Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Bad Night Made Better-a Randy Orton visual (FINISHED VERSION)

I just had the very worst Friday night of my life; I had to work late at the office, which made me miss my date night with my boyfriend, then when I came home at night and called my so-called boyfriend, we had a fight over the phone and the end result was a break-up. I got out of my work clothes, slipped into my pajamas, and drowned my sorrows into one of my three 1.5 quarts of Snickers ice cream while I watched one of my movies on DVD. As I took another spoonful of ice cream, my cell phone rang. “Hello?” I answered. “Hey, it’s Randy.” He said. “Hi. Randy.” I replied. “You sound sad. Is everything alright?” Randy asked me. “No, I just had a very bad night.” I replied. “Can you tell me about it?” Randy asked. “Let’s see… I had to work late tonight, my now ex-boyfriend and I had a big argument over the phone because we were supposed to go out on a date, and our fight then led to a break-up.” I explained to him as I took another spoonful of ice cream into my mouth. “Wow, I’m really sorry to hear about that.” Randy responded. “Yeah. Well, it’s his damn loss anyway. He’s nothing but a homebody, a damn mooch and always asking me for money from time to time. All that and he stays out later than I do.” I replied. “All that aside, what are you doing tonight?” Randy asked me. “Right now, I’m in my pajamas, eating ice cream, and watching a movie.” I replied. “How would you feel if I can take you out on a date tonight?” Randy suggested. “Tonight? After all that I’ve been through, I’m not so sure. Shoot, I even bought one of two brand-new dresses to wear last week and I’m already thinking about taking them back to the store tomorrow.” I said. “Please let me make you feel better.” Randy said. “Well, okay. Just let me get myself all ready.” I replied after giving it some thought for a brief moment. “Sure, I’ll pick you up at ten.” Randy replied. “Alright, see you then.” I said as I hang up my cell phone. I looked at my the time on my cell phone, which said ten minutes after eight. I put my ice cream back in the freezer, fixed myself a warm bubble bath, and got out one of my brand new dresses from my closet. My dress was black; it had a scoop neckline, long sleeves, and a slightly flared leatherette hem. The other new dress I had bought was red with black panels at one sleeve, the back, and the waist; the dress even had cut out panels at the bust. Once I had my bath, I picked out my underwear and my shoes; I even sprayed some Euphoria all over my body. After a few minutes, I put on the underwear, dress, and my black high heels. I then fixed my long, black hair into a low, one-sided ponytail; I was all set for my date with Randy and with thirty minutes to spare. Ten o’clock on the dot and I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and Randy was there with flowers in his hand. “Wow, you look stunning! These flowers are for you.” Randy said to me as he handed me the bouquet. “Thank you.” I replied while I put the flowers into a vase with cold water. After that, we got into his car and drove on over to the local pizza place. We split a large pizza with pepperoni, green peppers, onions, black olives, Italian sausage, and mushrooms. We each had two slices as we talked and took the rest to go; we then came back to his place, which was across the street from my house. We went into the living room and sat down on the sofa; Randy couldn’t help but look at me while I talked about my job and ranting about my now ex-boyfriend. Randy then said to me, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but your ex sounds like a weak-ass jerk.” I replied, “No offense taken and agree. He didn’t bother to break up with me in person, but had the nerve to do it over the phone. I tried to make time for him even if I’m busy from my job and yet he stays out later than me and with his friends. He doesn’t deserve a young woman like me.” Randy then sat a little closer to me and said, “He’s just a weak little boy who couldn’t handle a woman like you. I’m a man who has more to offer than he does.” I turned to him and asked, “What do you have to offer?” He then placed both of his hands on my waist and softly kissed my lips. I enjoyed the kiss; he got some sexy and soft lips. I placed my hands onto his chest while Randy had his hands on my back. He gently broke the kiss and said to me, “I’m ready to take you to my bed, fulfill your sexual needs, and pleasure you all