Monday, October 25, 2010

Rosy's Seduction-Randy Orton visual

Randy came home after being so busy in the wrestling ring. When he got home, the only thing on his mind was Rosy. He was infatuated with her from the moment they first met, even when he was in bed with her. As he took a shower, he thought of her. He thought of kissing her lips, caressing her body, pleasuring her. He even thought of her and the first time they made love. He imagined himself holding her in his arms, kissing and caressing her body. He then slowly stroked his velvet viper as the soap was rinsed off of his built body. He also thought of another time he made love her, which was when they had sex at her place with her wrists lightly tied to the headboard of her bed. Her skin was soft like silk, her moans were music to his ears, and the feel of their bodies close together that was so hot, it felt the sheets melted onto their bodies. He now wanted to seduce Rosy.

Once Randy got out of the shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and went into his bedroom. He got out his cell phone, took a picture of himself, typed a sexy caption, and sent it to Rosy’s cell phone. While waiting to hear from Rosy, Randy got himself dressed and sprayed some cologne called Butt Naked all over his body. His cell phone buzzed and he got a text from Rosie saying “I’ll c u 2nite. I’m on my way.”

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. He opened it and there was Rosy.

“Hi, Randy.” Rosy said.

“Rosy, please come in. You look very stunning tonight. Let me take your jacket.” Randy said as he let in the house. He then helped unzipped her ivory-colored cropped pleather jacket with the ruffled front and princess sleeves.

“Thank you, baby.” Rosy replied as she looked into his eyes.

The rest of Rosy’s outfit consisted of a hunter green corset-style strapless top, a black lace pencil skirt, and olive green lace-up boots with five-and-a-quarter inch heels.

“Rosy, you’ve been on my mind since I got home tonight. I even thought of you while I was in the shower.” Randy said as he softly kissed her cheek.

“Oooh, I’ve been thinking about you too. I even touched myself while thinking of that night where we had sex with my hands tied.” Rosy said as she touched his frontal body with both of her hands.

He smiled at her and said, “That was a sexy night. A little wild but sexy.”

He then passionately kissed her lips as he wrapped his arms around Rosy’s waist. He took her hand as he led her to the sofa. Randy continued kissing her lips as he took his time unlacing her boots. Once her boots were off, Randy caressed both of her legs and thighs.

“I’m going to seduce and pleasure you all night, Rosy.” Randy said with his breath hot against her ear.

He took her hand again, they both got up, and he kissed both sides of her neck while his hands caressed up and down her frontal body. Rosy deeply sighed at the feel of his touch. He gently tilted her head back and deeply kissed her lips. Next, he scooped her up in his strong, tattoo sleeved arms and carried her to the bedroom. They were arrived in the bedroom as Randy gently laid her down on the large bed. His blue eyes admired her beauty from head to toe. He passionately kissed her lips as he took off her top. Rosy then took off his black shirt and their bodies rubbed against each other as they kissed each other on the lips. He kissed down her neck while his hands went up and down her back. She loved the feel of his lips kissing hers and also on her body. Rosy moaned at the feel of his touches and kisses.

He unzipped her skirt from the back and slid it down to the floor. Randy kissed and licked every exposed inch of her body. Rosy let out a few moans and sighs, enjoying him pleasuring her. His lips then returned to her lips with a deep, passionate kiss. Rosy then sat back and watched as Randy got himself ready for her. She watched as Randy took off his jeans till he was in his boxer shorts. He slowly stroked his velvet viper inside his boxer shorts and Rosy felt herself get wet between her thighs. Her brown eyes widened with lust and desire as he pleasured himself.

Randy joined her on the bed, held her close, and passionately kissed her lips. He reached around the back and unhooked her bra. His lips then moved down to her breasts; Rosy moaned as Randy suckled on both nipples. As he licked and sucked on her breasts, Randy slid one hand down into her panties and let his fingers slide in and out of her increasingly wet pussy. Rosy loudly moaned and groaned at the combined sensations, making her want more of him.

Then, Randy took off her panties, joining the rest of her clothes on the bedroom floor. He feverishly licked and kissed her woman lips. Rosy was getting wetter by the second as she had moaned and sighed. She was gradually leaking her woman juices right onto his mouth and tongue. Rosy couldn’t get enough of him and didn’t want to. Randy got up and kissed her lips again. While they kissed, Rosy then took off Randy’s boxer shorts and found his velvet viper hard and ready for her. She even licked a few drops of precum from his cock. Randy took out a condom from the nightstand drawer and slipped it on properly.

He sat back down on the bed, slowly slid himself into her, and held her in his arms. Rosy gasped a little as Randy moved in and out of her womanhood. As he moved in and out of pussy, Randy kissed her body with his lips and caressed her body with his hands. He loved the feel of her body against his and the sound of her being pleasured. Her sugar walls squeezed his viper tight as Randy moved in and out of her. His hands softly squeezed her breasts as they jointly reached climax. In an instant, Rosy came with Randy, making them have a simultaneous orgasm while wrapped in each other’s arms.

“That was so wonderful. I loved that you’re seducing me. Then again, everything you do seduces me.” Rosy said as she kissed Randy’s lips.

“You turn me on as well, Rosy.” Randy replied as they laid in bed together.


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