the private romantic getaway. I first ordered a couple of red rose-scented candles online. I then bought plenty of sexy lingerie and some massage oils. I also went to the nearby drugstore and stocked up on condoms and lubricants. Before I left for work on Friday, I had packed my overnight bag with my essentials for the rendezvous, along with toiletries and extra clothes; I even got my hair done the day before. I had also packed some sexy perfume to wear. I went on with my job as I usually do and worked all weekend long. I also bought strawberries and whipped cream from the grocery store while I was on my break. Two hours before I got off work on Sunday, Randy called me on my cell phone, letting me know that he was at this romantic hotel called The Afterglow Inn. I even wrote down the directions to get there on a sticky note. As soon as I got off work, I gathered my overnight bag and my purse and went into the bathroom. I got out of my work uniform, sprayed on some Lust perfume (jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, vanilla, and sandalwood), changed into my sexy outfit, put on my heels, applied make-up to my face, styled my black hair, put on a short black trenchcoat and stylish fedora, and stepped out of the movie theater. I got into my car and entered the directions from my sticky note into my GPS. I drove to The Afterglow Inn following the directions and arrived a couple of minutes later. The inn had orchid-colored walls and the window frames were painted burgundy; the inn’s exterior resembled luxury hotels like those of Paris and Rome. There was even a fancy fountain at the front of the inn. After parking my car at the nearby parking garage, I went into the lobby with its lush deep orange-painted walls that reminded me of a sunset. I walked up to the front desk and the lovely, kind front desk clerk gave me a key card to room 420. With my purse and overnight bag in tow, I took the elevator to the 4th floor. Once there, I took out my key card and opened the door. I was amazed by the luxuriously well-furnished suite; the living room had an entertainment system with a plush couch and loveseat. Next to the living room was the equally furnished kitchen/dining room with a large stainless steel finished refrigerator/freezer with side-by-side doors with white cabinets and marble countertops. I looked at the smooth, hardwood floor and found a trail made of rose petals and foil-wrapped chocolate kisses. I gathered the chocolate kisses as I followed the trail which led me to the master bedroom. When I stepped into the bedroom, I felt like I entered a romance novel. The bedroom was immaculate and intimate; the large canopy bed was strewn with red, white, pink, lavender, and orange rose petals. I even noticed a bottle of champagne chilling in a silver bucket filled with ice on the nightstand. Beside the bucket was a candy dish filled milk and dark chocolate hearts wrapped in blue and red foil. I walked over to the window, which led to the balcony with a spectacular view of the beach. “I’m so glad you could make it tonight.” A deep, smooth male voice said to me. I slowly turned around and there was Randy holding two champagne flutes filled with bubbly champagne. I said as he offered me a glass, “I’m really glad to be here.” “Mind if I take your coat?” Randy asked me. “Allow me.” I said to him with a sensual smile on my face. Then, I put down my glass and I slowly took off my trench coat. I revealed to Randy my very sexy outfit. I wore a red floral lace bodysuit and a black leather miniskirt; underneath my body suit was a red lace padded underwire bra and matching red lace panties under my skirt. On my feet, I wore a pair of black suede high heels. I then took off my black fedora and let my hair fall down to my shoulders. “Wow, you look very sexy.” Randy said to me as he smirked in approval. “Why thank you. It’s a far change from my work uniform or even my school scrubs.” I said as I did a turn for him. I got my glass and took a few small sips of my still and bubbly chilled champagne. “I look forward to having my hands and lips all over that body of yours.” Randy said to me. “Same with yours, Randy.” I replied. “There’s even a hot tub and jacuzzi next to our room.” Randy told me. “Oooh, all of that sounds so relaxing.” I cheerfully said to him as I got out a mixtape CD from my overnight bag. I had so many sexy romantic slow jams in my Romantic Slow Jam playlist on my IPod that I had to make two CDs. I took out both CDs and put them into the stereo. I brought Randy into the living room and had him sit on the love seat. As soon as the first song started playing, I slowly and seductively moved my body to the music. “You bought the music?” Randy asked me. “Yes, I created two mixtape CDs from my Romantic Sexy Slow Jam playlist from my IPod, especially for this occasion. Plus, it’s not the only thing I bought with me for the rendezvous.” I replied. I walked up to Randy, sat down on his lap, and slowly grinded my body against his. I looked into his blue eyes as I felt his large hands on my hips. I continued moving my body seductively till the first song was over. He then smiled at me and said, “Thanks for the lap dance. I really enjoyed it.” I softly felt his hard bulge growing through his black silk pajama bottoms with my fingers. Then, I said as I smiled back at him, “I can see that.” While my mixtape CD continued to play through the stereo, I softly and deeply kissed Randy on the lips. His hands went up from my hips to the top of my head, stroking the silk-like strands of my ebony hair. Randy then turned to me and returned my kiss on the lips with a more deeper and passionate one. He then took me into his strong, tattooed arms and said, “Why don’t we take it to the bedroom where we can be more comfortable?” I smiled back at him and replied, “I’m getting excited already.”

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