Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cody's Loss, John's Gain-John Cena visual

Stephanie was backstage at the arena, watching Monday Night RAW. She had been cheering for her fiancée Cody Rhodes. But then she watched in upset as he attacked and humiliated her close friend, Randy Orton in the ring. She was angry, upset, sad, and furious all at the same time. After Randy got attacked by Cody, Stephanie watched in fury as Cody put a paper bag over Randy’s face and laughed meanly at Randy.

After the taping, Cody met with Stephanie at the locker room. She had just about enough of Cody’s in-the-ring antics.

“I can’t help it if I’m so aggressive in the ring, Steph.” Cody said to her.

“I can’t believe you did this! What the hell is wrong with you...I don’t even know who you are, Cody!” Stephanie yelled.

“Steph…I….I love you.” Cody said pleadingly.

“If you loved me, you would have never done this!” Stephanie replied.

“Randy and I are rivals in the ring. We used to be friends when we were in Legacy. Now I’ve finally beat him.” Cody said to her.

“So what does that prove? That you’re better than him? Huh seriously, Cody... that’s not how I see it.” Stephanie spoke to him.

“Why? Because I wear a mask and proving to everyone I’m a better wrestler than Randy?” Cody responded.

“You’re no better than Randy or anyone else for that matter…you’re not a champion, you never have and you never will be…it’s over, Cody…I’m sorry but I’m calling off the engagement.” Stephanie angrily said as she took off the engagement ring that he had given her.

She then went and threw the ring at him angrily as she spoke, “Stay the hell away from me, Cody! I hate you! I never want to see your face ever again!”

“Damn it!” Cody said to himself as Stephanie stormed out.

Stephanie stormed out with tears running down her face as she ran down the hallway. She then went inside a locker room and started trashing it as she screamed.

Outside the locker room, John Cena heard someone crying and then noticed Stephanie in the locker room.

He went into the room and said, “Steph…”

Stephanie stopped as she turned around as she was a complete mess. Her makeup was smudged from the tears in her eyes. She saw him as she spoke, “John.”

“Steph, what’s wrong?” John asked as he walked up to her.

“Did you see what happened during Randy’s match?” Stephanie asked him.

“Yeah, I did. That masked son of a bitch Cody had no damn right to hurt and embarrass my best friend like that.” John said angrily.

“That son of a bitch was my fiancée…we’re supposed to married in a month… and now he’s hurt one of my closest friends. Now I’m glad broke it off with him!” Stephanie said.

“I’m so sorry to hear that. But I bet it felt good when you threw the ring at his masked face.” John said as he wrapped his muscular arms around her waist.

“Yeah, it sorta did feel good. “ Stephanie spoke as she leaned her head against his strong chest.

“God how can he do this to me, John…how could he?” She said as she started crying again.

“Cody doesn’t deserve you at all, especially after tonight.” John spoke to her.

Stephanie sniffled a bit as she looked up at him and stared at John’s piercing blue eyes and said, “How do I always end up with the bad ones?”

“Guys like that are not worthy of you, your heart, or even your love. You need a guy who can treat you right. A really, really good guy.” John said as he looked into Stephanie’s Asian eyes.

Stephanie sniffled a bit as she said, “And where am I gonna find a guy like that…I even dated The Miz before Cody and he cheated on me with Maryse.”

“Miz and Cody don’t deserve women like you. They’re really missing out. I think you’re a great girl, Stephanie.” John said as he stroked Stephanie’s long, black hair.

Stephanie looked at John again as she spoke, “You really think so, John?”

“I really think so. You’re gorgeous, sweet, and a lot of other good things. It’s their loss.” John replied.

“You think that I’m sweet?” Stephanie spoke as she smiled, feeling a bit better.

“Yes.” John said, smiling back at her.

Stephanie smiled as she spoke, “You’re not so bad yourself, Cena.”

“Thanks. I can be anything and everything those two aren’t.” John spoke.

Stephanie smiled as she spoke, “Really?”

“Unlike The Miz and Cody, I’m not a jerk. I don’t have a big ego. Plus, I can treat you better than they can.” John said to her.

“In what way?” Stephanie said as she smiled and played with her hair a bit.

“Mentally, emotionally, and especially physically I can make you feel so much better.” John said to her.

Stephanie smiled as she heard that word as she spoke, “Say that again, John.”

She was wearing a dark blue shirt that was buttoned and a black skirt and black nylons and black low heels to look professional as her black hair was in a nice high ponytail, especially because she was always looking her best.

“I can make you feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically.” John repeated.

Stephanie smiled at John as she gently grabbed him by his Cenation red t-shirt as she pulled him closer to her.

“Physically?” she asked him.

John smiled back at her with those perfect dimples and said, “Yes, physically.”

With that response, Stephanie playfully bit the bottom of her lip as she looked into his piercing blue eyes again.

