Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Steamy Thoughts-a Randy Orton visual (FINISHED VERSION)

Marie and her best friend with benefits, Randy, were on a two-week long trip to Bora Bora, where they stayed at this luxurious resort hotel. They had spent their first day at the beach, rubbing sunscreen on each other’s bodies, playing volleyball, and also playing with each in the crystal clear blue water. To Marie, anything involving Randy and/or water makes her hot, makes her body tingle, among other things. She even led Randy to a large, cascading waterfall where they had passionately made out while the water fell onto their bodies. After a while, Randy carried Marie to the shore and laid her down on the sand before kissing her lips. They enjoyed each other’s company while enjoying the picture-perfect beach scenery, letting all their troubles and problems wash away with the ocean waves. After a fun-filled day at the beach, Marie and Randy went back to their hotel suite. As Marie slipped on a bathrobe, Randy went into the bathroom and started taking his shower. He turned on the water as he stepped into the stall. Marie was in the bedroom when she heard water running in the bathroom and silently watched Randy as he showered. The mere sight of very warm water dripping down his hot, naked body visible through the glass shower doors made Marie’s body temperature gradually rise. She became even more turned on when Randy poured some Obsession For Men-scented shower gel into his hands, rubbed the gel all over his body into a creamy lather, and letting the cascade of very warm water rinsed the shower gel from his body. Same thing when the cascading spray rinsed the soapy lather off of his large cock. Marie then felt a tingle through her entire body and her pussy creaming between her inner thighs, she was even tempted to slowly and softly touch her body as Randy was in the shower. She slowly untied the sash from her baby blue silk bathrobe, letting it softly fall onto the bathroom tiled-floor. She quietly opened the shower door, softly touched Randy’s muscular back, and joined him in the shower. Randy then carefully turned around, faced Marie, and smiled at her. He took her into his tattooed, muscular arms and deeply kissed her lips. Marie turned around as Randy gently caressed up and down her body with his hands. She moaned as Randy kissed her lips some more as he began to kiss both sides of her neck. The extremely warm water ran down their naked bodies as Marie ran her hands up and down Randy’s muscular back. She then gently pressed her back against the cool tile wall as Randy kissed down to her breasts. Randy softly licked his fingers as he slowly rubbed her clit, which Marie even wetter. She moaned and sighed feeling Randy’s mouth on her nipples before he moved down to her stomach. Randy then kissed and licked all around her stomach. Randy gently opened Marie’s legs while still rubbing her clit, which was nice and wet. He licked his lips and then delivered the first lick to her pussy. Marie loudly moaned as she held Randy’s head in place while he tasted her between her thighs. Her hot, wet liquid honey leaked from between her thighs down to Randy’s lips and tongue. Marie got wetter with each lick he delivered to her pussy; her womanly body trembled with desire and pleasure. The warm, wet shower made it even more pleasurable. While still tasting Marie’s nectar, Randy softly massaged her breasts with one hand while his other hand stroked his cock. He then got up and passionately kissed Marie’s lips. Randy broke the kiss and said to her, “You taste so good, Marie.” Even the sound of Randy’s voice made Marie shiver almost uncontrollably. Marie returned his as she ran her hands all over his wet, hot, naked body. She started kissing Randy’s neck and licking his chest and abs. Randy moaned and sighed feeling Marie’s kisses and licks. Marie then delivered a long, soft lick to Randy’s cock before taking it into her mouth. “Ohhhhhh, Marie….” Randy moaned as Marie licked and sucked his cock. Randy started to play with Marie’s dark hair as she tasted him again and again; his other hand ran up and down her back. He then bent down and passionately kissed her lips before Marie continued her oral assault on his cock. Marie’s mouth on his cock made Randy even more aroused; adding the still-warm flow of the shower made the encounter even hotter. After taking his cock from out of her mouth, Randy bent down and kissed her lips again. He then cupped Marie’s soft, womanly breasts into his hands as he slid his hardened cock between them. Marie became more aroused as the stream of water continued to drip down her body. “This feels so hot in the shower. Marie, let me see those sexy, beautiful eyes.” Randy said to Marie as he continued to slide his cock between her breasts. Marie looked up at him; Randy’s blue fuck-me eyes deepened in color with lust, pleasure, and deep desire. She sighed as his thumbs rubbed her nipples. With his cock all nice and hard, Randy bent down and kissed both sides of her neck as he pulled her to him. He turned off the shower with one hand, opened the shower door, and took Marie’s hand with his other hand. He fervently and deeply kissed her lips as he wrapped his tattoo-sleeved arms around her hourglass-shaped waist. Randy carefully laid her down on the ivory-colored cushioned bathroom bench as he feverishly kissed Marie’s lips. He then moved his mouth down to her breasts, licking them with his tongue and softly sucking them with his mouth took her arousal to another level. Marie’s arousal went a little higher as Randy slid his fingers in and out of her still-wet pussy while orally pleasuring her breasts. Marie’s moans and groans were loud enough to echo against the bathroom walls. Randy gave Marie another kiss on the lips as he took out a condom from a full box in the bathroom drawer. After putting it on his still-hardened cock, he held on to Marie’s hips as he slowly entered her hot, wet woman cave. His thrusts were slow and deep as he kissed Marie’s lips and neck. Marie in returned stroked Randy’s hot, ripped frontal body with her hands. Randy’s hips slowly grinded onto hers as his cock continued thrusting in and out of her pussy. Marie’s moans and groans became intense while she looked into his Randy’s blue fuck me eyes. “Ooooooooh, mmmmmm, mmmmmmm……oh god Randy…..ohhhhh….this feels too good.” Marie loudly moaned. “Come for me, Marie. Come for me.” Randy whispered to her as his thrusts became deeper and harder. Randy held on to Marie’s body as they reached the climax. A few minutes later, he took his cock out of her pussy, removed the still-intact condom, and squirted his hot male love venom onto her stomach that made a trail down to her wet pussy lips. Randy gently pulled Marie close to his naked, dripping wet body as he passionately kissed her lips once more. Marie looked at Randy as she said to him, “This is way hotter than the shower.” Randy smiled back at her and replied, “Yeah and much hotter.” The bathroom became steamier even after their shower was done. Judging from the evaporated water on the shower doors and the fogged up mirror, Marie and Randy were definitely going to keep each other hot throughout their entire trip. THE END

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