Sunday, August 29, 2010

PREVIEW: Feeling Much Better-Randy Orton visual

Gwen had a very upsetting weekend at an upscale hotel. Her so-called boyfriend had cheated on her. The worse part of it was that she got dumped on the day before their 2-year anniversary. She was so upset, she wanted to check out of the hotel and go home. She went into the elevator with her bags in tow, leaving from her hotel room on the 3rd floor. She even wanted to call her friends to tell them what had just happened.

Then, the elevator had stopped at the 2nd floor and then a tall, muscular, tattoo-armed man with blue eyes had stepped into the elevator. He then stood beside her and asked, “What’s wrong, miss?”

“Besides my boyfriend and I just broke up on our anniversary and I’m crying my eyes out, nothing much.” Gwen said between sobs.

Randy moved in a little closer to Gwen, wrapped one of his tattooed arms around her waist, and said. “Sorry to hear about that. Would you like for me to cheer you up?” he asked her as he gave her a paper napkin.

“Thanks. That would be nice.” Gwen replied as she sniffled.

While they kissed, Randy pressed the two button in the elevator. Then, it stopped on the second floor where his room was.

“Let’s go to my room.” Randy whispered in her ear. He took her hand as he opened his hotel room door with his key card. Once they entered his room, Randy carried Gwen in his strong, tattooed arms. He sat her down on the large bed and placed her bags next to his. He kissed her lips again, only this time much deeper and with more passion. He pushed her shoulder-length midnight black hair to one side and kissed the curve of her neck. His hands slowly took off her black and gray-striped polo shirt. He inhaled her feminine scent consisted of jasmine, vanilla, cherry blossom, and pheromones.

“Gwen, your scent is so intoxicating yet so seductive.” Randy said to her as he lowered her bra straps before taking it off.

Gwen gasped as he softly kissed and sucked her perky breasts. His hands then traveled down to her waist. Gwen held Randy’s head in place as he orally pleasured her female twins. He kissed down her stomach, making her shiver in pleasure. He then slowly took off her navy blue sneakers from her feet. Gwen wanted to touch Randy as much as he wanted to touch her. Randy deeply kissed her lips and his hands lightly caressed her stomach. He moved lower as he unbuttoned and unzipped Gwen’s cuffed, cropped jeans. With one hand, he slipped it into her panties and slowly rubbed her woman lips. Gwen moaned and panted, feeling his touch. Randy kissed both of her closed eyelids before she opened them.

She looked into his intense blue eyes while Randy looked into her almond-shaped brown eyes. Gwen watched as Randy took off his signature black snake t-shirt and dark stonewash jeans. In her mind, seeing his half-naked body in person didn’t do her bedroom wall poster any justice. She moved a little closer and touched his ripped body with both of her hands. Randy sighed at the feel of her caresses on his body.

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