John then kissed Stephanie on the lips. With the first kiss, he started slow and soft. Stephanie then returned his kiss the same way as she eventually pulled herself away from his kiss as she went over to close and lock the door. As they resumed kissing, John ran his fingers through Stephanie’s long, black hair, which felt like silk through them. Stephanie kissed him back as she went and took off John’s cap and tossed it on the floor. Her hands then started to roam around underneath his t-shirt, putting them on his sexy, hard abs. John softly kissed and licked both sides of Stephanie’s neck as his hands explored every inch of her body. Stephanie closed her eyes and moaned a bit, enjoying the kisses on her neck as she went and took off his t-shirt.

"You have a very sexy body, Stephanie." John said looking at her.

Steph smiled as she spoke, "You’re not so bad yourself, Cena..." as she helped him by unbuttoning her shirt for him.

John's hands touched her frontal body up and down as he took off Stephanie's shirt. Steph gasped as she puts her hands on his face as she pulled it closer to her head as she kissed him deeply with a lot of passion

"Oh John." Stephanie moaned.

John then helped Stephanie with her black lace bra by unhooking from the back. Steph kissed him while he was doing that as she enjoyed his touch. His hands ran up and down her back before moving to her breasts. Steph gasped a bit as she enjoyed every moment of this as she put her hands onto his jean shorts as she went to unbuckle the belt and then unzip them.

"You feel so good, Steph." John said as he watched her take his shorts off.

Steph smiled as she traced kisses on his abs and then down towards where his Cenation member is as she pulled down his jean shorts and his boxers as well and then pulls off his shoes and socks too. John stroked her hair again, feeling her hair and body which felt so smooth in his hands. Steph came back up as she sees that he was fully naked as she goes and unzip the back of her skirt as she feels John's hands pulling it off.

"Steph, you have no idea how much I really want you, especially right now." John said to her.

Steph spoke, "Not as much as I want you, John... tell me again... in what way can you treat me?” as she put her hands on his chest.

"I can treat you really good, especially in and out of bed. And I can put all your needs before mine. "John spoke to her.

Steph gasped as she started kissing him against his abs as she spoke," Really good in bed?"

"Really, really good!" John said with a smile on his face.

Steph kissed him as she smiled and spoke, "Well we are sort of not in that type of place..."

"I can please you anywhere, Steph." John said to her.

Steph smiled as she touched his face as she spoke, " Please me right now, John."

"With pleasure!" John said as he kissed her lips and gently squeezed her breasts.

Steph kisses him back as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He moved his lips down to her breasts while his hands continued to touch her body. Steph gasped as she closed her Asian eyes as she bit her bottom lip a bit. John then moved his lips down to Stephanie's stomach.

Steph moaned with pleasure, "Mmmmm John."

His tongue softly made a circle around her belly button. Steph watched him as she smiled, anticipating the moment. John briefly smiled back as he slowly pulled off her panties.

Steph smiled as she said to him, "What.... are..... you... doing, John?"

"I wonder how sweet you would taste down there. Would you mind if I taste you?" John said as he smiled back.

Steph smiled as she happily spoke, "Oh by all means, go right ahead, John."

John delivered the first lick to her Asian express before softly kissing them. Steph closes her eyes as she moaned with a bit of pleasure. John continued to kiss and lick her Asian express while his hands stroked up and down the rest of her body. Steph moaned with more pleasure as she gasped a bit as she felt those licks, which made her wetter each time.

"You taste so sweet." John said to her as he licked her some more.

Stephanie moaned as she spoke, "I'd like to taste your Cenation member."

"It's all yours" John said to her as Stephanie got up to taste him.

Stephanie slowly delivered cat-like licks to his member before taking it into her mouth. John moaned as his large hands ran through the satin-like strands of her long, Asian, black hair that cascaded down to her shoulders. After the oral assault, Stephanie kissed and licked her way up to John’s lips.

John looked deep into Stephanie’s Asian almond-shaped eyes and said to her, “Stephanie, you have no idea how badly I wanted to pleasure you. I’m so ready to get inside you.”

“I need you inside me….right now!” Stephanie said with lusty anticipation.

John then got a condom from his jean short pocket and properly put it on his still-hard Cenation member. He held Stephanie close as he slowly entered her Asian express inch by inch. Stephanie moaned as she felt him enter her slowly and deeply. John kissed her neck while his hands went up and down her back as he went in and out of her Asian express. John’s member slid in and out of her a little deeper, faster, and harder as he and Stephanie moaned in sexual harmony.

“Ooh, John, you feel so good inside me!” Stephanie loudly moaned.

Without losing his hold on her body, John passionately kissed her lips as he whispered, “Come for me, Stephanie.”

Stephanie moaned and groaned a little louder, reaching to climax. Her hands explored John’s strong, fit body as she orgasmed. Then, John took his member out, removed the condom, and came onto her fit stomach. Stephanie moaned again as John licked her Asian express once more. As John came up to her lips and kissed her, Stephanie felt heart beat against his chest through the palm of her hand.

Their bodies were drenched in pheromone-induced sweat as they kissed each other’s lips. John then asked Stephanie, “Feeling better?”

“Much better. That made me forget all about what’s-his-name.” Stephanie replied.

“If you don’t have any plans later tonight, we can go to dinner, do a little dancing, and go to my hotel room and pleasure you again.” John added.

“I would love that!” Stephanie said with a smile on her face as she kissed his lips.


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