Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling Much Better-Randy Orton visual

For Gwen

Gwen had a very upsetting weekend at an upscale hotel. Her so-called boyfriend had cheated on her. The worse part of it was that she got dumped on the day before their 2-year anniversary. She was so upset, she wanted to check out of the hotel and go home. She went into the elevator with her bags in tow, leaving from her hotel room on the 3rd floor. She even wanted to call her friends to tell them what had just happened.

Then, the elevator had stopped at the 2nd floor and then a tall, muscular, tattoo-armed man with blue eyes had stepped into the elevator. He then stood beside her and asked, “What’s wrong, miss?”

“Besides my boyfriend and I just broke up on our anniversary and I’m crying my eyes out, nothing much.” Gwen said between sobs.

Randy moved in a little closer to Gwen, wrapped one of his tattooed arms around her waist, and said. “Sorry to hear about that. Would you like for me to cheer you up?” he asked her as he gave her a paper napkin.

“Thanks. That would be nice.” Gwen replied as she sniffled.

While they kissed, Randy pressed the two button in the elevator. Then, it stopped on the second floor where his room was.

“Let’s go to my room.” Randy whispered in her ear. He took her hand as he opened his hotel room door with his key card. Once they entered his room, Randy carried Gwen in his strong, tattooed arms. He sat her down on the large bed and placed her bags next to his. He kissed her lips again, only this time much deeper and with more passion. He pushed her shoulder-length midnight black hair to one side and kissed the curve of her neck. His hands slowly took off her black and gray-striped polo shirt. He inhaled her feminine scent consisted of jasmine, vanilla, cherry blossom, and pheromones.

“Gwen, your scent is so intoxicating yet so seductive.” Randy said to her as he lowered her bra straps before taking it off.

Gwen gasped as he softly kissed and sucked her perky breasts. His hands then traveled down to her waist. Gwen held Randy’s head in place as he orally pleasured her female twins. He kissed down her stomach, making her shiver in pleasure. He then slowly took off her navy blue sneakers from her feet. Gwen wanted to touch Randy as much as he wanted to touch her. Randy deeply kissed her lips and his hands lightly caressed her stomach. He moved lower as he unbuttoned and unzipped Gwen’s cuffed, cropped jeans. With one hand, he slipped it into her panties and slowly rubbed her woman lips. Gwen moaned and panted, feeling his touch. Randy kissed both of her closed eyelids before she opened them.

She looked into his intense blue eyes while Randy looked into her almond-shaped brown eyes. Gwen watched as Randy took off his signature black snake t-shirt and dark stonewash jeans. In her mind, seeing his half-naked body in person didn’t do her bedroom wall poster any justice. She moved a little closer and touched his ripped body with both of her hands. Randy sighed at the feel of her caresses on his body. She then kissed his lips, tasting the peppermint and energy drink in his mouth. His hands stroked up and down her hair. His lips moved down from his hyper mobile right shoulder which often gets injured and required surgery. She inhaled his masculine scent, which consisted of musk, body spray, and woodsy undertones. Gwen then softly licked both of his nipples. His moans turned deep as Gwen kissed and licked down his body.

Randy lowered himself to Gwen and deeply kissed her lips before sitting down on the side of the bed. He took off his sneakers and his jeans. As he laid himself against the headboard, Randy gently pulled Gwen close to his body and kissed her lips. He slipped a hand into her panties again, only this time he had slipped two of his five fingers into her pussy. Gwen was a little damp between her legs and Randy wanted to make her even wetter. Her moans were in a fever pitch as she became very moist in her woman cave. Randy slowly took off his boxer briefs as Gwen awakened his male velvet anaconda with her mouth. While she licked and sucked his cock, Randy played with Gwen’s hair.

“Damn! Oh Gwen…” he moaned.

Randy then took himself out of her mouth and deeply kissed Gwen’s lips. As they kissed, Randy gently took off Gwen’s panties and kissed down her thighs. She moaned in pleasure at the feel of his kisses. His tongue made a circle around her woman cave. Gwen quivered as if she felt a sudden chill. Her took her pearl into his mouth and suckled it. His hands went up and down her body. She tasted sweet like cream between her thighs. Gwen held his head in place while he tasted her. She moaned his name over and over until her juices coaxed his tongue.

After that, he kissed her lips once more. He then wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. When he slipped a finger into her cave, Gwen let out another moan. Randy wondered why Gwen felt so tight down there.

He asked her, “Gwen, is this your first time? I asked because I wondered why such a lovely girl like you has never been touched.”

“My now ex wanted to, but couldn’t do it because of so many reasons and I just wanted to wait for the right time. This anniversary was supposed to be that time. Now I’m just glad to be away from his no job having, cheap skating, mama’s house living, college dropout, rapper-wannabe loser ass.” Gwen replied as she smiled.

Randy laughed lightly as he asked, “Gwen, can I be your first?”

“Oh yes. Yes!” Gwen said softly.

“Don’t worry, Gwen. I’ll be gentle.” Randy said as his condom-covered cock slowly entered her honey pot. Gwen sighed and moaned at the feel of it.

While he slid in and out of her, Randy pulled her up from the bed and held her close. Gwen moaned heavily against his ear. She wrapped her legs tight around his waist for an even better sensation. Randy then kissed and licked her neck along with the rest of her face. He carried her to the bathroom and sat her down on the counter by the sink. He kissed her lips as his cock slipped into her pussy once more. Their bodies were slick with passion and perspiration. His thrusts were a little faster as she held on to him. They climaxed and came together after an intense, collective orgasm.

Randy pulled himself out and passionately kissed her lips.

“How was it?” Randy asked Gwen.

Gwen smiled and replied, “Where do I begin? Phenomenal, amazing, exciting, and probably the longest first time ever!”

They looked and smiled at each other for a brief moment. Randy then took her hand, guiding her down from the counter. Randy took off from the blood-covered condom off from his cock and disposed it into the bathroom trash can.

“Wanna join me in for a shower?” Randy asked Gwen.

“I love to.” Gwen happily replied.

She and Randy had themselves a very soapy, steamy shower together. After getting squeaky clean, they put on fresh clothes.

“Gwen, I’m so glad and lucky to be your first. I have to get myself ready for a match. Maybe later tonight, we can go to dinner.” Randy said to her.

“I love that. I might not even want to check out today.” Gwen replied.

As Randy gathered his things, he kissed Gwen on the cheek.

He said to her, “I’ll see you later tonight, Gwen.”

Gwen then kissed him back and said, “Go get ‘em, Randy.”

After Randy left the room, Gwen gathered all her things in her bag. She left a note on Randy’s nightstand. She left the room with her things in tow, got on the elevator, and went to her still-vacant room on the 3rd floor. She happily laid on her bed with her mind occupied on her sexual encounter with Randy. Even though she was a little sore down there, her first time was an amazing experience that she’ll never forget.

With the break-up out of sight and out of mind, Gwen looked forward to seeing (and feeling) more of Randy.


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  1. GREAT STORY I like how you made Randy seem nice, sensitive but strong. I could see the story really happening.