night.” Then, he scooped me up into his tattoo-sleeved arms and carried me upstairs to his bedroom. He gently sat me down on the king size bed as he passionately kissed my lips, I watched as he lifted my legs and took off both of my shoes before putting them down on the bedroom floor. I moaned in response as he kissed from my ankles down to my thighs. As soon as he joined me on the bed, I watched as Randy took off his dark blue t-shirt and became aroused when I scanned his ripped, fit body with my eyes. I returned a deep, passionate kiss on his lips as I sat up on the bed, his large hands slowly and carefully took off my dress. He scanned my black lace lingerie-clad body with his blue fuck-me eyes and said, “You’re so beautiful.” “And you’re so sexy.” I replied as he kissed my neck. He then laid me down till my head and shoulders rested on one of the pillows, making sure I was comfortable. I felt his hands as they reached to the back of my bra and unhooked it. I passionately sighed as I felt his tongue licking my nipples before taking each of them into his mouth. As he orally pleasured my womanly breasts, he slid one hand into my panties and inserted a finger into my pussy. I moaned loudly as his finger repeatedly reached my g-spot, things got intense when he rubbed my clit with his thumb. “You’re so tight and wet; I’ll have you good and ready for my cock.” Randy said as he got on top of me and started kissing on my inner thighs. I moaned as Randy began licking my warm, wet, hairless pussy, his hands held on to my hips and my hands held on to his shoulders while he tasted my wetness. He briefly looked into my eyes and said that I tasted sweet like a mix of oranges and vanilla. After that, we switched positions to where Randy was on his back; I planted kisses and licks on his body from his chest all the way down to his abs. I then helped him out of his jeans and I noticed his slightly awakened, twelve-inch cock in his dark blue boxers. I thought to myself, “OMG! He’s big down there!” I was nervous at first but then I licked his length with my tongue, as soon as I took the tip into my mouth and stroked him, the sound of his moans made my nervousness disappear. As I orally and manually pleasured his velvet viper, I looked into his blue eyes, which turned almost silver with desire; he also looked into my deep brown eyes. I also felt his hand in my hair; I moaned loudly as he used his other hand to stroke my clit. After that, Randy sat up and deeply kissed my lips while I continued stroking his cock. I then watched as he got out a condom from the nightstand drawer and properly put it on to his now-hardened cock. He laid me down and kissed me gently as he thrusted his cock into my pussy, filling me fully. A tear ran down my cheek as he moved slow and deep. “Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” He asked me. “I’m okay and don’t stop.” I said as he kissed my tear away. “Look at me. Let me those sexy eyes because I want to watch you come.” Randy said to me. He then moved a little faster, I held onto his body and said to me, “You feel so good inside me.” My brief moment of pain immediately turned into moments of passionate pleasure as our bodies moved together. I ran one of my hands up and down his frontal body as he thrusted into my pussy a few more times. “Ohhhhh…..I’m cumming…” I loudly moaned. “I’m about to come, too. Where do you want it?” He moaned. “I want it on my stomach.” I replied. He thrusted a few more times hard and fast until he took off the condom and splashed his love venom onto my lower stomach. The sight of sweat dripping down his hot body had me wet all over again; “You okay?” Randy asked as I looked into my now normal brown eyes. “Yeah. Actually, I feel much better now being with you, especially in bed.” I replied as I looked into his normal yet amazing blue eyes. He pulled me close as we cuddled on the bed in orgasmic bliss. He said to me, “I’m glad to see you happy.” I smiled at him and replied, “Yeah, me too.” “Next time you have a bad day, just call me or come on over. I’ll make you feel good.” He said as he took my hand and kissed it. “I must say, this is a lot better than sitting at home alone eating ice cream.” I replied as I kissed his cheek. “I would love for you to join me in a hot shower before going for another round.” He said to me. “I’d like that very much.” I replied as we got up from the bed and went into the bathroom for a hot and steamy shower. THE END

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