Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lust in The Islands-a John Cena/Randy Orton visual/fan fic PART ONE

(Concept by me and Rosy aka chain_gang_soldier4life)

Rosy and I had been looking forward to our Caribbean vacation for a year and a half and we were ready for it! We packed our suitcases with new clothes and other necessities for our trip. With our luggage and airline tickets in hand, we arrived at the airport at morning.

“I’m so excited about our Caribbean trip! I can’t wait to wear my new swimsuit.” I said to Rosy happily.

“Me too, Jana! The Bahamas, here we come!” Rosy happily exclaimed.

We walked to our Delta Air Lines terminal after going through security and the metal detectors. We waited for the plane for at least two hours.

“Attention, Delta Flight 847 to the Bahamas is now boarding at Gate 14.” The voice over the intercom announced.

Rosy and I went over to Gate 14, got our boarding passes, and went into the plane without any trouble (terror alerts, weather advisories, etc.). Our seats were by the window so we got ourselves a nice view. We put our bags in the overhead compartment and sat ourselves down on our seats. As soon as everyone else has boarded the plane, the flight attendant goes through all the safety rules and procedures before take off. After all that, the plane was ready for take off. We watched an in-flight movie and talked about what we would do on the trip.

Several hours later, we arrived at the Bahamas. Rosy and I gathered our bags from the overhead compartment and got off the plane with the other passengers. As soon as we got off the plane, we gathered our luggage and picked up our rental car, a dark blue SUV. A couple of minutes later, we arrived at our hotel, a very big resort hotel. We checked in and went into our spacious, well-decorated suite. It was so gorgeous, especially with the sun out! The view from our room didn’t do the travel brochures any justice! The beaches had white sands and picture perfect turquoise waters.

“Rosy, this view is amazing! Check it out!” I said to her.

Rosy and I enjoyed the view from our hotel suite which was so magnificent! While looking at the view, we thought about what we should do first.

“Why don’t we unpack first, get dressed, and go to the beach?” I suggested.

“Sounds like a great idea.” Rosy agreed.

We then unpacked our suitcases and bags, got dressed and gathered our things. Rosy wore a white flowy, embroidered scarf top with jeans and sneakers. I, on the other hand, wore a sage green peasant top with dark denim shorts and teal espadrille sandals. We both wore necklaces with shell pendants and wore our hair in ponytails. As we walked on the beach, I took pictures of the beach and shore with my digital camera. We found a spot along the shore and rested the big blue beach towel on the hot, white sand. I then opened the beach umbrella and planted on the sand.

“This beach is so lovely! This beats fall back home.” Rosy said happily.

“I totally agree.” I said to her.

“Do you have your new swimsuit on?” Rosy asked me.

“Yes! And you?” I said to her.

On the count of three, Rosy and I took off our shirts and shorts. We wore our new swimsuits underneath our clothes. Rosy had on this white fishnet bikini and skirt set while I had on this black and white belted two-piece bikini. We both got up and took each other’s pictures in our swimwear.

“This one’s for all the chicks in jail.” I joked and laughed with Rosy as we took a picture of us together in our swimsuits.

After that, I took out the bottle of sun block/sunscreen and rubbed it on each other’s exposed body parts. We were sitting, people watching, and chatting till we were approached by two big, strong men. The first guy had strong, muscular arms, ripped abs, and wore orange and blue board shorts. The second guy was ripped with strong, tattoo-sleeved arms and a shaved head; he even wore dark green and blue board shorts. Both men even had blue eyes.

“Hi girls!” the first guy said.

“Hi, how are you?” Rosy asked him.

Rosy and I got ourselves up as we introduced ourselves to these two hunks.

“I’m Rosy and this is my friend Jana.” She said to them.

“Nice to meet you! I’m John and this is my friend Randy.” John said as he kissed Rosy’s hand.

Randy then kissed my hand as he said to me, “You’re very lovely.”

“So what brings you two to the Bahamas?” I asked them.

“A little vacation.” John said to us.

“Same here with us. The Bahamas is so lovely!” Rosy replied.

"It sure is. It's also the first time we've been to the Bahamas. Randy and I
were wondering if you ladies would like to go out on a date with us tonight."
John asked Rosy and me.

"Wow, we would love to!" Rosy and I happily exclaimed in unison.

"That's great. We'll see you tonight then." John said to us.

"I can't wait!" I happily said to Randy.

"Me neither!" Rosy happily said to John.

After meeting John and Randy on the beach, Rosy and I went gathered our things
and went to our hotel room. We were so excited about the date; we already got started
piecing together outfits and accessories right away.

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