Monday, March 17, 2014

Lucky-a Sheamus story (FINISHED VERSION)

Jessica and her main squeeze Sheamus were out on a date one night, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, especially since Sheamus is from Ireland. They had dinner and a few drinks at an Irish pub and then they walked to her place. Jessica looked gorgeous in her green outfit. Her reddish brown hair had a few streaks of bright green, her hazel eyes were decorated with shimmery green eye shadow, and all ten of her well-trimmed fingernails were colored with emerald green nail polish. Her outfit consisted of a green and black satin striped corset, black jeans, and emerald green high heels. Jessica and Sheamus arrived at her place and sat down on the living room sofa. They started making out as Sheamus tasted the vanilla ice cream and Bailey’s on Jessica’s lips because she had an Irish ice cream float for dessert. Sheamus then gently broke the kiss, looked into Jessica’s eyes, and said, “You look so gorgeous, my American lass. With you, I feel very lucky.” Jessica blushed at his compliment and replied, “I enjoyed my St. Paddy’s Day date with you.” With that being said, Jessica returned the kiss onto his lips. She sighed as Sheamus moved his lips down to her neck as his fingers gently played with her hair. Jessica gently played with Sheamus’s red hair while he kissed both sides of her neck. Jessica then whispered in Sheamus’s ear, “I have a surprise for you.” Jessica then went upstairs to her room and changed into something comfortable. A few minutes later, she came back to the living room, wearing an emerald green lace chemise with a V-neck front, halter neck, ruffled lace trim, and sequin accents; all that and a matching g-string. Sheamus looked at her and said, “You look as lovely as the fields of my homeland.” “Why thank you.” Jessica replied as she kissed his lips. Sheamus then took off his jacket and shirt and pulled Jessica close to him. Jessica admired his strong body like the Celtic warrior that he is; she didn’t even mind his pale skin and red hair. Jessica moaned as she felt his large hands gently roamed through her entire body. They continued kissing each other’s lips as they lay back on the sofa; they even took off each other’s shoes. Once the shoes were off, they switched positions to where Jessica sat down on the sofa with her back resting on one of the cushions. She felt the nerve endings slowly burn with pleasure as Sheamus knelt down to the living room and softly kissed the tops of her dainty feet. He then moved his strong-yet-gentle hands to the waistband of Jessica’s g-string while his lips teased her neck with kisses. She let out a few soft moans as she felt his fingers stroking her woman cave. She in return unzipped his jeans, slid her hand into his underwear, and stroked his manhood. Once he was nice and hard, Sheamus scooped up Jessica into his strong, muscular arms and carried her to the bedroom. He sat her on the queen-sized bed and passionately kissed her lips. As they kissed, Sheamus then removed his jeans while his lips moved down to her neck, making Jessica sigh and moan in response. He joined Jessica on the bed, took a pillow, placed it behind her head, and laid her down as he kissed both sides of her neck. He slowly took off her chemise and orally explored her frontal body from her breasts down to her stomach; Jessica moaned and groaned at the sensation as she enjoyed it. She gasped in anticipation as she removed the thong from her body, she loudly moaned as he tasted her female nectar between her thighs. Her body trembled in delight as Sheamus kissed and licked her woman cave. The experience was made better when he held both of her hands while he tasted her. After that, he pulled her close to his body and deeply kissed her lips again. She anticipated as she watched him remove his underwear, Sheamus got up from the bed, took a condom out of the nightstand, opened the wrapper, and put the condom onto his hardened Irish manhood. Once his manhood was properly protected, he picked up Jessica by the waist and held her tight as he went inside her woman cave. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, holding on to his body tight; she even moaned and groaned against his ear. His strokes went a little faster as he and Jessica returned to the bed, he held onto her Jessica’s hips as she leaned back slightly while he planted kisses on her neck and shoulders. Their moans and groans were in sync with each other; they briefly looked into each other’s eyes. Just as Sheamus was about to come, Jessica removed the condom from his manhood once he pulled out and stroked him with her hand, letting his Irish man milk extract onto her stomach; some of it even landed between her breasts. After all that, she passionately and deeply kissed his lips. Sheamus then wrapped his arms around her as they lay close to each other. “Oh Jessica, we’re made for each other like a beautiful rainbow to a pot of gold.” Sheamus said to her as he looked into her eyes. “We’re so lucky to have each other.” Jessica replied. “Happy St. Patty’s Day, Jessica.” Sheamus said to her as he kissed her lips. “Happy St. Patty’s Day to you too.” Jessica replied as she kissed him back. THE END

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