Sunday, May 6, 2012

Preview: Steamy Thoughts-a Randy Orton visual

Marie and her best friend with benefits, Randy, were on a two-week long trip to Bora Bora, where they stayed at this luxurious resort hotel. They had spent their first day at the beach, rubbing sunscreen on each other’s bodies, playing volleyball, and also playing with each in the crystal clear blue water. To Marie, anything involving Randy and/or water makes her hot, makes her body tingle, among other things. She even led Randy to a large, cascading waterfall where they had passionately made out while the water fell onto their bodies. After a while, Randy carried Marie to the shore and laid her down on the sand before kissing her lips. They enjoyed each other’s company while enjoying the picture-perfect beach scenery, letting all their troubles and problems wash away with the ocean waves. After a fun-filled day at the beach, Marie and Randy went back to their hotel suite. As Marie slipped on a bathrobe, Randy went into the bathroom and started taking his shower. He turned on the water as he stepped into the stall. Marie was in the bedroom when she heard water running in the bathroom and silently watched Randy as he showered. The mere sight of very warm water dripping down his hot, naked body visible through the glass shower doors made Marie’s body temperature gradually rise. She became even more turned on when Randy poured some Obsession For Men-scented shower gel into his hands, rubbed the gel all over his body into a creamy lather, and letting the cascade of very warm water rinsed the shower gel from his body. Same thing when the cascading spray rinsed the soapy lather off of his large cock. Marie then felt tingle through her body and her pussy creaming between her inner thighs, she was even tempted to slowly and softly touch her body as Randy was in the shower. She slowly untied the sash from her baby blue silk bathrobe, letting it softly fall onto the bathroom tiled-floor. She quietly opened the shower door, softly touched Randy’s muscular back, and joined him in the shower. Randy then carefully turned around, faced Marie, and smiled at her. He took her into his tattooed, muscular arms and deeply kissed her lips.

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