Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Triumph over Defeat-John Cena visual

John Cena was really upset. Upset mixed with furious with a dash of pissed off. He and Team WWE were defeated by the Nexus again. This was worse than the Nexus seven ambushing him a couple of matches ago. He seriously could not stand ANY of them, not even Wade Barrett a.k.a. their fearless leader.

Stephanie was in his locker room, feeling his frustration. She had seen what had happened at the match.

She shook her head a bit and said, “Damn, that was brutal.”

John said in frustration, “I know. I hate them.”

Calmingly as she watched, Stephanie said to him, “Hey hey, calm down Cena. Easy there.”

“Here, let me rub your shoulders. It will relax you.” She added in a soft voice.

“Ok. Thanks.” He said as he sat down.

Stephanie came around and sat behind him as she rubbed his shoulders. John really liked having her around for support.

John deeply moaned the feel of her hands massaging on his body. He sometimes wondered what it would be like to have his hands massage on her body. She asked him, “Does that feel any better?”

“Much better. I’m so glad you’re here, Steph.” John said to her.

Stephanie smiled at him and said, “Well where else would I rather be?”

John smiled back at her and all of a sudden he kissed Stephanie right on the lips. Stunned by the kiss, Stephanie asked him “Are you sure that you’re alright?”

He said to her, “I’m much better now thanks to you.”

Stephanie finished massaging his shoulders as she goes to sit down but ended up falling into his lap.

“Oops clumsy me...these heels are to walk in.” She said with a few giggles.

John lightly giggled with her as he kissed her lips. Stephanie kissed him back as she smiled and said, “Mmm…wow…that was…”

“Unexpected” John said completing her sentence.

Stephanie spoke, “Um yeah that really was unexpected…”

John softly stroked her face, looked into her brown almond-shaped eyes, and kissed her lips again.

Stephanie kissed him back as she gasped a bit. “Whoa, there’s chemistry between us.” She said to John.

“I think so too.” John agreed.

“Do you feel it too?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, I felt something between us.” John replied.

Stephanie then asked him, “So what should we do about this?”

John then answered with his strong arms wrapped around Stephanie’s waist and deeply kissed her lips. Stephanie then returned his kiss while his hands moved up and down her back. Stephanie continued kissing as she moaned between kisses. Since John was already shirtless, he then took off her green short-sleeved shirt. Stephanie smiled a bit as she put her hands on his chest as she ran her fingers on them. She kissed him very deeply as she was wearing a very cute black miniskirt.

“You’re so hot, Steph.” He said to her with a smile.

“So are you, John.” Stephanie replied.

John then kissed and licked her neck before taking her white bra off. Once her breasts were freed, he kissed and suckled on her breasts. Stephanie gasped as she closed her eyes and spoke, “Mmmm John.” He kept kissing her body while his large hands traveled all over her body. Stephanie gasped as she ran her hands along his bare back.

“You feel so good.” John said, feeling his half-naked body rubbing against her body.

“Mmmm so do you…even if you are a bit sweaty.” Stephanie said.

He responded by lifting Stephanie into his strong arms and kissing her lips again. Stephanie kissed him back as she said, “This is really crazy.”

“I know.” He said to her.

“But it feels sooooo good.” Stephanie spoke.

“I like it a lot.” He said.

Stephanie added, “John…let’s not talk at all.” as she straddled him.

John returned her kiss on the lips as he carried her in his arms. Stephanie continued to kiss him deeply as she went to undo his jean shorts.

“Oh Steph” he moaned.

Stephanie went as she pulled down his jean shorts and then rubbed her hand inside his boxers, rubbing his manhood. She rubbed slowly till he became hard for her. She stroked it and then put it into her mouth.

John moaned as she had licked him down there. “Ohhhhhhh” he moaned as he stroked her long black hair with his fingers.

Stephanie then slipped her panties off as she kept her skirt on. As John moaned at the sensation some more, she then slipped the skirt off of her to expose her womanhood to him. John then lowered himself to her womanhood and softly licked her down there. She tasted sweet and wet. Stephanie closed her eyes and moaned a bit, “Mmm. Oh John.”

“So sweet.” He whispered.

While he tasted her juices, John placed his hands on her hips and held on to Stephanie as she was about to cum into his mouth.

Stephanie laid herself down on the couch and spread her legs open for him. John had licked and sucked, feeling her juices down there coaxing his tongue. She suddenly felt him licking as she moaned “Oh John.”

John then looked up at her and passionately kissed her lips. Stephanie kissed him back and said, “John, I want you now.”

“I want you too, Steph.” John said as he slipped on a condom onto his rock hard cock. Next, he slowly slid it into her womanhood.

Stephanie gasped a bit as she said, “Oh yes.” John slowly went in and out of her as he held her body close to his. She heavily moaned as she arched her back a bit. John resumed moving in and out of her womanhood while he kissed her neck. Stephanie continued moaning with passion as she gasped and repeated his name.

“Stephanie, I want you to come with me.” John moaned against her ear.

“I want you to come too.” Stephanie nodded as she spoke and moaned.

He moaned and groaned with her as their naked bodies created a slippery, sexual friction, making them perspire in liquid ecstasy. Stephanie gasped as they had reached climax together. She hasn’t felt anything like this before. As their bodies had rested post-orgasm, John then kissed her lips once more. Stephanie then kissed him back as she said, “Um wow.”

“Wow.” John said smiling at her.

Stephanie tried to catch her breath for a bit as she said, “That was really… wow.”

John held her close to his body and stroked her hair. “Yeah, it really was.” He said to her as he wrapped her in his arms.

Stephanie then asked, “So wanna be a couple?”

“Sounds good to me.” John said looking into her eyes. Stephanie then smiled at him as she softly kissed his lips. He then kissed her on top of her forehead while she rested. “I really, really like you, Steph.” He said to her.


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